Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher celebrates Roop’s birthday

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop getting caught by the Mali. He asks him to show his face and asks his name. Roop tells his name. Kinjal comes back and tells that Roop is not near the house, and says don’t know where those guys took him. Kamla worries for him. Mali says you are Shamsher Singh’s son and asks why did he steal? Roop says even Krishna God have stolen makhan. Mali asks who taught you this? Roop says my friends who came with me. Mali asks him to tell their names. Roop recalls the promise and says I will not tell you. Ranvir comes back home and informs Kamla that Roop is caught by Mali. Mali asks Roop to come with him and says your father will beat you now infront of villagers. He takes Roop. Shamsher gets happy and tells that now Roop will think like a thief and this will help

him to catch the thieves when he becomes Inspector. Maali comes there with Roop and tells Shamsher that Roopendra is really a nice boy and gives them a bag of mangoes. Shamsher feels proud of Roop and says this Maali don’t give a mango to anyone and he gave us many. Himani and others ask Roop what did he do that Maali changed? Roop tells them that Maali took him to his house and gets hurt as he collided with a stand. A fb is shown, Roop runs to kitchen, brings haldi box and applies on his wound. Maali says you could have run away. Roop says it is a bad thing. Fb ends. Himani says you did right. Ranvir asks what happened? Kinjal says Roop had taken just your name, but you are saved as Maali kaka doesn’t know your name. Ranvir gets tensed.

Kamla’s father asks Shamsher to forget the past. Shamsher says I became constable when I got married and became Inspector. My status had changed, but you maintain same status and you got free Inspector Jamai and don’t valued me. Bua says you would have given something to Jamai or your grand children. Himani tries to say, Shamsher stops her. He insults his father in law and asks him to go and not to come back again. His father in law feel humiliation and asks Kamla to give his turban and bag. Kamla asks where you will go at night. Her father says I will stay in the station and asks Himani to bring his turban and bag. Roop asks Shamsher to stop his Nana ji from going. Jeet does the painting with Palak. Her mum asks if they are done with the painting. Roop tells Nana ji that he will not celebrate his birthday if he leaves and requests him. Nana ji agrees. Himani asks him not to come and says baab ji behaves badly with you. Jigna says we feel bad. Kamla says I wanted to say this, but …Nana ji says okay, and asks if they made arrangements for Roop’s birthday. Kinjal says yes. Roop awaits for his sisters to wish him birthday and pretends to be sleeping. They come to his room and wish happy birthday. Roop is inside the blanket and doesn’t react. Kinjal makes him wake up. Roop laughs and asks them to give gift. They all give their blessings as a gift.

They come to hall. Shamsher blesses him to become a more strong man than him. Bua also wishes him. Ranvir comes and asks what is happening? Kinjal says Roop’s birthday. Roop cuts the cake and feeds cake to everyone. Shamsher stops him just as he is about to feed cake to Nana ji and asks him to go and sleep. He tells that they are going to their new house and will give him gun salute. He tells that they have party there. Ranvir thinks to spoil his birthday party.

Shamsher gives gun salute to mark Roop’s birthday. Roop gets afraid and tells Shamsher. Later Roop throws a marble on a boy’s head in school. Shamsher gets happy and feels proud.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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