Roses and thorns (chapter 11)


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part 11

Next day

@ ragini’s room
She was sleeping peacefully wid an angelic smile on her face as she was very happy after yestrday bt her sleep was disturbed by a call….. She searched for her phone approximately after 5 minutes she found it and her smile is now more broad seeing caller id
Laksh calling……

She then picked the call…

Laksh- hey ragini!!! where are u???
ragini- hi!!! gd mrng and i ws sleeping
laksh- gd mrng and sorry for disturbing ur sleep
ragini- no no its ok. having some work…
laksh- no matlb yes… can we meet today??
ragini- ya ofcouse
laksh- cool i will text u place and tym….
ragini- hmm…..
they remain in silent mode for sme tym then
laksh- ok bye then
ragini- hmm bye
laksh- i love u and he cut the call immediately..
ragini- pagal

laksh- yar mujhe hua kya hai why i am nt able to speak although i jst want to talk to her. Leave it laksh now go and get ready….

@ school

Swara reached early in the school and was continously searching for her letter in every corner of school bt no use…
After sm tym all started coming to school and also our hero made a entry. He ws passing by the corridor and see swara

sitting in the class tensedly and was very sad. He understood that it is for the letter so he goes near to staff room and placed that letter in her locker…

After few lectures
Princi call all the teachers and tell them the school is organising a trip for students a 4 day and 5 night trip day after tommorow and asked them to tell all the students abt it .

as per princi’s announcement they told all the students and the students were very happy….

After the classes while going back

Swara reached the staff room and opened her locker and was shocked to see the letter and was soo happy… sanskar who was seeing it was happy and thought something. he came near her and literally snatched the letter from her hand and acted to read. Bt
swara- sanskar plz give it back to me
sanky- oh ho w8 let me see my friend got a love letter so i shud read it.
swara- (tried to snatch bt all in vain)- see plz sanky give it back and tears started to well up her eyes
sanky was nt able to see it as he was able to understand her pain so he returned the letter to her….
sanky- waise swara iss letter main aisa hai kya that u jungli sherni became crying baby….

swara- meri zindagi ki sachai saying this she left
sanky( in mind) ms. swara today u will tell me ur this sachai to me ….

and he follows her. she feels that someone is following her so she stopped and turn….. and she found sanky seeing her….
swara- wat??? why are u following me???
sanky- oh plz madam i am nt interested to follow u bt meri mazbori hai
swara- kaisi mazbori???
snky- actually i am new in the city and the person whose house i have rented had thrown me out sooo i want a place to hide my self… u know na this world is very cruel if tey tried to kill me soo( and stops)
swara- dramebaaz…. and wat u want from me???
sanky- actually u r my only friend present here so if u allow me to stay in ur house till i get a new house or my other friend comes back from trip plzzzzzzz…….
swara- (murmers)
sanky- maine sun liya
swara- tumhe sunane ke liye hi bola tha
sanky- ok np i will manage sory for troubling u and started to leave sadly…..
swara- (feels guilty) w8 sanskar i dont have any problem u can stay
sanky- really u r soo gud and he hugged her tightly
swara felt smthng different, smthng gud wid the hug…
Then they left for swara’s place….

@unknown place
anirudh( on call) – i dnt know anything jst stop him at any cost. i want him safe and sound . If smthng happens to him then i will kill u..

man1 – whom will u kill ani and for whom???

ani( fumbles )- actually they are nt doing their work properly. she is nt safe sooo

man1 – she is no one to us… stop wasting ur tym for her.

ani- she must nt be no one fr u bt she is my mom. and leaves angrily…

@ swara’s house

swara reached their and was w8ing for sanky…

outside swara’s home
sanky(on call)- dont worry do wat he wants i will show him wat sanskar maheshwari is nd cut the call angrily…
let him reach
me. This will be the biggest mistake of his life.

on the other side- bt be careful bro
and he cuts the call.

after call sanky comes inside the house wid his bags……

Then shona shows him his room and she herself goes to kitchen for preparing snacks….

in the hall

after sometym they both were sitting their and were chit chatting….
sanky- swara do u beleive ki i am ur friend??
swara- ya sanky bt why are u askimg this question
sanky- okkk do u know the rules of friendship and friends have to follow them…
swara- ohh toh ur friendship has rules also… toh tell me wat r the rules i will try to follow them
sanky- okkk bt i will tell u the most imp rule and that shud be followed by everyone
swara-ok now stop making suspense and tell me…
sanky- that friends shud not hide anything to eo and shud tell their sorrows, hapiness everything u know….
swara- okk this toh i know and i follow this one
sanky- lier u dont follow this
swara- no way i know i follow this…
sanky- ok than prove it by giving me that letter….
swara( shocked)- no sanky i ….
sanky- see i said u r a lier or u dont beleive that i am ur friend
swara- aisi baat nhi hai sanskar…… and some tears fell from her eyes. Sanskar doesnt fell good as this tears was somewhere due to him and he thought to stop forcing her…

Sanskar wipes her tears wid his thumb and said sorry swara i didnt want to hurt u if u dont want then i am okay.
Then aftr sometym they both goes towards rooms…

swara in her room thinks that why do i feel good wid him??? why do i want to share my feelings wid him??? why was i going to tell him if he would have nt stopped me then i must have told him???

on the other side

ragini reached where laksh called her and she was calling his name continuosly ,till now she ws scared like hell as there was no one around and it was going to be dark at any tym……

suddenly someone from behind covers her eyes.
ragini- laksh???
laksh- hmmm….. removing his hands from his eyes and keeping on her waist , he turned her…
ragini- laksh where were u?? u know how much scared i was ???
laksh – no need to get scared wen i am here ok now close ur eyes….
ragini- why???

laksh- (childishly) plz na close ur eyes plz plz plz
ragini closes her eyes after sme tym she feels as if someone is licking her face. She immediately opened her eyes and ws shocked and happy to see a sweet little puppy in laksh’s hand…..
she immediately take the puppy from him and started playing wid him….
laksh ws jst admiring her standing.
laksh- i think this puppy is more lucky then me…..
ragini listens this and stands up and goes towards him and hugs him tightly and kissed his cheeks
ragu- i love u lucky
lucky- i love u u like my gift???
ragini- i loved it … u know what i love dogs sooo much…. bt i wll nt be able to take him wid me as my parents wll nt allow me….and gets sad
lucky- np i will take him wid me wen ever u want u can come to me and play wid him
ragini( jumps in excitement) thanks lucky
They spend sme tym wid eo and then lucky drops ragini to her house…..

@ swara’s home

They were sitting for dinner…

Sanky- areey from wich hotel u ordered this food???
Swara- ‘Shona Ka Dhaba’
sanky total confused
swara- arrey i made it in my kitchen
sanky- then dhaba and all that
swara- my friend ragini used to say this to my kitchen…
sanky- ohk…

after diner they left to their rooms

sanky got a call and he was very much tensed on seeing caller id.

He picks the call
caller- hey sanskar wen are u coming to ur brother’s marriage??? i am missing u
sanky- i am nt coming and plz dont dare to call me again otherwise i will forget that who u r?? and he cuts the cll angrily and lay down on bed while tears were flowing from his eyes…

on the other side
swara was sitting on the floor and was reading letter and was saying why u did this to me?? why i nt ur daughter??? how cud u leave me ??? she again read the letter and was crying……. on hearing her noises sanky came running towards her room and goes towards her and hugs ger tight
sanky( tensed) swara what happened ??? why are u crying??? plz stop crying i cant see u like this
swara- crying – sanky tey left me u know wen i was 2 days they left me in an orphanage. how cud they????
sanky- who left u shona??? ( trying to bring her pain out))
swara- u know swra my dad left me in an orphanage bcz i was a girl. u know i am nt an orphan still i lived like one of them i always wanted a family
bt they left me. u know this letter is of my mother. She is asking forgiveness from me bt how cud i forgive them. from last 22 yrs of my life.. u know till my 18 birthday i was nt knowing this than ram kaka give me this letter Nd i got to know the biggest truth of my life… u tell sanky is it my fault tat i am a girl or….
I hate u mr. shekar gadodia. i hate u.( she cries hard)
sanky hugged him tight ad said it is nt ur fault shona. plz dont cry. (tears drops fell from his eyes as well).

He helped shona to stand and made her ly on the bed and sat beside her caressing her hairs. after sme tym she slept…..
sanky- i will nt leave u mr. gadodia now i have many reasons to destry u. and this is the biggest one ( in mind) and sleeps beside her.

precap- kidnapping….

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