Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir threatens Kanchan and Rupesh

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika telling Ranvir that she wanted to danced with him, but he refused. Ranvir asks will you have died if not danced? Roop apologizes to Ranvir and goes. Ranvir says you would have danced with someone else if you had dreams, but why with him. Kamla asks Roop what is happening inside. Roop says Ranvir is making her realize what is he and says if she gets married, then she will be caged, now she will feel the real Ranvir. Kamla feels bad for Ishika and says she has taken your side for the first time. Roop tells Shamsher that he apologized to Ranvir as he felt bad. He says what is wrong in it as everyone gather and dance for sangeet. Ishika says if it was wrong then Papa wouldn’t have asked me to dance with him. Rupesh asks why they are making issue. Dhawal’s

wife says Ranvir got angry. Ishika says it is not my mistake, I am not wrong.

Roop tells that mistake is of Ranvir. He says as you refused, that’s why I have to dance with her. Shamsher says everyone will laugh at him if he dance as he is an Inspector. Bua scolds Roop for dancing with her. Jigna asks why Ranvir sent Roop to Ishika’s house then. Kinjal says he sent Roop to make him know that he is marrying girl of his choice. Shamsher shouts and says we shall get this marriage peacefully.

Haren Patel asks Rupesh to think of the marriage happening peacefully. Roop tells Kamla that he is happy that Ishika didn’t think him wrong. Kamla says she has forgotten everything. Roop thanks her and says I made her understand that I am not a bad guy. He says if she marries Ranvir then also I will be relieved thinking she is not thinking me wrong. Kamla asks him to believe that God will do the right thing.

Rupesh is sitting near the God’s idol. Kanchan comes and asks why is he worrying? She asks him not to get worried and says I know Ranvir will keep her happy. Rupesh says I am worried about his behavior. Kanchan says everything will be fine. Rupesh sees Dhawal going while Vaishnavi tries to stop him. Dhawal says Ranvir called for party. Rupesh suspects foul and tells Kanchan that they shall go and see. She says you are worrying uselessly. Dhawal and praful come to the party. Ranvir welcomes them to his bachelor’s party. They say cheers and drinks wine. Dhawal congratulates Ranvir for his plan’s success. Ranvir says I rolled many papads to woo your sister. He says I used to go to college daily as a good boy. He says then I celebrated my fake birthday with orphanage kids to please her. Rupesh and Kanchan hear him shockingly. Ranvir says I had fun when saw Roop and Rupesh sleeping hand in hand, I covered them with a jacket and clicked their pic. He says then I made poster of those pics and malign Ishika’s image in the college and then in your home and put all blame on Roop. Kanchan is shocked. Ranvir says I have won. Kanchal tries to go, but Rupesh stops her. Ranvir says I won from Roop, took his love from himself and he couldn’t do anything. He says my stubbornness have won from Roop’s love. He says your love failed. Rupesh and Kanchan hear him.

Roop thinks don’t know what will happen tomorrow. He thinks if Ishika will marry Ranvir tomorrow and decide what is best for her. Rupesh calls Roop and asks him to come to their home urgently. He says we have some important work with you. Kanchan says don’t know how Roop will help us. Rupesh says I always trust Roop and he can only help us. Kanchan says why did you stop me? She blames herself for convincing Ishika.

Roop comes to meet Rupesh and asks what happened? Rupesh tells that he called to ask for the arrangements and says insects are there in the flowers. Roop says did you call me for this and asks if this is urgent work. Kanchan says we are girl’s parents. They ask Roop to go. Roop goes. Ranvir comes and claps. He says I like people agreeing to me. a fb is shown, Ranvir aims gun at Rupesh. Kanchan tries to slap him, but he holds her hand. He asks her to see the video. She sees goon aiming gun at Ishika while she is sleeping. Rupesh asks what is this? Ranvir says I saw you going from party place. He says I accept that I am really a bad guy and have come here with the proof of my badness. He says this is Live call, my gunman is shooting this from Ishika’s room. Kanchan cries. Ranvir says my gunman will not shoot Ishika if you don’t tell anything to Roop, Ishika etc. He says once marriage happens, then we will be happy family, but if you tell Ishika then…and shows the gun, says bechari Ishika. Fb ends. Ranvir asks Rupesh and Kanchan to remember that the shooter don’t miss his aim. He leaves.

Next day, Ishika is selecting the saree. Rupesh tells Kanchan that they shall tell truth to Ishika. He calls her. They take her to side. Rupesh is about to tell about Ranvir. Just then Pandit ji comes and says Ranvir sent me. He says Raksha potli is tied to the hand and after marriage it is thrown in the river. He smirks while tying on her hand. Ranvir calls Ishika and asks if she is still angry? He asks her not to be angry and says I have sent a girl to take care of you. Girl says Ranvir bhai have sent her. Ishika asks him to control on his anger. Ranvir gets angry and says control. Pandit asks Rupesh and Kanchan to come for a rasam to the temple. They go to temple and meet Ranvir, who shows the thread which is tied to Ishika. He says if any of you tell her anything then….He throws the thread in the air and blasts the bomb with the remote. Kanchan begs him not to do anything to Ishika. Ranvir says it doesn’t look nice if you touch my feet. He says I have brought good gift for you both. He makes both of them wear taweez and asks them to remember that if you keep it away then Ishika will get far away from you. He thinks I will hear audio chip which is in it.

Roop thinks uncle and aunty are in tension. Pandit says girl shall go and marry after this ritual. The girl whom Ranvir had sent threatens Kanchal asking her to smile and do the rasams.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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