Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Haren Patel blackmails Rupesh to sign the property papers

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir telling Kanchan that Ishika and Roop have no relation between them. Kanchan recalls their marriage and Ishika telling that they will stay in the house till Papa gets fine. She asks Rupesh if he knows everything and that’s why don’t want to get fine. Ranvir says it is good that truth came out, and asks them to sort out the matter, and says cheap truth came out. Kanchan asks Ishika if she made her marriage as business and says my daughter has done contract marriage, a deal. Rupesh sits shockingly. Kanchan says both father and daughter have betrayed me, you don’t want to get fine as you know everything. Haren Patel comes there and asks her not to get angry much. He tells Rupesh that his daughter didn’t do any deal of relations. She says Roop has to

leave now, as Rupesh is fine. He tells Kanchan that society will spit on them if they come to know about their fake relations. He says this girl spend several nights with Roop with fake marriage. Rupesh gets up. Haren Patel helps him get up and says now you have only one way, and asks him to leave the house and city happily after naming the property on his name, and says I will take responsibility that your daughter and son in law don’t have to bear the society wrath. Roop tells Rupesh that they will find some solution. Rupesh says what will I do with this house, when we have no love. He says he will sign and gives the papers to Haren.

Ishika is upset in her room. Roop comes to her and gives water. Ishika says everything is my mistake, it was my fault, I had a chance to tell them truth, and blames herself. She apologizes to Roop. Roop gets up and asks her not to feel bad. She says you wanted to see your papa getting fine and says your intention was not wrong. Ishika says like you sat on the mandap without telling me, and your intention was not wrong. She recalls Roop telling that it was her Papa’s idea to get them married. She cries and apologizes to him. Roop says when both of us are not wrong then why you are crying. He asks her to go and talk to her parents. Ishika says I hurt my parents. Roop says I know whom to talk. He comes to Rupesh.

And tells him not to lose his home for their mistake. He says infact it was my mistake, and asks him to forgive Ishika. He says you know your daughter well, she doesn’t think of future, but I too didn’t think. I agreed for Ishika’s stubbornness and that’s why mistake is mine. He says I want to confess something else, and says it is deal or compromise for Ishika, but I love your daughter and will love her always. He asks him to punish him and not Ishika. Kanchan is sitting in the house temple. Ishika comes to her and tells her that she won’t take off her hand off the lamp until she speaks to her.

She says my intention was not to give you pain and says sorry. She says I did that for Papa. Kanchan gets concerned for her and says ishu. She then asks her not to do all this, and says you know well that we will be pained if you are in pain and you already gave us much. She goes.

Haren patel drinks wine and tells Ranvir that Rupesh and his family will be out of the house. Ranvir takes the drink from his hand and asks him to think 1000’s times before insulting me and says I am Ranvir Singh Wagela, you will get Rupesh’s signatures on your property papers.

Roop meets Ranvir. Ranvir says if you haven’t won the hug challenge then I wouldn’t have expose your deal. He says you will remember always, next morning Ishika will not have shelter on her. Ishika tries to talk to Rupesh. Rupesh says my decision is final.

Roop says one thing will not be tolerated in the house and that is insulting woman. Praful tortures his wife and puts tea on her hand. Roop calls Police and asks Vaishnavi not to be silent.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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