Roses Are Red (Ragsan OS by Simmi)


Hey guys!! Here another short one shot on Ragsan)

Sanskar’s POV:

I was walking down the hill towards the garden to meet her, dressed in my best ready to tell her all that she wanted to hear.

Suddenly, my eyes fell on a beautiful rose bush which grew among the other thorny bushes.

I smiled and handpicked 20 beautiful roses for her, pricking my hand at each flower I pulled out. My hand bled but I smiled thinking about her happy face.

I pulled out another rose from my jean’s pocket and made a bunch of 21 roses.

“Hey” her voice greeted me as soon as I reached the river side.

Her voice was honey on ears.

I smiled looking at her.

“What are you hiding there?” she asked.

I nodded in no and stepped backward. She lovingly grabbed my hand the took a glance at those rose flowers.

She cupped her face with her palms, “For whom have you brought all these?”

“f-for someone I love” I replied, smiling.

“who is she?” she asked me

” I won’t name her, but I need your help in telling her” I replied her.

“o-okay” She said, I could see her eyes teary.

“call your mother”

“Why?” She asked, turning her back towards me to hide her tears.

“Thank her for giving me the most precious thing on Earth.”

She turned towards me, her cheek shining with the tear drop. “What?”

“I love you Ragini, and would love you till these red roses die”

Ragini smiled  and said I love u too Sanskar and took the roses from me, 20 were original 1 was synthetic, which would never die.

She smiled and tied her handkerchief around my bleeding hand and hugged me.


Hope you enjoyed reading.

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