Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop doesn’t give statement against Ranvir

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamla asking Shamsher to get his wounds treated and says if Roop sees you in this condition then he will feel bad. Shamsher goes to get himself treated and sees Ishika out. He blames Ishika for Roop’s condition and asks her to leave, says I can take care of my son. Ishika says if he is your son then he is my husband too and I came here to take care and be with him. She says nobody can stop him. Shamsher gets angry. Kamla asks Shamsher not to get angry, and says Roop needs you now, go and get the bandage done first. Doctor takes Shamsher with him. Ishika recalls Roop getting shot seeing him in the ward.

She touches his face and recalls his words. She thinks what has happened? She asks him to get up and says I am your Ishika. She says you love me a lot

naa, get up. She asks him to get up, fight and argue with him. She says you can be like this, talk to me. She holds his hand and kisses on it. He gains consciousness when her tear fall down on his hand. Ishika realizes the movement in his hand and says I will call the doctor. Ranvir comes there and stops the glucose dip, thinks God takes good people fast He is about to remove the oxygen mask, when Shamsher comes and stops him. He slaps him hard and starts the glucose dip. Ishika comes there and sees Shamsher beating him. Doctor comes and asks them to go outside. Shamsher takes him out calling him snake in sleeve. Senior officer comes there and tells Shamsher that Ranvir saved them. Shamsher tells that Ranvir was the one who kidnapped us and made get Roop in this condition. Bua says he is Ranvir, why will he do this. Shamsher says I caught him red handed when he was trying to kill Roop. Kamla is shocked. Shamsher tells Bua that she don’t realize his intentions. Doctor comes and says Roop got consciousness. Senior officer asks Roop if Ranvir tried to kill them. Roop recalls his words. Ranvir thinks to leave holding Kamla on gun point.

Shamsher asks Roop to tell. Ranvir is about to take the gun out, but Roop tells that Ranvir was not that kidnapper. Shamsher is shocked. Bua says I said this. Ishika is about to tell about Ranvir trying to kill her and her family, when Roop says his head is paining badly. Senior officer says as you have given your statement, we will go. Senior officer asks Shamsher to take off for 4 days and rest. Shamsher looks at Ranvir angrily and viceversa. Shamsher comes to the ward and sees Ishika. Roop tells that he wants to talk to Papa alone. Kamla asks him not to argue with Shamsher and goes. Roop asks Shamsher to sit. Shamsher asks are you alright? Roop says I am sorry for not giving statement against Bhai, I know you are very upset with me. He says your eyes are reflecting that you are upset with me. Shamsher says I caught him red handed and needed your statement. Roop asks him to think that Ranvir is from their own family and says when people come to know that he attacked his own family then people would have lost trust on relations. He says Ranvir will be punished, I have thought something. Ishika calls Rupesh. Rupesh says they are still stuck in traffic. Ishika asks them to go back home. Roop asks Shamsher to trust him once again. Shamsher holds his hand.

Ishika comes inside. Roop asks her to come inside. Shamsher says Doctor called me so I will meet him. He looks at Ishika and goes. Ishika sits near him. Roop says you came empty handed, I thought you will come with property papers and get it signed before I go up. Ishika keeps her hand on his mouth.

Shamsher brings Roop’s home. Kamla says I need to talk to you. Ishika comes holding aarti. Shamsher thinks if she will stay here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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