Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher shaken up with Roop rebels

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher getting angry on Roop and tells that he has lowered his moustache. He says he will punish him. Himani protects Roop and says she sent him there, as she disliked that guy, who is very aged etc. Roop asks why are you lying and says you didn’t send me there. Himani asks him to be quiet. Roop says she is lying to protect me. Shamsher says your mind is working fast, I have to slow it down. He brings his stick to beat Himani, but Roop holds the stick. Shamsher looks angry. Everyone is shocked to see Roop holding Shamsher’s stick. He tells that you can’t beat Himani behen. Shamsher asks him to leave the stick. Roop says my teacher said that men shall not raise hand on women. He asks him to beat him and not Himani. Ranvir asks him to leave the stick. Roop

says I am stopping my father as he is doing wrong. Shamsher gets angry and is about to beat Roop, but Kamla comes infront of Roop and says I have bear enough and asks him not to beat Roop. Roop asks Shamsher not to do anything to his sisters and mother and asks him to beat him instead. Shamsher gets shocked. Bua takes Shamsher from there.

Shamsher tells Bua that he will punish his family. Bua instigates him against Kamla and Himani. She tells that the alliance was good, but Himani rejected the alliance. Shamsher says if my kids don’t follow my values then I will forget that they are my children. Bua instigates him against Kamla and says Roop has raised voice against you, we have to suppress that voice right now. She asks him to think what to do with Roop. Himani asks Roop why did he go to their house. Roop says he went there as she was not happy with the alliance and says he heard her when she was talking to mummy. He says I love you so much that I understand your likes and dislikes. Kamla says elders decide about the marriage and not the children. Roop says marriage shall happen with happiness. Kamla says your Papa will do what he thinks right. Roop says he will do what he thinks right. Ranvir comes to Roop and tells that your sisters were born to make Mota kaka poor and says they will go to their houses. Roop gets angry on him for talking ill about his sisters. Bua comes and stops their fight.

A man comes to Shamsher and tells that his son has thrown him out of the house. Shamsher asks how? You should have scolded him. Man says when his son was small, he held his stick and stopped him. He says his mum asked me not to beat him as he is small. He says later his mum died and now he has thrown me out. Shamsher asks Inspector to make his son understand.

Bua comes to the dining table and tells that Shamsher refused to eat food. Kamla says I will take food for him. Ranvir tells Roop that today he is saved else mota kaka would have broken him. Kinjal asks him to have food silently else they all will break him. Bua scolds Kinjal. Kamla comes to Shamsher and gives him food. Shamsher tells her that he loves Roop very much, but will never let my love become my weakness. He says your love made him weak and now my opposition. He says if you all get better then he will not be punished. Kamla apologizes and says she will make him understand. Shamsher says I will make him understand and will not have food until he understands. Kamla asks him to have food and keeps food on the bed. Shamsher refuses to eat and throws plate. Plate hits Kamla’s forehead and she shouts in pain.

Roop and others rush inside the room. Shamsher asks him not to come inbetween his decisions else. Roop asks what you will do, and him not to raise hand on his mum and fight with a man being a man and not with a woman. Shamsher gets up and slaps him hard. Kamla packs her stuff and tells that she will leave the house with her children. Roop says we will not run away from here. Ranvir comes to Bua and tells her that they are leaving from there. Bua comes to Kamla and asks where is she going? Kamla says she is going to her mayka with her children. She asks Himani to bring rickshaw. Himani goes. Bua asks Ranvir to call Shamsher. Shamsher is busy in a meeting and doesn’t pick the call. Ranvir calls again and again. Shamsher meets an officer and gets a file from him for Roop. He thinks his decision will make Roop alright.

Precap: Grown up Roop is shown as he beats a man for misbehaving with a girl. He returns dupatta of another girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Colleen Hosein

    Roop was right to tell his narrow minded father the truth. Fight a man not a woman & i believe any man behaving or showing violence with a woman is not a man at all!

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