Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Himani permits Roop to Play Radha’s role in the school competition.

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop asking Himani about Kamla and asks why didn’t you come to pick me from school. Himani says my hand got burnt. Roop gets concerned and asks if she got burnt while working in the kitchen. He blows on her hand and asks shall I bring ice or honey. Himani asks now she is fine. Roop asks her to talk to his teacher and tells about Cultural event in the school. He says Bhamini who was playing Radha, got her foot fractured and that’s why I am playing Radha. Himani recalls Shamsher and Bua’s anger and tells Roop that she will not give him permission and says you will not become Radha.

Roop’s cousin Ranvir comes there and calls Bua and Kamla. Bua tells him that she was taking his name and was missing him. Ranvir greets Kamla and Bua. Bua asks where is your

Kaka? Shamsher comes there and asks Servant to keep the stuff. He asks Kamla to make boys have strong stuff which he bought. Ranvir takes the stuff inside. Bua asks if Hasmukh is troubling Chote. Shamsher says he has threatened Hasmukh. Ranvir asks Kinjal to touch his feet, but Jigna asks him to touch Himani and Jigna’s feet, but Ranvir refuses to say men don’t bend in front of women. Roop comes. Shamsher hugs him and ties holy thread on his hand and tells that he brought dumbbells for him. Roop says he is hungry and can’t lift it. Ranvir lifts it and says it is easy. Kamla asks Jigna to get feed him. Roop refuses to have food with Jigna’s hand and asks her to call Himani. Himani tries to feed him, but he refuses and asks her to agree. Roop tells her that he will not let her tie Rakhi to him. Ranvir hears him and asks Bua. Bua tells about her brothers doing everything to cheer her. Ranvir laughs on her and says Papa had said that nobody would cheer you. Bua gets upset. Himani tells Roop that she can’t give him permission and asks why he want to become Radha. Roop says if he don’t play the role then their school will lose in the competition. He says he knows some step and dances like Radha. Just then Shamsher comes and asks Roop what is he doing? Himani tells about competition and tells that Roop was showing her Krishna’s steps. Shamsher tells him about Krishna ji and asks Roop to stay away from dancing. Roop asks Himani to meet his teacher.

In the school, Himani meets the teacher and tells about Shamsher. Teacher says Shamsher will not come, I haven’t seen him attending the function before. Shamsher scolds the laundry guy for washing men and women clothes together and fires him. Kamla says clothes were much, and that’s why she gave. He asks her to wash with her hand. Teacher asks Himani to relax and says Mr. Shamsher wagela will not come. Himani hopes this will be a secret.

Roop dances as Radha in the cultural event. Shamsher sees the holy thread which he tied to Roop and shouts asking them to stop the program. He comes to the stage and lifts the veil from Roop’s face. Roop, Himani, and teacher are shocked. Shamsher is furious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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