Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher feels proud of Roop and sets new rules

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher blackmailing Roop to feed him ghee paratha. Roop says it is much ghee. Shamsher says I will make you drink ghee from tomorrow and force feeds him. Himani and others are playing with Roop. Bua asks Roop to go and play with his friends. Kamla says Roop will not play with those mischievous kids. Bua asks if he will play girly games and asks if her father advice her. Kamla says she doesn’t need anyone advice. Bua says even Ranvir jumped from there and nothing happened to him. Kamla tells that Roop was saved from death. Bua asks if she wants him to be weak. Kamla says she don’t want to risk his life and asks her to kill him, but not to send him out. Bua takes Roop out. Kamla comes and holds his hand. Bua pulls him towards her while Kamla is holding his hand.

Roop says he is feeling pain. Shamsher comes there. Bua complains to him. Shamsher asks Kamla to leave Roop’s hand. Kamla leaves his hand. Bua taunts her. Kamla comes out and holds his feet. She says I can’t wait outside ICU thinking if my son is alive or dead. She tells that Roop is innocent and will do what these boys ask him to do, and says we will be ruined if anything happens to him. She says God will not do miracle again and again. Bua asks Shamsher not to melt hearing her and says she is gone mad. One of the boy asks Shamsher not to send Roop with them and they leave. Shamsher doesn’t send Roop with them. Roop hugs Kamla. Bua asks Kamla if she is happy as he listened to her for first time.

Ranvir comes to Roop and teases him calling him girl. He says I will go out and play. Roop gets angry and asks him not to call him girl else he will push him down. Ranvir asks him to try. Roop pushes him down. Ranvir shouts for help. Shamsher and others come there and ask what happened? Roop says Ranvir was calling him girl and teasing him so he pushed him down. Ranvir gets up and pushes him. Roop falls on Shamsher. Shamsher calls Ranvir and slaps him. Roop tells Ranvir that man doesn’t hit on back, but on the chest. Shamsher gets happy and feels proud. He asks her sister to make him eat dry fruits. Ranvir gets upset. Shamsher tells bua that he is very happy and says Roop has a manly thoughts, but he has a weak body and he will make him strong. Bua says Roop is influenced by his mum and sisters.

Kamla makes Roop eat. Shamsher calls his daughters and asks them to bring note book and pen. He asks Kamla to bring his suitcase. He asks his daughters to tell what they like in food, color preference and what game they like. He shows his trophies to Roop. He makes Roop wear his medal. Kinjal, Himani and Jigna writes about their likes. Shamsher admires Roop holding the trophies and says he wants to see him bringing trophy. Roop promises to bring. Shamsher asks his daughters to give list. He checks their list and says you like imli ki chutney, and pink color. He asks Bua to keep it and asks Ranvir to make sure that Roop don’t eat or do whatever is written in the list.

Shamsher says Roop will not eat what these girls like, and he will not like the color or play games which they like. He says if Roop is seen eating or doing the things which you like then Kamla and her daughters will not get food. Ranvir smiles. Roop thinks how to get saved from Papa’s orders.

Kamla tells that she has kept fast for Shamsher’s prosperity. Roop tells that he will also keep fast for his wife when grown up and then says men can’t bear hunger and that’s why men are weak than women. Shamsher is angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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