Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop takes up mechanic job to celebrate Himani’s anniversary

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua asking Shamsher what he will do. Shamsher says he met Principal and asked him to cancel Roopendra’s admission, but he refused. He says he will try to make him Police office. Kamla brings buttermilk for Bua. Jigna greets Himani and her husband and wishes them on their anniversary. Roop takes the call and wishes Himani and asks for party. Himani says not today as I am unwell and ends the call. Roop asks Jigna why she is upset. Jigna tells him that Shamsher had celebrated her anniversary, but since he came to know about her police training, he has broken all relations with them. Roop says they will have party in the evening and asks her to inform Kamla.

In the college, Palak sees Roop looking at Ishika and asks him to hear the welcome class. Professor

asks Ishika Patel to tell why she chose this university. Ishika goes to stage. Roop says Ishika Patel. Ishika tells that she has kept her father’s name as he is best and his name is important. She goes on praising her father. Professor says she is a state level badminton champion. Ishika says my Papa taught me to contribute to the nation and that’s why I took science, and this is the best college to study it. Palak throws her bag on floor. Roop holds her as Ishika is about to fall. Ishika says my father taught me how to handle guys like you. Professor asks Roop to buy certain things and gives the list. Roop thinks it is costly. Palak says she will sort out. Roop refuses to take her help.

Roop comes to the garage. Hasmukh kaka tells that he has to repair someone car first. Roop asks hasmukh kaka to give him job. Hasmukh kaka says it is not easy. Roop repairs the car and says he is taught everything at military school. Hasmukh Kaka gives him job. Roop says he will work from today, but will go early because of his sister’s marriage anniversary. Hasmukh kaka says ok and says I will give you money today. Principal is going in his car when he hits someone. He gets tensed. Shamsher comes there and asks Principal to cancel Roop’s admission else he will file case against him for hitting a man. Principal agrees.

Roop repairs Ishika’s scooty. Hasmukh kaka appreciates him and goes to bring mirror. Ishika comes there. Roop wears his jacket and thinks to hide from her that he is working there. He says kaka went to get the mirror etc. She comes and asks her to deliver her scooty within 1 hour. They argue. Ishika asks him to deliver scooter within an hour. Hasmukh kaka comes and says Roop has to attend his sister’s marriage anniversary. Ishika says family comes first and asks him to deliver scooty in the evening. Roop looks at her. She says again you are staring me…Roop thinks she melted hearing family name, she is nakchadi, but lovely.

Later he gets Palak’s message. He tells Hasmukh kaka that he will repair another car so that he can earn some more money. Roop gets Palak’s call and he asks her to come after an hour and deliver Ishika’s scooty. Kinjal calls Roop. Kamla sees him and tries to wipe her face. Kinjal says it is phone. Kamla says I forgot. Roop asks them to get ready and tells that he is working in the garage. Kinjal asks Kamla to feel proud. Jigna says he can handle our responsibility. Kamla says I am very proud on my son.

Shamsher throws the cake and asks Kamla not to take advantage of his goodnmess. Roop picks the cake. Shamsher raises his hand on him, but stops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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