Roses and thorns (chapter 2) ( heros entry)


hey guys ready with another part
so here we go
A marriage function was taking place something like mehendi and all
All the females were gathered around the bride wearing ghunghat to cover their face completely (as it was the sort of very traditional wedding ).
Everything was perfect
the sound, lights ,decoration full fun.
But suddenly a women shooted the bride and the bride die on spot and the women who shooted ran away without being noticed by anyone and also took her husband wid her from outside.
After running they reached a conpartment and here we can see their faces very clearly bt….
that lady was nt a lady (lolz) she was our hero sanskar (looking so cute even girls can be jealous of him) and her husband sry his husband (hahaha) was also very cool and handsome. He take of his fake beard and he was none other then laksh…

laksh- yaar wat was that u shud have been more careful anybody could have seen us and wat was the need to kill her openly….
sanky- chill yaar u know that would have not gone wid sanky’s style.
laksh- ok ok fine bt wat was the reason behind killing the girl????
sanky- bcoz she was a girl Nd i hate girls
laksh mouth was wide open and he shouted wat the hell sanky it means u will kill all girls
sanky- stop overreacting lucky she ditched raj and was going to start her new life and their raj was heartbroken sooooo
laksh- u are unbeliveable i will nt help u nxt tym bye
sanky- bye lucky bt u have u help me as per contract and he smirks
laksh leaves from their and murmurs that he will never change he have gone mad .god save him bt firstally save me and that blo*dy contract
on the other side sanky was lying on the bed and was reminding something frm pst and he opened his eyes wid sudden jerk and he said i hate u i hate u…..

At Night
He was talking wid his father
phone convo
sanky – hey dad! how are u? i am missing u…
dad- really if u miss me then why dont u come back sanskar..
sanky- sry dad! but this is 1000th time u are asking the same and u know i will nt come sry
dad- but why have u kept me away from my son (and he broke down and start crying)
sanky(stays emotionless)- sry dad bt i have my reasons and work
bye dad gn
dad- bye beta take care
call ends
dads pov
why sanky wat happened to u? why u behave so strange ? plz be back i want my happy child back i cant see u like this. i miss u my son…

what is wrong wis sanky?why he hate girls?why he dont go back to his dad ? where is his mom??

Precap- hopefully their first conversation

Credit to: ridhima

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