Roses and Thorns~Prologue

‘LIFE’ a beautiful gift by God. But people try to end it. Why? Because they fear for that they will lose, bring disgrace. Life is given to fight for! The one who never fights, never struggles is a living dead!!.. Every time we have to fight; for ourselves, for survival, for establishment. The one who moves back is a loser, the one who gives back and fights for against this cruel society is a actual living man!!..

Swara and Sanskar are two such personalities who fight against this harsh world, the wounds they go through daily adds fuel to fire!!.. But they are strong. Keep themselves strong. They both render so much pain that if they cry for the entire day, that wouldn’t be enough.

Swara is still the same lovely innocent one. She hasn’t change! But Sanskar he has changed a lot. He lost his innocence in his childhood infact. The one who stands by now is just a rude, arrogant Sanskar. He has made up his mind to let off those dreadful thoughts but he could never. After his parents death he was left with his only Uncle, Mr. Ramprasand Maheshwari whom he loves the most. Though he’s his Uncle but loves him as his own son, that is why, Sanskar prefers him calling dad!!.. Swara leaves in an orphanage. She has recently passed out her post graduation and is a Government teacher by Profession.


“Mam! I’m sorry but I wouldn’t continue my studies anymore!!..” a girl spoke while sobbing in front of Swara.

“But why Nikita? You are so good in studies. Then why so? And what if your parents come to know? Wait! Why are you crying for? Did anyone say something??” Swara asked politely rubbing Nikita’s back.

Nikita is Swara’s student…ah…favorite student!!.. she is a topper as well. She is only 16 years.

“Mam! No no don’t tell this to anyone please! Papa will kill me. In fact papa wants to discontinue my studies because he thinks, it won’t bring any profit. He has even fixed my marriage! Ma tried to stop him but he didn’t listen” Nikita starts weeping again.

“Shh… Baccha don’t cry ok? Will definitely find a way out from here. But you should be patient ok? Don’t lose hope” Nikita nodded as Swara analysed everything and spoke.

“Now come take your classes or you will miss it no? and boards are nearer!” Swara spoke and took Nikita with her.

After two days Swara with the help of women union stepped into Nikita’s house. The women union had blackened Nikita’s fathers’ face and called for the police to take further actions of forcefully making his daughter marry at a minor age. Nikita and her mother thanked her with tears in their eyes. Swara felt immense happiness. It was her first step against those cruel people who thought women are just a use and throw material. She had succeeded!!.. she had been trying to do something like this since she was 18!!.. Because it was then she got her real identity or which she can call of a curse.


“Hey! Dad, how’s you? I miss you” Sanskar spoke taking his phone from his side table.

“Miss and you? Huh? You know, my son doesn’t miss me then how come you? Don’t put your fake cheesy lines on the conversation. Doesn’t suit you” Ramprasad said with a choking voice.

“Dad! Arey, I seriously miss you baba. But the thing is that I’m really very busy with my work nowadays. Hardly get time for myself and you know your son misses you very much” he said plugging his father’s legs.

“Huh? Come soon son. I’m waiting”

“But dad I’m not coming means… I … I .. can’t come. I’m really busy” and he switched his phone off.

He keeps the phone aside changes his clothes an falls on the bed reminiscing his childhood. The worst days of his life!!.. Tears brim out from his eyes. He falls asleep until the sunshine hits his eyelids.

“Sanskar, it’s important arrive soon please!” Laksh spoke on the other side of the call.

“But tell what’s the matter about” Sanskar’s curiosity aroused.

“It’s about Raj….” And Laksh informed the further part.

“Okay, will be there soon” Sanskar spoke and cut the call.

An hour later, Sanskar was seen shooting a girl when the girl was taking her vows with her husband. Sanskar and Laksh fled from there unnoticed by anyone.

“Bhai what was that? Why did you kill the girl??..” a blank Laksh asked.

“Beacause I hate girls” he replied.

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I know it isn’t good but bear it.
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