Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop wins for Kinjal

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop getting ready to fight with Ranvir for Kinjal. Kinjal feels bad. Roop tells Shamsher that he is ready to fight with Ranvir. Bua says she will be the referee. Palak corrects her as she pronounces the word wrongly. Roop and Ranvir run around Bua. Roop hits Ranvir slowly. Ranvir says I got acne there and shouts. He lifts Roop. Roop shouts Bua. Ranvir throws Roop on the ground. Roop screams in pain. Shamsher asks him to fight with Ranvir and get weak. Roop fights with Ranvir and wins. Everyone is happy with Roop’s win. Ranvir says this is cheating, I will not agree. Shamsher says I am proud of him. Roop asks will you bring sandal for Kinjal. Shamsher says ok and asks him to have desi milk.

Shamsher asks Kamla to make food for him. Kamla says you did wrong.

Shamsher gets angry and says I will make him a solid man. He asks her to be happy as her son won in wrestling. Roop feels pain. Himani applies ointment on his wound. Kinjal asks why did you agree to the fight. Roop says for you. Ranvir sees Kaun Hai promo and promotes the show with Bua. Shamsher beats the goons in the Police station. Mrinal teacher comes to the Police station o file a complaint. Kinjal tells Ranvir that Roop has won from him and is eating halwa.

Ranvir comes to Roop and takes halwa plate from his hand. He asks Kamla not to say anything. He asks Roop to fight with him. Roop hugs him and tells that they are brothers, and says you are brave. He tells that he fought with him for Kinjal’s slippers. Kamla says you are brothers. Ranvir asks Himani to say that he is brave. Himani signs her to tell. Kinjal tells him that he is brave. Ranvir gets happy and hugs Roop. Mrinal tells Shamsher that Maths teacher’s husband beats her. Maths teacher tells that her husband beats her. Shamsher asks her to show the marks. Mrinal asks what are you saying. She asks him to file the complaint. Shamsher asks Inspector to call her husband there. Roop and Ranvir are with Tejas and his friends. They tease a little boy and make him dance. Roop dislikes it.

Maths teacher husband comes to the police station and lies in front of Shamsher. Mrinal says he is lying. Tejas and Ranvir tell that they will rule on their wives. Roop says he will love his wife a lot so that she doesn’t get scared of him or lie to him. He says if his wife gets unwell then he will take her to doctor immediately. And will celebrate marriage anniversary and will call everyone. Shamsher asks the woman what you will do if you have just necklace and not husband. He asks teacher’s husband to keep his wife in control. Roop tells that he will treat her nicely. Tejas says no man do like this. Maths teacher’s husband takes her. Mrinal tells Shamsher that he should have written complaint. Shamsher asks her to go. Ranvir and other boys ask Roop to come and says they will swing on the moving truck. They hold the truck, but seeing the truck catching speed, they all jump except Roop. Roop shouts Tejas asking for help as truck speeds up.

Shamsher searches Roop and gets news about a boy’s dead body. Kamla gets shocked and drops the plate on floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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