Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop foils Ranvir’s cheap plan and saves Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir adding tablets in Roop’s milk. Vaishnavi comes and says Purvi said that she didn’t call me. Ranvir says I thought she needs your help and asks her to come for rasam. Ishika thinks she is tired of getting ready and that too for Roop, says she don’t know if she will bear him or not. Roop says you are looking nice in saree. Vaishnavi asks them to sit for rasam. She asks them to drink badam milk. Kanchan thanks Vaishnavi. Ranvir says we shall start afresh like brother in laws. He takes the milk and waits for Roop, Ishika and Purvi to drink. Purvi drinks the milk which he kept for Roop. Purvi is about to faint. Ranvir takes her to room. Kanchan tells Rupesh that she will take him to room. She asks Ishika and Roop to talk. Ishika says she is going to sleep.

Ranvir takes Purvi to room and asks her to sleep. Purvi asks him not to go. Ranvir makes her sleep and goes. Roop gets drowsy. Ranvir says I will drop you and takes him to Purvi’s room. He says this is your room and makes Roop sleep beside Purvi. He says sleep here peacefully, I will have wedding night with your wife Ishika. Ishika is playing with flowers when Ranvir comes to room and locks the door. Ishika gets shocked seeing him. She says Roop…you have come.

Ranvir says yes, I have come. Ishika is also under the medicine effect and says you are not Roop. He asks her to go. Ranvir says that day you were saved, but not today. Ranvir walks towards her, when Roop enters the room. He says I know you very well and knew that you will do something. He says you have crossed limits today. Ishika asks Roop not to leave him. Roop and Ranvir fight with each other. Roop beats up Ranvir and shows him rooms of family members, and says I am telling you so that you don’t enter other rooms. Ishika goes behind them. Roop brings Ranvir to his room and asks him to see his wife and room, and asks him not to dare to look at Ishika and her family. Ishika says what a dialogue, my wife. Ranvir faints. Roop takes Ishika to their room. Ishika says who says you are wrong. Roop says no. ishika says you are right, iron man, superman, he man, and says you are my man….Roop smiles. Ishika says my Man, Superman. You have beaten him. She dances. Rishta tha plays…..Ishika pours water on her saree and tells Roop. He asks her to change her saree. Ishika puts her hand around his neck.

In the morning, Ishika wonders what happened? She sees her saree kept there and shouts Roop. In the morning, Roop serves food for her inlaws. Kanchan asks if he made and says it was not needed. Roop says he wanted to make. Ishika takes Roop to their room and asks him to tell what happened in the night. Roop says what can I do if your memory is weak and says your nighty is looking good on you. Ishika throws pillow on him and asks him to say. Roop teases her and asks for water. She gives him water. Roop smiles and asks her to give phone. Ishika gives. He says I am feeling shy. Ishika beats him with pillow. Roop says nothing happened and tells everything. Ishika asks again. Roop says what else. What can I say if you feel this. Ishika says I hate this guy. Roop thinks this relation will not move forward without your consent.

Roop tells that he is going to college. Someone takes Rupesh on his wheel chair. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for the fast update 🤗

  2. Purvi’s parents must be proud of their son-in-law. Saintly. As a parent you will never ever want your kids to get married to a nut like him especially when you know all there is to know about him.

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