Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop takes round with Ishika to rescue her from Ranvir

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji doing the Puja and asks Haren to call Ishika’s parents. Vaishnavi says I will call them. Rupesh and Kanchan come and sit there. Kanchan recalls Ranvir’s threat and looks at the taweez on her neck. Ranvir’s hired goon lady Vishaka asks Kanchan to do the rituals with a smile and shows her revolver kept in her bag. Ranvir hears her in his microphone and thinks Vishaka is doing right. Roop tells Kamla that Ishika’s parents behavior is strange since night. Kamla says may be they are afraid of marriage arrangements. Kanchan tries to open the bomb thread from Ishika’s hand, but Vishaka stops her and says she will go with Ishika. Ishika asks Purvi to come with her to parlour. Roop thinks something is wrong. Rupesh talks to God’s idol and says I have

always stood by the truth. Kanchan asks what will you get by doing this. Rupesh asks Ranvir to stop this marriage. Ranvir gets angry and calls Rupesh. He says your daughter might have been ready in the party and asks him to get ready to dance in the baraat. Rupesh ends the call. Kanchan asks him to do something. Rupesh says if that girl was not with Ishika then I would have taken that raksha kavaj from Ishika’s hand and I would have died. Ishika comes and asks what?

Roop comes to Ranvir and says shubh mahurat is going. He asks him to come. Ranvir asks him to come and says truth is that Ishika will become mine. He asks Roop if he is feeling pain. Roop says no and says truth is here and that’s why I don’t feel pain. He says you got everything, but might be feeling restlessness as you are a liar. He asks him to come out for marriage. Ranvir gets angry. Ishika asks them why are they upset? She says she is seeing since morning and says I ignored as I thought you are in tension because of my marriage. She asks why you both are crying in the mandap. Vishaka comes and tells Ishika that she will set her dupatta. Ishika asks her to wait and asks Rupesh and Ishika to tell what they are hiding from her. Ishika says we love your life and happiness and your life is very important to us. Kanchan says I just wanted your happiness, and didn’t know that this moment will make us helpless. Rupesh says we couldn’t do anything seeing you go away from us. Ishika hugs them. Vishaka smirks.

Ishika says I will not go away from you. Kanchan looks at Vishaka. Vishaka asks them to make her understand and says all girls have to get separated from their parents and says what will groom do if rounds are not taken. Kanchan asks Ishika to come inside and rest. Vandana comes and tells Ishika that baraat left from there, but your packing is still not done. Ishika holds Rupesh’s hand and asks him if he remembers the promise made to her and says you will not leave this house. Rupesh says I will not go anywhere. Haren Patel welcome Vinay and his father. He asks where is our other samdhi. Just then they see Roop playing dhol in the baraat. Ranvir is sitting on the horse and looks on. Vandana tells Ishika that Roop came for your marriage. Kamla says Roop is bearing a lot. Ranvir thinks Roop might be jealous from inside and asks him to stop the band. He signs Rupesh and Kanchan to make apply Tilak to his forehead and make him wear garland. Roop senses something is wrong. Vaishnavi tells Roop about some other Pandit coming in the morning to tie raksha potli on Ishika’s hand.

Roop asks Kamla if she sent some pandit to her house. Kamla says no. Roop says I have to check that potli. Rupesh asks Vishaka to leave his daughter. Vishaka asks him to get her daughter take rounds fast. Roop is coming there. Rupesh falls on Vishaka’s feet and asks her to let him take raksha kavaj from her hand. Roop comes and sees Rupesh on floor. He asks what happened. Rupesh lies that he was picking his pen and scolds him. While going, Rupesh shows his hand, Roop reads save ishika, as she has trouble with the raksha potli. Ranvir calls Kanchan and asks her to send Roop out of ishika’s room else his goons are outside the room. Roop comes to Ishika’s room and asks her to show her raksha potli. Ishika asks what happened? Vishaka says you can’t see. Roop is about to see, but Kanchan comes and stops him. Roop comes to Ranvir and asks him to come for marriage. Ranvir asks him to make him wear sehra. Roop makes him wear sehra and looks on. Ishika and Purvi are brought to the mandap. Rupesh and Kanchan cry silently. Pandit ji says first Ishika’s garland ceremony and ghatbandhan will happen and then of Purvi’s. He starts reciting the mantras and asks him to start for rounds.

Ishika and the groom take rounds. Kanchan and Rupesh feel helpless. Vishaka smiles. Pandit ji asks Ishika to come forward. Ishika comes forwards and starts taking rounds. Everyone shower flower petals on her. Groom holds her hand and takes out suraksha kawaj from her hand. Vishaka asks Kanchan and Rupesh to take out locket from their head. Pandit ji says now both groom and bride will take seventh round. Just then Ranvir comes and shouts in air. Ishika is shocked to see Ranvir coming there. She looks at the groom who was taking rounds with her. She removes his sehra and sees Roop shockingly.

Ishika says Roopendra…you. Everyone is shocked with mixed reactions. Ranvir looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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