Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop gets trapped by bad company

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop telling Teacher that he is drinking water as he is getting hiccups. He gives water to palak. Teacher scolds him for lying. Roop tells that Palak was hungry so he was feeding her. Teacher asks them to go out. Palak tells Roop you are my good friend to get out of class because of me. Roop says I don’t want to stay with neighbors kids. Mrinal teacher sees them and asks why they are here? Roop tells that he was feeding Palak as she is hungry. Mrinal says she will talk to his Maths teacher. Roop says no as teacher is teaching them maths. Kamla talks to the neighbors kids and asks them to take care of Roop when he comes to them to play.

Ranvir massages Shamsher’s hands. Bua prays for him and gives him almonds. Shamsher asks where is Kamla? Kamla comes

back home. Shamsher asks did you go out? Kamla says she went to Kaki’s house to get hand blender. Shamsher says your father will not eat after coming. He scolds her and asks her to go out of house when she becomes Dadi. She says my father is coming so if you talk to him a bit. Shamsher raises his hand to slap her, but stops. Her father comes and gets shocked seeing Shamsher’s behavior for Kamla. He greets Shamsher. Shamsher acts arrogant and goes without greeting him. Bua also goes. Kamla greets her father and touches his feet. He blesses her for happiness and safety. He regrets to get her married to Shamsher. Kamla says you are thinking wrong and tells that Shamsher was making me understand not to go out. Father says I am your father and will talk to Jamai Raja. Kamla says he is angry as he is suspended and asks about her mother. Her father shows her pic in Police uniform.

Roop comes home and hugs his Nana ji. Kamla’s father calls him Roop, but Bua scolds him and asks him to call him Roopendra. Neighbors’ kids come there and asks Roop to play. Kamla says she will bring milk for him. Shamsher says I am getting headache. Father says I want to talk to you, but Shamsher refuses to talk to him. Roop drinks milk and says I will go and play with them. Himani says Roop can’t play with them. The boys play with cycle tyres and laugh on Roop. Nana ji asks Kamla to send Roop with him, but Kamla says Shamsher will not agree and asks him not to talk to him about it. Tejas tells Roop that she is his woh. Roop asks what is woh? He goes and asks Parul. Parul says a good man never teases a woman and asks Roop not to tease anyone. Roop nods his head. Tejas and the kids escape. Kamla sends Kinjal to bring Roop. She searches him. Tejas threatens not to let Roop play with him. Roop apologizes and says Parul said that it is a bad thing. Tejas says there is an enjoyment in dirtyness.

Tejas teaches stealing to every Kid and asks Roop not to take their names if caught. They hide their face and asks Roop to catch the mango which they will steal. They pluck mangoes and throw in the canteen. Roop shouts as he is hit by the mango. Gardener wakes up hearing his voice and catches Roop while other flee.

Gardener asks Roop if he is thief. Roop says he is Shamsher’s son. Ranvir comes back home and informs Kamla that Roop is caught by the gardener. Kamla gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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