Roses and thorns (chapter 3)


Swara wake up and get ready 4 school and after getting ready she left for bf. at breakfast table all were present chitchatying and enjoying their lives fully.
This was nt an orphange for them this was much more than a home- the heaven for them.Suddenly,swaras eyes saw a face coming inside from entrance. she was extremely happy and runned and hugged that person really tightly and said ragini wat a surprise i missed u so much and wen did u came back( ya d person was ragini- swaras bst friend, a rich person pampered a lot by parents, decent person loves swara as her sis, shifted to kolkata 2 yrs back
ragini- swara first leave me before i die
swara(released the hug)- oh sry
ragini- u know swara i missed u so much
swara- me too

ragini and i specially came here for u and started talking sweetly as she can
swara (suspiciously) what u want???
ragini- nothing wat can i want jst….
swara – say it clearly(irritatedly as she know ragini is upto smthng)
ragini( in one breath)
ok i love a person he is so smart handsome caring and blushes and then again started that bt u know mom dad are nt accepting so i want a favour from u
plz convince mom dad as they trust u more than me
swara(wide open mouth) are u serious crazy girl???? bt why i will convince ur parents??
ragini- with fake tears – i thought u as my best friend bt h how could u
i used u help u always bt know ….and started crying without tears loudly(lolz..)
swara- stop drama queen bt first i will judge the person and check if he is gud for u or nt??then after tat u have to agree to my decision
ragini- i know ur answer is yes only
swara- itna overconfidence!!
ragini- no jst trust on luv and blushes

and yeah pack ur bags we will be leaving after 5 hrs

swara- ok… wait wat kolkata bt y???
ragini- bcz he lives in kolkata as simple as tat dumbo and before swara could say anything she made a cute puppy face
so swara melts- ok i need to talk to school authorities for leave
ragini- dad talked already nt only leave bt also transfer….
swara (again shocked)- wat ??where?? wat is all happening wid me (and made a confused innocent face)
ragini hit her on her head
and said to kolkata as u promises me tat u will be their wid me after sometym
swara- bt this is nt tat tym
ragini- this is the correct tym and no more arguments and pack ur bags
will meet u at airport

swara -u selfish help me right now
ragini unwillingly helped her as she was left wid no other option….
after sometime both left for airport and take their flights…….
to be continued

guys i am extremely sry i was nt able to give the epi acc. to precap bt suddenly this idea strick so i wrote it

so how was it guys?? leave ur comments below either gud or bad

and also whom u guys want me to pair wid ragini -laksh or some one else
choice is urs???

precap- another funny twist lolz…

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. Someone else

  2. it was really nice and plzz make it lengthy… raginis pairs hould be lakhs

  3. someone else or sanskar

  4. someone else

  5. Sme one else…

  6. Raglak please

  7. thank u guys for ur comments and suggestions bt still am confused with pair so plz read my nxt part and comment abt wat u want

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