Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher aspires to make Roop, a police officer

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop ending his speech and promises that he will do something surely to make his parents feel proud of him. He thanks Nana ji. Inspector asks Roop if he will become Inspector like his father. Roop says I don’t know, but whatever I will become, I will do my work with full honesty. Bua asks Ranvir to clap. Ranvir asks what did he say that everyone is clapping. Everyone claps for his speech. Durga Devi recalls Shamsher insulting her. Shamsher feels insulted. Durga Devi comes to him and says your son thought made you thinking. She says your son’s thinking is not like you and I like his thinking. She says your son will bring a change one day and says all the best. Shamsher asks his family to come. He asks Nana ji to stay there itself and says you will not come with

us. He asks his kids to say bye to their Nana. Kamla says he is hungry since morning and his stuff is at home. Shamsher asks him to leave and says he will send his stuff. He tells Roop to come with him and says his Nana ji taught him wrong meaning of bravery and he will teach him right meaning.

He takes Roop to police station and tells Roop that he will give right example of robbery. He asks Constable to open the lock up. They get inside. Roop sees goon with whom they fought. Shamsher tells Roop that his Nana taught him wrong and says ladies are born to take care of others and it is their duty. He tells that a man can beat the goons. He asks Roop to beat the goons and hand over rod in his hand. Roop couldn’t beat them. Shamsher says it is cowardness and beats them mercilessly. Roop is tensed. Kamla and Himani worry about Roop. Bua asks Kamla why her father interfered in the good moment. Himani asks her not to tell anything against her Nana. Bua asks if your father is educated or not. Kamla says whatever my father taught him is right. Bua says you are saying your husband wrong. Shamsher and Roop come home. Bua tries to complain him against Kamla, but Shamsher goes to his room. He wishes to see Police uniform on Roop and thinks he will become Police officer as bravery is Police for me, and says let the world teach you whatever they want. He thinks if he shall Shamsher or nana ji.

Later Roop comes to Shamsher’s house and then recalls seeing him beating the goons. Kinjal tells Kamla that her sandal is broken. Shamsher asks Kamla to get it stitched. Bua says these girls will make your mind go crazy. Ranvir asks what is in breakfast. Shamsher takes him with him. Roop takes Kinjal to his room and make her sit. He asks her to try his shoes. Kinjal says it is not fitting. Roop says what to do now. Roop checks his piggy bank and says he has 100. Kinjal says she has 123 Rs. Roop says we have 223 Rs.. Kamla says your papa will buy slippers for her. shamsher makes Ranvir and Tejas fight with each other. Ranvir wins from Tejas and asks Shamsher to give 500 Rs prize money. Shamsher asks him to fight with Roop and says whoever wins will get 1000 Rs. Roop says he don’t want to fight and don’t need 1000 Rs. Shamsher says if you win then I will get slippers for Kinjal. Roop sees Kinjal’s barefeet. Shamsher says your love is the weakness, and I will make it your strength. Ranvir asks Roop to come. Kinjal asks Roop not to fight. Shamsher removes his kurta and asks him to fight with Ranvir. Kamla goes inside as she can’t see Roop getting beaten and prays for him. Roop says I am ready.

Ranvir lifts Roop and throws him on ground. Roop screams in pain. Kamla tells Shamsher that he did wrong. Shamsher says he will make Roop as solid man.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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