Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop praises Kamla for her respect

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher telling Roop that he will take him to Police station from school daily. Palak feels sorry for Roop. Ranvir asks Kamla to make Poha. Kamla says she will make after all kids return home and they all can have it. Himani comes and tells Kamla that Shamsher has taken Roop to Police station. Bua says it is good thing, now he will stay with men. Ranvir thinks mota kaka didn’t take me. He says Roop will become a strong man now, we will not let him have the things written in the list. Kinjal gets angry on him. Shamsher comes to Police station and tells that Roop will come here daily and asks the carpenter to make chair fast. Kamla calls him and asks about Roop. Shamsher shouts and asks did Himani haven’t told you. He gets angry and says don’t know how I got

mad and stupid wife and asks her to end the call. Everyone hear him. Sub Inspector informs Shamsher about the goons. They leave.

Thieves in the lock up tell that DSP’s wife is a fool and that’s why she is staying with him. Roop hears them and makes a call to Kamla. He praises her for handling them and his Papa. He goes on praising her and says you are very understanding, caring, loving etc. He turns to thieves and tells that his mummy is very understanding and not a fool. He sits on the chair and begins eating food. Kamla gets emotional and gets teary eyes. Himani comes to her and asks what happened? Kamla says this is happiness tears. She tells her that Shamsher called her stupid so Roop made a call and praised her. She says Roop is a new swaroop of a man. Shamsher and Roop come back home. Roop hugs Kamla and tells that he had whatever was left in kitchen. He tells her that when Papa called her stupid everyone was making fun of her, and that’s why he called and praised her. Kamla praises him and wishes every mother shall get a son like him.

Shamsher tells Bua that he will admit Roop in Police dept when he turns 21 and says now he is 8 years old, and still 12-13 years to go. He will train him. Roop tells Kamla that Shamsher is getting chair and table for him in Police station. Shamsher calls them. He tells Kamla that he wants to be Roop as strong man and asks his daughters to talk to him less else Ranvir will beat them. He asks Kamla to bring bajji with chai. Bua instigates Shamsher against Kamla and her daughters. He asks him to get Himani married first. Shamsher says I remember, and says he wants a good guy for her, and told someone to search. Jigna tells Bua always scold us. Kinjal says they are like alarm and tells that they have to keep our ears closed. She tells Roop that they will play a kitkit game. Ranvir says you can’t play.

Some people come there and ask Shamsher for charity. They talk about the competition of boys and girls. Shamsher gives the money. A boy tells Roop that he will win the rope game (of girls) as he jumps non stop 200 times. Ranvir says so Kinjal likes it. Roop gets tensed and tells that he will take part in cycle race. Shamsher gets happy and says you got winner here. Ranvir says I won’t let him win. Bua says competition starts from this house. Shamsher says it is good. Kamla asks Roop to change her clothes and says she will serve food. Shamsher tells Bua that Roop will win in the cycle race.

Jigna and Kinjal come to Shamsher and ask did you call us? Shamsher asks them to come inside and close the door. He asks them to listen to him carefully and tells something. Jigna and Kinjal get tensed and nod ok. He asks them to remember what he said.

Roop sees a constable putting thread in the needle and tells that it is not an easy work. He asks Inspector to try putting thread in the needle. Shamsher comes and asks Inspector what is going on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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