Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop gets mesmerized with Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamla asking Bua if she shall serve food. Bua says she will have food after Shamsher comes. Shamsher comes. Roop asks him to have food and says everyone is hungry. He says he will serve food and asks them to sit. He asks them to start and asks why you all are not eating food. He says I will do something to make all family members proud. He asks Shamsher to have food and says if you don’t have food then I will also not have food. He says until you speak to me, I can’t understand. He says I am not fulfilling your dreams, but Himani is fulfilling it. Shamsher gets upset and goes to his room. Palak’s mum brought clothes for her. Jeetu says he is worried with her smile and attitude. Palak comes and says she has already worn her clothes and says it doesn’t excite

her, and asks for Jeep keys. She says I will go to pick Roop in my jeep. Roop is exercising outside the house. Kinjal brings his banana shake. She asks if he is excited. Roop says everything is managed because of Palak.

Palak calls him and asks him to get ready. Roop wears his clothes and gets ready. Shamsher asks where is he going? Roop says college. Shamsher asks him to rethink. Roop says I have decided to make you proud and I will do that. Kamla makes him eat curd and sugar. Palak comes there and asks Roop to come to college. Roop touches Shamsher’s feet. Palak says bye. Roop touches Bua’s feet and leaves with Palak. Shamsher asks who gave him money for admission. Bua says Palak gave him money. Roop says today is the first day in the college and he got dressed up for the impression. He drives the jeep.

Shamsher calls Jeetu and tells him that Palak paid Roop’s fees and asks him to handle her, else their friendship is over. Palak enjoys the ride with Roop. Ishika parks her scooty and is going inside. Palak sees her scooty and moves the wheel of the jeep. Jeep hits her scooty. Roop asks what did you do? Palak says it is tit for tat. Ishika looks at the jeep. Palak and Roop go inside. Ishika punctures the jeep tyres. Someone informs Palak. Palak goes there and scolds her. Trustee’s son comes and asks Palak to apologize to Ishika. Roop gets mesmerized seeing Ishika and hears her. She asks did you catch my dialogue. She asks did your ghost was doing it. Roop says it was a mistake. Palak says it was not a mistake and was done intentionally. Ishika tries to slap Palak, but Roop holds her hand and sees injury on her hand. He says we shall get the injury dressing. Ishika leaves. Roop asks Palak to apologize to her. Palak says she deserves this. Roop smiles. Ishika comes to the college hospital. Trustee’s son Sandy offers to give her lift. Ishika says my foot is not broken. Sandy’s friend remarks something. Ishika slaps him. Roop comes and asks Sandy’s friend to make a change in him and respect woman.

Nurse applies medicine to Ishika and goes to bring bandage. Ishani blows on her injury. Roop comes there and recalls seeing her for the first time. He thinks though she is always angry, but looking innocent now.

Roop bandages Ishika’s hand. Ishika gets shocked and throws vase on him, it hits nurse. Roop bandages nurse and tells Ishika that laughing is good for head. He makes smilie on her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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