Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop decides to play Radha’s role in school competition

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jigna and Kinjal worrying for Kamla seeing her shivering. Jigna asks Kinjal to call Himani. Kinjal runs to Himani and tells that Maa is not speaking anything and her condition is bad. Roop asks Shamsher to leave him, but the latter sleeps holding him tightly. Himani comes to Kamla and asks her to say. They realize that she is unconscious. Himani wakes up Bua and tells her about Kamla’s condition. Bua says who will massage my head if I get headache. Himani says I will massage your head. Bua comes to Kamla and checks her. She gets tensed and comes to Shamsher. She tells him that Kamla’s condition is critical and says if something happens to her then we will get bad reputation. Shamsher takes her to hospital and asks Doctor to treat her. Doctor asks everyone to go

outside. Shamsher asks kids to go out and says he will be there. Roop asks doctor not to give injection to mummy. Shamsher refuses to let Doctor touch his wife and holds stethoscope. Doctor says I will give you medicine. Roop makes kada for her.

Roop song plays….Kamla opens her eyes. Roop says good morning and says he has made kada for her to make her fever go. Kamla sits. Roop asks her to rest and says I will handle kitchen with Himani. Kamla asks him to go to school. Jigna says we will help Himani and asks him to go to school. Roop makes her finish kada. Roop asks Palak if her father takes her mum to hospital if she gets unwell. Palak says my father is over concerned, he takes her to Doctor Panchmati even if she sneezes. Roop ties her hairs and they come to class. Someone informs them that the class is not there because of dance practice. Roop tells her that the girl playing radha couldn’t dance well and is dancing like monkey. He says he can dance well than Bhamini. Palak goes to watch the dance performance.

Shamsher tells Kamla that he is going to village and asks her to pack food. Bua asks him if Chote called him. Shamsher says his neighbor called and says he will settle the matter. Himani stops Kamla and says you will not make food. Kamla says she will make food. Himani asks Kamla to rest and says we will make food. Kamla rests. Teacher tells Principal that Bhamini’s parents called and tells that she is having sprained in leg. Principal says you would have selected other girl for the role. Palak suggests them that Roop can act as Radha as he used to come daily to watch the play. Principal agrees. Teacher asks where is Roopendra? Roop is sitting in the play ground. Teacher asks why is he not playing? Roop says he don’t like kabbadi. Teacher asks if he will dance. Roop gets happy. Teacher says Palak said that you know all the steps. Roop refuses to dance, saying her Papa will punish him.

Himani teaches Jigna to make special tea just as Roop makes. Bua comes and sends Jigna out. She scolds Himani and says Shamsher gets hurt when Roop does womanly work. She hurts Himani and puts her hand in boiling tea. Himani screams in pain. Teacher asks Palak to play Radha’s role, but she refuses, says she can become natkhat Krishna, but not Radha. Teacher asks Roop to show the steps once. Palak insists. Roop agrees. Teacher and the choreographer dance. Roop learns the step and dances well. Teacher says Roop is a talented dancer and if he wins, then we will get the prize, but we can’t force him and I will tell Principal that we can’t participate. Palak and other kids ask Roop to agree. Teacher says I will tell no to Principal. Roop stops her and agrees to play Radha’s part. Kamla applies ointment to Himani, but she don’t tell her about Bua’s torture. Bua comes and asks Kamla to go. Teacher says I will take your father’s permission. Roop asks her to take permission from Himani. Bua warns himani not to let Roop do woman’s work.

Roop participates in the competition as Radha which upsets Shamsher. Shamsher brings Ranvir who has manly qualities. Ranvir threatens Roop and aims gun at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Thanks for the update H.Hasan

  2. Wow shamsher really needs to get a reality check. A doctor isnt gonna perv at his wife his job is to treat the patient regardless of gender lol he’s crazy!! And why cant kids do as they wish? God didn’t say boys do this n girls do this. We all are the same

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