Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher decides to separate Roop with his mother and sisters

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamla telling that she used to become Kanha in her childhood and says when I can become Kanha, why can’t you become Radha. Roop is about to hug Kamla, but Himani hugs him thinking Maayi will feel pain as she is hurt. Shamsher still thinks of Roop as Radha. Kinjal sees Palak’s call and wakes up Roop. She asks how are you? Roop says he is fine and Maa saved him. Palak says I was worried for you. Roop tells that don’t know if Papa will let him go to school or not. Palak says Teacher will send the letter. Shamsher thinks to tell his decision to everyone. He looks at his revolver. Ranvir comes and asks him to show his service revolver. Shamsher tells that his service gun is taken away after he was suspended. He tells that this gun is costly and he bought it after

selling Kamla’s bangles. He goes. Ranvir takes the gun and asks Jigna where is Kinjal? Jigna runs seeing gun and calls Himani. Bua sees gun and says it is real gun. Kamla apologizes and says I will scold her. Kinjal comes and asks why is he shouting? Ranvir aims gun at her. Kinjal gets scared. Kamla says it is real gun. Roop asks Ranvir what is he doing and comes infront of Kinjal to protect her. Ranvir asks him to move away. Roop says it was my mistake, and says Kinjal got angry as you teased me and says I am ready to dance as Radha. He says if you shoot then Kinjal will die. Ranvir says let her die and asks if she will fight with him. Roop cries asking him not to kill Kinjal. Shamsher comes and asks Roop why is he crying? He tells that the gun is locked. Roop and Kinjal go to room. Shamsher asks Ranvir not to play with real gun again.

Kamla tells Shamsher that Ranvir’s anger is not good. Shamsher tells her that Ranvir showed manly power and says my son was crying infront of him. Kinjal pacifies Roop in the doll room. Roop says I was very scared. Roop says he don’t want tears in Roop eyes and wants him to be man. Bua says Roop has 4 mothers. Roop asks Kinjal not to argue with Ranvir. Shamsher says you said right and tells that Roop will stay in my room with me and asks them to keep all his stuff in his room and says he will give good upbringing to him. Palak and jeetu come there. Jeetu gives teacher’s apology letter. Shamsher gets relieved. Jeetu asks him to come out to have something. Roop and Palak go with them. Palak and Roop play hide and seek. Shamsher tells him that he don’t like Roop and Palak’s friendship and asks him why he takes palak always and why did he let her fly? Jeetu says she wants to become pilot and he don’t differentiate between a girl and boy. Shamsher says even God differentiates then why don’t you. Jeetu says I don’t want to argue. He asks why did you get angry in school. Shamsher tells that people respect him because of his anger. Roop falls down while playing, Palak helps him get up. Shamsher gets upset and tells that if a young man falls then people laugh on him. Roop and palak sit to have snacks. Roop asks Shamsher to buy jalebi, khakra etc for his sisters. Shamsher refuses to buy for them. Jeetu is surprised.

Shamsher makes Roop stay in his room. He sends him on cycle so that he walk and do some exercise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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