Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop tries to get Ishika’s scooty repaired

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika asks him to push her scooty and calls him shameless. Roop says emotionless etc. Suddenly her scooty falls down. She scolds him. Roop says I didn’t make it fall intentionally and tells that he didn’t tease her. He asks if she has any other emotion than hatred. Ishika says she has emotion of anger and says you will experience it if you make my scooty fall. Roop asks her to tell how.. Ishika says why shall I tell you about my secret attack plan. Just then her dress get torn and she keeps hand on her shoulder. Roop removes his jacket and covers her with it. Music plays….She asks where is the mechanic. Roop says in the garage, and it is right infront of you. Ishika asks him to lift scooty and come. Roop takes scooty to garage and asks the mechanic to repair

the old scooty. Ishika scolds him. Ishika asks mechanic to repair it like new. Roop says it had dents before. Ishika asks him to take this scooty and give new one to her. He smiles. Ishika says you stare me always. Mechanic says it will be repaired tomorrow as no other mechanic is there. Ishika asks him to return the keys when it becomes fine.

Roop tells Kinjal, Jigna and Kamla about his first day at college and about scooty girl. Kinjal asks what is her name? Roop says he named her nakchadi. Kamla asks him to freshen up. Ishika thinks about Roop and thinks whenever he met, bad thing happened. Roop says whenever she met, she looked lovely. Shamsher comes home and asks Bua to bring food in his room. Jigna greets him. Shamsher scolds her for coming there and says don’t know what people will say. Roop says this house is of Jigna too. Shamsher asks Bua to teach them customs and go to his room. Roop asks Kamla to become courageous. Kamla says whatever I am doing is for the family. Roop says I won’t let this family break and says I love my family and Papa also.

Shamsher thinks of his wish to see Roop as Police officer and Roop’s decision to do hotel management. Roop comes to talk to him. Bua scolds Kamla when she brings food for Shamsher. Shamsher asks her to sleep outside. Roop tries to oppose him. Shamsher tells that whenever he sees in his eyes, he sees their broken and failed relation. He gets teary eyes. Roop also gets teary eyes.

In the morning, Roop talks to Palak and says he will meet directly in the orientation class and hopes he shall meet the girl first. Ishika thinks she don’t want to see him and thinks she feels hatred for him. Roop thinks if I return her scooty then her hatred might get less.

Ishika asks her to give her bike in 1 hour. Hasmukh kaka says you have to go to attend your sister’s marriage anniversary. Ishika asks him to go and says family comes first. She says you can give scooty by evening also.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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