Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop to get admission in boys’ school

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamla asking Roop to cut the cake. Roop refuses to cut the cake without Shamsher and goes. Kamla asks Jeetu to make Roop understand. Jeetu says we shall wait. Roop goes to Shamsher and says sorry Papa. Shamsher asks him to go. Roop says he had a fight with the boys. Palak and other girls get sad. Nana ji asks them to smile and play. Palak says lets go and play. Jigna says shall we go and call Baab ji. Himani says only Roop can convince him. Kinjal comes to Ranvir and beats him. Bua and Kamla stop their fight. Roop apologizes to Shamsher and tells that he did exercise with trainer and also played with those boys for him. Shamsher says you do all the work which I don’t like also. Roop acts like Shamsher. Bua says we shall make guests have food. Jeetu says we shall

wait for Shamsher. Bua says he will not agree and that’s why I didn’t go. Kamla calls himani and asks her to keep other candle on cake. Roop acts as Shamsher. Shamsher gets happy and kisses him. Roop says I am trying to become like him and asks him to come. Shamsher asks him to take his name and says I am a man. Roop says the same.

Bua asks Himani to serve food to the guests and send them off. She says Shamsher will not come. Shamsher comes there. Roop cuts the cake. Palak gives him gift. Roop shows his painting in which Palak is seated with him on the swinger. Shamsher gets upset. Roop realizes and gets tensed.

Later Roop tells Himani that he is upset with Jigna as she didn’t give him gift. Jigna says sorry and says we didn’t have money. Kinjal shows him gift. Jigna says your sisters can’t be poor that they can’t afford gift to you. Roop opens the gift and sees the doll. He gets happy. Kamla asks why did you give him doll. Himani asks her to let it be. Kamla asks them to sleep.

Shamsher thinks of Roop and the recent happenings. He sees Roop’s drawing. Bua instigates him against Kamla and his daughters. Shamsher is about to tear the drawing, but Nana ji stops him and says what you will say when Roop asks you about the drawing. He goes. Shamsher tells Bua that he wants to make Roop as him and don’t want him to hate him.

Shamsher takes bath in open and calls Roop to have bath. Roop refuses and holds Nana ji’s hand. Shamsher gets angry and calls him. He gives bath to him. Roop tells Nana ji that he don’t like to have bath in open. Nana ji says it is not your mistake and says you are away from boys’ games and that’s why you dislike it. Shamsher hears them and says Roopendra will not go to school. He says he will get her admission in boys’ school where there will be no girls.

Goon keeps knife on Roop’s neck and threatens to slit his neck. Shamsher asks him to slit if he has strength. Roop gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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