Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop returns home after 15 years

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The show takes a leap of 15 years. Bua shows Roop’s trophies and medals and tells that it was Shamsher’s right decision to send him to military school, and says whenever he went to meet Roopendra, he brought trophies home sent by him. Kamla talks to Roop’s pic and says you was not with us even on festivals. She says she will not let him go this time. Kinjal is shown coming to kitchen through the window with food parcel in her hand. She praises her intelligence. Bua tells that Shamsher went to bus stand to bring Roop back. Inspector tells that Roop is late. Shamsher says bus is making us wait. He asks junior police officer to bring Roopendra. Inspector says will you not go to receive him. Shamsher says he will look at him and then will hug him. Junior officer brings Roop’s stuff.

Shamsher gets Roop’s call and he challenges him to reach home before him. Shamsher tells his officers that he will drive the jeep. Roop runs on the road while Shamsher drives the jeep to reach before him. Shamsher asks him to let him make him wear garland. Roop asks him to do whatever he wants after reaching home. Roop comes infront of his jeep. Shamsher stops the jeep.

Kamla takes aarti to welcome Roop. Bua takes Aarti from her hand and says you don’t have right even now. Kinjal gets angry and asks shall I burn…the lamp. Shamsher says I will reach before you. Roop says I am your son and will not lose either. He jumps and reaches home before Shamsher. Kamla, Kinjal and Bua get happy. Shamsher gets happy and feel proud. He says my son has won. He makes him wear garland and asks him never to lose. Roop says he got habitual to win. Bua hugs him. Roop asks how is he? Kamla gets teary eyes and happy. Villagers make him wear garland. Roop tells that his Papa deserves this respect and my mum too. He makes Shamsher wear garland and is about to make kamla wear garland, but she stops him and does his aarti. Roop tells her that he don’t like tears. Kinjal asks him to meet her also. Roop hugs her and asks about Himani and Jigna. Shamsher asks him to come inside. Palak rides the bike and brings Jeetu with her. She greets Roop and asks Villagers to play drum. Palak tells Roop that he is very handsome. Roop tells that she is flirting with him and complains to Kamla. Palak teases him. Roop asks Kamla about Himani and Jigna..

Kinjal brings samosa. Roop likes it. Jigna comes to meet Roop. Roop hugs her and asks where is your raksha kawaj. Jigna shows it. He asks where is jija ji. Kamla signs her not to tell him. He asks where is he? Jigna lies to him and tells that he is busy planning our outing. Roop asks where is Himani? Kamla makes an excuse. Roop asks her to serve parathas and imli ki chutney. She says she will bring. Roop asks Kinjal to tell the truth. Kinjal gets teary eyes. He tells that he was not convinced with Jigna’s lie. Kinjal tells that Maa and Jigna lied. She tells that jiju is unsupportive and Baab ji doesn’t let her stay here. She says if Jigna stays there forcibly then she will die soon. She tells that even Himani is facing problem in her marriage. She tells that if Kamla opposes then Shamsher beats her up and says nothing changed in 15 years. Roop says now everything will change.

Shamsher signs him to sign on the admission form and reminds him of his promise. Roop says you have also promised me, but you didn’t keep your promise. He tells that he don’t want to study military science or join Police service. Shamsher is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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