Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop and Ishika get married

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika telling Roop that whatever game happened with her, made her lose hope on marriage. She says I trusted your brother, but…She says you are his brother, now I will not trust anyone. She says I lost trust on myself, I will not trust anybody. I will never marry. Kanchan is with Rupesh and thinks of Rupesh’s faith on Roop. Rupesh takes Ishika and Roop’s name and asks them to get them married. Kanchan calls Doctor and goes out. Roop asks her to think with calm mind. Ishika says I will just think about my Papa. She says I will never forgive Ranvir, and will be thankful to you all my life for saving me, she says but you did wrong to sit on the mandap and trying to marry me without my knowledge. Roop says it was your Papa’s idea to make me sit on the mandap.

Ishika says you would have told me, I would have broken the marriage. Roop says I didn’t get the chance to tell you, we didn’t know how many people of Ranvir were there and you were at their target. Ishika says you wanted to marry me and that’s why sat on the mandap. Roop says I wanted to marry you, but not like this, without your consent. He says your parents asked me to marry you to save your life and says even I don’t approve this marriage.

Ishika says I will tell my Papa that I don’t accept this marriage. Ward boy comes and says your Papa has gained consciousness. Purvi gets upset and cries. Her mum tells that they will get her married to a nice guy. Purvi says I love Vinay. Dhawal asks why did you slap him then. Haren blames Roop. Purvi blames Ishika. Vaishnavi says we shall go and see Rupesh kaka. Praful says you are seeing our condition. Haren says nobody shall go. Roop talks to Kamla and tells that he is in the hospital, and Rupesh uncle got consciousness. Kamla ends the call. Bua comes and scolds her, asks did anyone ask why Ranvir have done this. She says you all shall die as Roop has married Ranvir’s bride. Bua says if Roop had not done that, then Ranvir would have done more grave. Kinjal asks why Ranvir took the bride on gun point as he brought up under Shamsher’s shelter. Shamsher comes home alone. Bua gets worried for Ranvir.

Rupesh apologizes to Ishika for getting her married to Roop without her consent. Kanchan says Ishika is far away from Ranvir and is safe, asks Rupesh to calm down. Rupesh comes to Roop and says I know that you will not let anything happen to my Ishika. He says I will never forget your favors. Ishika asks him to relax. Rupesh says I am fine. He asks Doctor when I will get discharge, as I need to complete my daughter’s marriage rituals. Ishika says I want to talk to you. Rupesh’s condition worsens. He asks Kanchan to call Pandit ji as they need to complete the rasams. He gives Ishika’s hand in Roop’s hand and says once you both get married, once Roop fills Ishika’s maang then everything will be fine. Ishika says we will do all rasams after you get well. Roop says Ishika is right. Rupesh says I want my daughter’s marriage to complete. Kanchan says once you get fine, we will get them married. Rupesh says I don’t know if I will be fine or not.

Rupesh insists them to complete the seventh round today itself. Ishika thinks of Doctor’s words and agrees to marry Roop. She forwards her hand towards Roop. Kanchan folds her hand infront of Roop. Roop signs ok and holds her hand. Ishika cries. Rupesh kisses on their hand. He thanks Roop. Kanchan says how rounds will be taken here? Roop says we will take our 7th round around you both so that our marriage witness will be earth till sky. Palak cries. Hardik goes to bring ghatbandhan cloth.

Himani talks to Kamla and tells that Himanshu and his team are searching Ranvir. Kamla says I pray that he is found soon. Bua hears her. Kanchan ties the ghatbandhan cloth. Hardik takes their video in his mobile. Roop and Ishika take round around Kanchan and Rupesh. Palak gets teary eyes and leaves from the ward. Ishika looks at Roop after completing seventh round. Palak cries and comes to the hospital temple. She takes the aarti plate with sindoor in it. Rupesh asks Kanchan about sindoor. Palak brings the sindoor in plate. Roop takes the pinch of sindoor in his hand and fills Ishika’s forehead. Everyone claps for them. Hardik senses Palak’s pain and pacifies her.

Roop tells Ishika that they are married now. Ishika says don’t think that we will live happy ever after. Roop says I can’t bear you and your nonsense talk anymore. They turn their faces, but are tied by the ghatbandhan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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