Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir’s goons attack Shamsher and Roop

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher leaving from his house for the court hearing. Kamla does his aarti. Roop smiles standing behind Shamsher. Bua sees Roop. Shamsher turns and looks at Roop. He gets angry and scolds Kamla for calling him. Roop says I will come with you. Shamsher says I don’t need you. Roop says this is my duty and I won’t back off. Shamsher says I said that you will not come. Roop sits in the jeep and smiles. Shamsher drives the jeep. Kamla says Roop is with him and won’t let any trouble fall on him. Praful comes home and holds Vaishnavi by her hairs. Vaishnavi tries to speed dial Roop’s number, but Praful throws her phone and drags her to room. He then locks the room. Vaishnavi cries and asks him to open the door. Haren Patel appreciates his son and asks him to

come, says we have to do big work today. Shamsher is driving the jeep. Roop says we are going out after many days, and says you used to drop me to school in jeep. Shamsher says you forgot this. Roop says today I got the time to spend with you. Shamsher asks do you think this court summon is a joke. Someone puts pinned on the way. Shamsher’s car gets punctured. Roop sees goon shooting at Shamsher and jumps holding Shamsher’s hand. Shamsher gets up and takes Roop to side. He says it seems they are terrorist people. He asks him to go through the jungle area and says I will handle them. Roop says I will not go leaving you.

Shamsher asks him to go. Goons shoot at Shamsher. Shamsher also run into jungle, where Roop is waiting for him. Goons follow them and go behind them. Shamsher holds roop’s hand and they run. Shamsher asks Roop to stop and says they have to reach the Police station which is 3 kms away. Goons shoots at Shamsher and Roop. They sit down. Shamsher shoots at the goons. The goons continue to run behind them while firing at them. Goons think where did they go? and divides their gang and search them. Shamsher and Roop hide behind the stone. The goons don’t see them. Roop says it seems they have gone. Goons fires at Shamsher. Kamla is shocked as milk bowl falls down. Ishika also gets tensed when milk flows out of bowl. She gets worried and thinks something wrong is happening. Shamsher tells Roop that the bullet hit on his leg. Roop says Papa. They start walking. Blood falls down on the ground.

Bua scolds Kamla and says it is abshagun. Jigna says nothing will happen. Kamla asks Jigna to call Shamsher. Ishika gets worried for Roop and hopes he is alright. Shamsher and Roop hide there itself. The goons see Shamsher and Roop and fires gun in air. Kamla calls them, but there is no network. They get worried. Roop asks Shamsher to sit. Shamsher asks him not to worry. Goons come there again. Shamsher shouts Roop’s name. Goons beats Shamsher. Shamsher tells Roop that he has just one bullet left and asks him to go silently. Roop says I will not go leaving you. Shamsher asks him to run and says they are coming. Roop tries to throw big stone on the goons. Goons move away. Shamsher asks him to go. Roop refuses. Shamsher feels proud of him and says this is man’s strength. He asks him to go. Kamla prays to God to protect them and asks Kinjal to ask Himani to enquire about them. Shamsher and Roop are still in the jungle. Ishika calls Kamla, but the call couldn’t be connected.

Shamsher hears truck sound and says road is near. He asks Roop to come and walks with much difficulty. Roop asks him to sit and says I will try to stop the truck. He comes infront of truck and waves at it to stop. He then tells Shamsher that truck driver will drop us. Just then goons come and beats them badly. Ishika and Kamla get worried at their homes. Ishika hears Kanchan and Rupesh’s voice asking haren’s family to leave them.

Haren tries to get Ishika and her family buried in the wall. Ishika asks them to leave them and says if Roop comes here then he will not leave you all. Ranvir says I made arrangements for him, he will not come here. Shamsher holds severely injured Roop in his hands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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