Roses and thorns (chapter 4)


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Swara and ragini came out from the airport and was walking towards car with their luggage.Suddenly a boy dashed wid swara and she turned to see him. She forgot everything around her and was lost in boys cuteness and innocence and she noticed tears dropping from his eyes so she was able to control her and gone to dat boy and gave her smthng frm her bag and kissed his cheek. on receiving a gift from lovely lady he also kissed her back and hugged her tightly( kya hua hero herione mul gaye… kahani khatam.. the end…. itni jaldi kardoon kya??? if nt then read ahead)
(this boy/man is a 6-7 yr old boy who was goung to his naani’s place which he was least interested bt was forced by parents.. poor child.. and we know swara is teacher so she loved children and also chilrn get attracted to her easily and that gift was chocolate which every kud loves either boy or girl)
and ragini came from shouting and swara bid bie to kid and left wid ragini to meet her parents
On the way
swara- ragu! what is the name of the boy????
ragu- swara how would i know u were hugging her ( all confused)
swara hitted ragu on head and said ur love not the boy at airport dumbo
ragu- stammers- vo…swara…vo (blushes hardly)
swara- maina apna naam nhi pucha
at that tym they reach home and ragini widout thinking anything ran inside hurridly
after a long and emotional welcome to swara.all were scattered again leaving swaragini in ragini’s room
swara- u didn’t answer my question???

ragu- which question??
swara- my jij’s name
ragu- so accepted hin as ur jij
swara- no bt i dont know how to cal him as i dont know the name bt no prob i will call him psycho as he loved u and laughed
whereas ragini became all silent during this swara noticed this and asked her the reason somehow controlling her laughter and said sorry to her
ragini- no swara its ok
and i wanted to confess something to u
swara- ya tell
ragini- actually he doesnt love me love me kya he even don’t know me . i dont know his name to. i met him once and started following him
swara’s jaw almost touched the ground hearing ragini’s confession and she didn’t understand how to react

@some appartment
two mwn were talking
man- sanky i need ur favour
sanky- now wat u want tell fast
man- u know the girl used to follow me and she loved me and i too
sanky- han toh
u r telling this to me 50th time wats new in tat
man- bt i found her missing yesterday and i appointed someone behind her and he told ki she went to delhi
sanky cuts him off
sanky- poor guy de gyi dokha . and wen i have to kill her
man- why u always wanted to kill everyone
bullets kya tere ko sarkaar se free mein milti hain
chal chod and listen to me first completely
and he continued she left for delhi to meet her bf cum sister so she told her abt me and her hitler sis said she will judge me first and i am so scared sanky u know i was going to confess her my feelings bt before that i have to manao my salli g
sanky- toh
man- toh? jst toh? here my life is stuck in my thought and u said just toh( he said all dis dramatically)
sanky- i mean jst say ur sali g abt u she will definitely like u
man- hahaha is it funny for u agr aisa kuch nhi hua toh i will loose her forever i need ur favour
sanky- wat favour
man- u jst be friends wid her and
sanky – have u lost all ur senses
man- pyar karne ke liye nhi keh rha jst friendship for me plz and make a puppy dog face
sanky- ok fine bt how it will benefit u
man- after being gud friends wid her u introduce her to me and it will give a gud impression on her and then life set
sanky- u r unbelievable man. tu dost hai ya dushman bt still take my advice that don’t go crazy behind a girl they will give u pain only bt still if u wanted u will help u
man( extremely happy) thanks 4 ur advice bt still i trust her yaar she is different and kissed sanky on cheeks excitedly

precap- swara’s decision and man sanky further convo
do u guys liked it????
guys i am reallg confused whom to pair wid ragini bcz after seing yesterdays comment their was equality b/w laksh and someone else so today again i am giving u option and choose one
and also try to write a name for the guy for ff
1 laksh itself
2 shakti arora
3 zain imam
4 vivian dsena
5 pearl v puri
and u can suggest ur characters also
and also raginis partner is a bady from outside bt soft and goody from inside

Credit to: ridhima

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