Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: SP Durga Devi meets Roop

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palak telling Roop why he is becoming pujari as he prays in temple. Himani comes. Roop says my legs are paining. Himani thinks because of exercise. Ranvir asks Kamla to make kheer and asks about Himani. Kamla says she went to bring Roop home. Ranvir goes to the girl’s room and breaks the dolls and toys. Jigna and Kinjal come there. Kinjal sees the toys broken and gets angry on Ranvir. Shamsher comes and asks what is the drama? Kamla says Ranvir has done this. Roop comes home from school and cries thinking about dolls. Ranvir asks him if the doll is his? Kamla hugs Roop and says he is concerned for his sisters. Roop thinks why did mummy lie for me. He thinks how many times God will forgive him. Shamsher and others go. Roop asks why did mummy lie to Papa. His sisters

tell that they will set the doll house back. Roop cries and says Ranvir has broken my doll. Bua tells Shamsher that there are many dolls in the room and tells that his money is going waste. Shamsher calls Kamla and tells her that dolls will be of no use. Later he calls Roop and asks him to come and sleep. Roop says I don’t get sleep hearing your snoring. Shamsher says it is a sign of a man and asks him to come.

Roop wakes up in the night and cries. Shamsher takes him to kamla’s room and asks her to make him sleep. Trainer comes to Shamsher’s house. Shamsher calls Roop. Roop asks Kamla not to send him. Kamla says your father will not agree. Himani says we can’t do anything. Shamsher calls him. Roop prays to Goddess and asks her to make Shamsher cancels his training.

At the training ground, SP Durga Devi comes there. Trainer asks Jawans to salute her. SP asks who is the boy here among the jawans. Roop salutes her and tells his name as Roopendra Singh Vaghela. Trainer tries to tell her about Roop, but she stops him. Roop tells her that he came to become a strong man with training. He asks how did you become Police woman, when you are not a man. Trainer tells that Shamsher asked him to trained Roop. SP asks Roop to call her aunty and asks him to come with her.. Roop says my Papa dislikes you and will scold me for going with you. And my mummy would be waiting for me. SP says I will send you before time and your Papa will not scold you. She takes Roop with her.

Trainer comes to Shamsher’s house and tells that he was making Roop exercise, suddenly SP came and took him with her. Kamla asks if she is the same woman. Shamsher asks Trainer to go and tells Kamla that he is a tiger if that SP does something and used my son then I will not leave her. SP takes Roop to her cabin and gives him milk. Roop drinks milk.

Roop comes home with gifts in his hand. Driver gives letter to Shamsher. Shamsher reads SP’s letter that Roop is not like him and he thoughts differ from him. She asks him not to force his decisions on him and let him do what he likes. Shamsher gets angry and throws bouquet in the air. Roop gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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