Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher and Roop get emotional in Ranvir’s captivity

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika hearing her parents’ voice asking Haren’s family to leave them. Haren Patel’s goons hold Kanchan and Rupesh. Ishika comes out and ask Praful to leave them. She asks how did he come out of lock up. Praful holds by her hairs and hurts her. He asks her to call Roop. Purvi comes and is shocked. She asks them to leave Ishika and others. Praful locks her in the room along with Vaishnavi. Roop and Shamsher gain consciousness in the godown. Roop asks Shamsher to think who could be the enemy. Shamsher says may be the terrorist, I did their encounter. Ranvir falls down holding the rope and smirks. Shamsher says Ranvir. Ranvir says who else can be? He says who can control this father-son duo? Roop says I should have understood. Shamsher says how dare you? Ranvir

jumps in air and kicks Shamsher on his injured leg. Shamsher falls down from the chair. Roop shouts Ranvir Bhai and says if Papa gets even a scratch then? Ranvir asks what you will do? He sits like a goon and asks his goons to make Shamsher get up. Shamsher looks angrily.

Praful says we have bear you much. Kanchan says Roop will not leave you. Praful and Pramila tie them. Goons take them. Shamsher regrets to brought him up. Ranvir says I have planned to kill Shamsher and didn’t know both of you will be on my footsteps. He says I didn’t forget the slap and insult which you gave me. He tells Roop that he is not mad to let him be the owner of the house and take Ishika. He says you both will be dead. Kamla prays to God and asks her to protect her husband and son, and bring them back home. Haren Patel asks the goons to keep Rupesh and his family inside the wall. Ishika asks what are you doing? Praful says you all will take your last breath in Patel Nivas. Haren asks goons to bury them alive in Patel Nivas, he says you wanted this house, now you will be buried here. Ranvir beats Roop. Shamsher asks Ranvir to leave Roop. Ranvir asks when did father and son have started loving each other. He says if I do something to son then father gets worried and vice versa. He says it is good and says blood relation is strange. He says if I would have been your son, then your condition would not been like this.

Goon show money to Shamsher and Roop and keeps near them. He says now you both will take your last breath and when this cash is found then Police will think that both father and son had eloped with cash and they got killed in encounter. Shamsher says I will do your encounter. Ranvir says you have your last moments. Roop says you can’t harm us. Ranvir says I will..and aims gun at them. Roop says you have gone mad? Ranvir aims gun at Shamsher and Roop. Shamsher says you have enmity with me and not with Roop. Ranvir says I will give you some time to talk and live. He asks Shamsher to tell Roop that he can’t understand him, and asks Roop to say sorry and tell that he couldn’t understand him, and gives them 10 mins. He asks the goon to kill them after 10 mins and leaves from there smilingly. Shamsher asks goons to give them 10 mins. Goons go out.

Media comes to the jungle and tells about the attack on someone in jungle. Reporters tell that Ranvir can tell us, where Shamsher and Roop eloped, as today was his case hearing? Ranvir says they were seen together last and tells that they didn’t reach court yet. It is not yet prove if they are desh drohi or not. Himani says it is not proved. Media asks Himani to answer? Himani says they are missing as of now.

Shamsher asks Roop to show his wound and asks if he is fine? Roop says I am fine. Shamsher gets angry on Ranvir. Roop says I want to tell you something and says I was yearning to be with you, talk to you, spend time with you and didn’t know that I will spend time like this. He apologizes for his mistakes and says don’t know if I will get a chance again or not. He says I never told you, but today I want to tell you that I love you a lot. Shamsher gets emotional. Roop cries and says I love you Papa. Shamsher gets emotional and says even I love you so much, and says when you was small you used to agree to my sayings, but after growing up, you refused my sayings. Roop says sorry. Shamsher says you are stubborn like me, no problem you are my son. He asks Roop if he is scared? Roop nods no and smiles. He says I am Shamsher Singh Wagela’s son and never learnt to get scared. Shamsher asks him to say….Roop says I am a man, Roop Singh Wagela. Shamsher says my son and smiles. Roop asks what are you thinking? Shamsher says I was thinking about your mum and asks what she will think when she comes to know that her nephew killed her husband. He says he was in Police dept and has learnt how to get saved from the goons. He cuts his rope and also cuts Roop’s roop when goon comes and kicks him. Roop gets up and shouts Papa. He breaks the chair.

Shamsher and Roop fight with the goons. Goon aims gun at Roop and threatens Shamsher that he will kill his son.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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