Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop gets injured while performing manly stunt

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tejas, Ranvir and other boys take Roop near the cliff. Roop thinks about Shamsher’s words that he wants to see him as a man. He thinks about Shamsher’s bravery. Tejas asks them to come near there and says they can see whole village from there. Ranvir says whoever will jump from here will be called as a man. Tejas asks Roop to jump and become a man. Ranvir says this is a chance and says your mummy and sisters will not be scolded. Other boy says it is a madness. Ranvir says it is manly doing. They all ask him to jump. Roop jumps in the valley and shouts. The boys panic. Tejas says lets go down and appreciate him. They go down and see him unconsciously lying on the mat which is hanged to the tree. They try to make Roop gain consciousness, but he is unconscious. Ranvir

gets scared. They all run out of jungle to escape. One of the boy alerts the villagers and they take Roop to hospital. Boy also goes with him. Shamsher, Kamla and Others come running there. Kamla asks what happened to him. Shamsher asks her to sit and scolds her. doctor treats him. Shamsher tells Bua that nothing will happen to Roop. Ranvir acts innocent as he stands with them.

Nurse comes and says Doctor will inform you. Jeetu, his wife and Palak also come there. Jeetu’s wife pacifies Kamla. Doctor comes out and tells that he can’t tell until he gets the reports. He says he can have deep wound as he jumped from the cliff. He says if the back bone is broken then he will be handicapped. Kamla cries. Shamsher says he is just telling and is not sure. He goes somewhere. Jeetu asks Doctor about Roop. Doctor asks them to wait.

Shamsher comes to the goddess idol and tells that he has bend down infront of his mum and her. He tells that he never complained to her when she gave him three daughters and says you want to take him away. Kamla comes there. Shamsher says she loves him equal to me, and says she can cry, but not me. He asks her to stop crying and says you are a man’s wife and a man’s mother and wipes her tears. Kamla says how can I forget that his life is in danger and says I will jump off from the cliff so that I also lose my memory. She asks why did you want to make a boy as a man and tells that if his back bone is broken then you call his friends.

Shamsher asks her to say good. Kamla asks him to return her son and says my son is unconscious since 8 hours. She asks him to make him conscious. She says if anything happens to him then you will be ruined. If he couldn’t walk. Shamsher gets raksha kawaj from near the goddess and asks Kamla to tie to Roop. She asks him to be polite with her. Shamsher asks her to do as he said. Shamsher drags Ranvir to the jungle and asks him to tell from where Roop jumped. Ranvir shows the place. Shamsher asks why didn’t you stop it. Ranvir says you sent Roop with us to become a man. Shamsher asks him to jump. Ranvir gets scared.

Ranvir jumps and gets up, tells Shamsher that nothing happened to him. Shamsher comes back to hospital and tells Bua that he made Ranvir jumped from the cliff, but nothing happened to him. He tells that his son is weak, his dream is to see Roop as more great Police officer than him. Kamla hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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