Roses and thorns (chapter 5)

@ragini’s house
Swara- what the f**k? How could u be so mad ragini? have u lost all ur minds? i thought u r sensible bt no u are same as those stupid girls??
ragini- swara stop it yaar. plz try to understand my feelings also and plz hlp me
swara- do u think i am here to help u seriously??? and she left frm their in disbelief leaving ragini all tensed

sanky- ok as i m ready bt u think i will be able to impress that hitler
man- ya u will be as acc. to me she is really kind hearted and gud bt strict for people who trouble so u can deal wid her
sanky- okk but how???
man- no fear wen lucky is here
sanky(murmurs)-that is toh only fear that u here.
lucky- u said anything
sanky-nooo… jst that ki tell ur plan
lucky- yup see she is a teacher and have been transfered here to koklata’s school soo….
sanky- so bol age? toh main kya karon if she teaches in a school
lucky- who made a mastermind u r such a dumb (dramatically)
sanky- say it or else i will leave…
lucky- (closes his eyes and said in one breath)
u have also to join the school as teacher and can help her and make her friend and rest this toh u can think
some time passes and he didn’t get any response and he opens his one eye to check if he is their or not bt to his shock he was standing their wid opened mouth then laksh shakes him and asked will u do it plz
sanky (came back to his senses)- i think u have lost all ur senses and u r expecting me to this.joke of the century u want me to laugh ok i will laugh hahaha
ok done bie aaj se tu kaun main kaun
lucky- acha toh bhull gya woh hamara bhaichara bhai bolta hai mujhe toh bhai ki madad bhi kar( puppy dog face )
sanky melts at this words and thinks- on the worst phase of ur life only lucky was their wid u so how u can think to deny him no sanky u have to do it for ur bhai
and immediately he nodded in yes
lucky hugs him in excitement and kisses his cheek and sanky said oye bhabhi ke liye kuch bachake rakh.
lucky gets embarrased on this and left from his place
@ragini’s place
swara in annoyed state left downstairs and here raginis parents informed them that they have to go for a marriage of ragini’s cousin anirudh tonight.

@marriage venue
that venue was perfect for wedding that sight give peace to ice whole place was as beautiful as newly wedded bride.
they were mesmerised to see the place. janki, shaan(ragini’s parents) ragini and swara reached their and was warmly welcomed. and later on swaragini went to meet ragini’s cousins which were swara’s friend too
While going ragini saw something and changed her route amd left swara alone.
swara was asking ragini something bt wen see turned back she found ragini following someone so she understood that she is following her stupid crush bt she was unable to see the persons face.she was cursing ragini mentally for being so stupid in love and she was deep inside her thoughts she hit some guy and both fell down on ground. swara on the top of the guy and both kept on staring in his eyes for the first tym she was not able to read the emotions of the person.
bt suddenly they came bck to reality and get up quickly and she said sorry and left from the place
while the guy was staring her only till she get out of her sight and he thought wow how beautiful was she and so innocent then suddenly he realises what he said and thought sanky how could u think like this yaar she is a girl and girls are never innocent bt why was i not able to stop myself….??? his train of thoughts was interupted by a voice
voice- bhai jo karna hai jaldi kar
sanky- kya hua lucky
lucky – bhai yahan ragini bhi hai agar usse kuch pta chal gya toh tere bhai ki love story shuru hone se pehle hi the end…
sanky- lekin woh yaha kaise
lucky- i think she must be following me
sanky- ok f9 give me 5 minutes i will do my work and u be ready outside and ha dhyan rakhio ki bhabhi na dekhe..
(what plan??kaisa plan??? shadi mein kaunsa plan?? shoes churane ka ??? ok let check it out))

after sometime the panditji called bride and bride was shown stepping down from stairs she was looking sooo beautiful bt at the same tym a loud noise was heard bt before anyone can react the bride was seen in the pool of blood unconsious
everyone was their so silent no one knows how to react.
Yes it was done by our sanky no one got to know abt it bt destiny is nt always on ur side their was one person who saw him. yes swara saw him and was shocked like hell.
Soon all left to their houses in shock and grief.

at same night
Swara was nt able to sleep remembering everything that happened today and the man who killed the bride she was in utter shock.
on the other side
sanky was only thinking abt the girl in the marriage whom he hit wid (i.e. our herione swara) and was smiling continously for the first time bt suddenly he thought no sanky it is jst a distraction concentrate on ur life ur motive only……
and he slept

to be continued……

precap- not yet decided


guys how was it??? i know i have bored u too plz dont throw tomatoes and eggs on me as it is my first ff bt if u want to criticise then u can give it in comments and also ideas to unite swasan are most welcomed
guys wat is this?? why sanky is killing all the brides and if he hate brides than how he can let laksh marry??? to much confusion wait for nxt part to get rid of this i will try my best to solve ur these queries
till then keep commenting
and i am really sorry for submitting late as
i was busy so sorry…..

by ridhima

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