Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher decides to make Roop stronger

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir telling Shamsher that his head will break and he will get hurt if he jumps. Shamsher scolds him for not stopping Roop and asks him to jump. Ranvir jumps in the valley and falls down. Shamsher sees him fallen on ground and thinks what did I do, now I have to take him to hospital immediately. Ranvir gets up and tells that nothing happened to him. He says I have become a man and tells that nothing happened to him. Shamsher is shocked. He gets a call. Roop gains consciousness and tells his sisters that he is fine. Roop says I am fine. Palak hugs him. Bua says he is fine now. Kamla cries. Roop says I am fine and have become strong man. Palak asks what you are saying? Roop tells that those boys asked him to jumped down from mountain to become a strong man. Bua asks

him not to jump next time. Shamsher returns to hospital. He thinks about Ranvir. Nurse asks them to take Roop home. Roop finds hard to even sit. Kamla asks him to drink.

Roop asks everyone to drink first. Kamla and his sisters take a sip from the glass and gives to Roop. Roop drinks juice. Bua asks Shamsher why is he upset? Shamsher says it is a shameless matter and tells everything. Bua says he is brave, but weak due to Kamla. Shamsher says he has proved to be man, but he needs to be strong. He says my dream is to see him as a Police officer more big than me. Shamsher brings Roop home. Neighbor asks about Roop. Ranvir says even I jumped, but nothing happened to me. Bua says you are saved accidently. Shamsher tells that nobody shall help Roop and asks him to sit and get up. He asks him to again sit. He tells if you help him then he will be burdened. Palak asks her father why Shamsher is behaving this way. Jeetu asks Shamsher. Shamsher says he is my son and I know how to handle him. Palak gives chocolates to Roop and asks him to rest. Ranvir taunts Roop. Himani says she will bring turmeric milk for Roop.

Shamsher does the exercise and thinks nothing happened to Ranvir. Tejas and the other boy look at Shamsher. They are about to go. Shamsher calls them and asks them to make Roop stronger, and make him jump from small points first. Kamla is feeding food to Roop. Shamsher asks her get up and sits to apply ghee on the roti. Kamla thinks don’t know what he will do. Roop says so much ghee. Bua asks Roop to have it and praises herself. Ranvir uses ghee on her roti. Shamsher asks Roop to have desi ghee roti if he wants his mum and sisters to have food.

Ranvir teases Roop. Roop holds him and makes him fall down on the floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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