Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop Is Made to Exercised

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher sending Roop with police trainer. Kamla asks where did Roop go? Shamsher says I am his father and will think of his betterment. He says Police dept trainer and says he will learn exercising etc. Ranvir says he wants to get trained too. Shamsher says I will teach you. He tells his daughter that they might have been very worried thinking how your brother slept with you all, and says he slept happily with him. He says he is making him strong. Himani, Jigna and Kinjal laugh and recall making them sleep. Kamla asks them not to do this again and says if he sees you all then it will be a problem.

In the police training ground, trainer asks him to do as those jawans do. He asks Jawans to jump 20 times. Roop also jumps and feels pain in his legs. Shamsher

teaches Ranvir the same exercise and he exercises well. Trainer asks him to do push up exercise, but Roop refuses to do. Trainer punishes him to take rounds of the ground. Shamsher does push ups with Ranvir and tells about the punishment. Roop runs around the ground. Jigna feels bad for Roop and says he will be tired. Roop faints. Trainer asks Jawans to lift him and tells that he is Inspector Shamsher Singh’s son. Shamsher and Ranvir do the exercise. Ranvir says he is feeling hungry and asks for Jalebi Phapda. Shamsher says even Roopendra will get prize and says lets go and buy it. Roop asks Jawans about Gandhi ji and asks if he did all these tough exercises as he was strong. Jawans were speechless.

Shamsher returns home and gives her jalebi, khakra etc which he bought. He boasts about himself and tells that Roop has a change in him. Trainer comes and tells that Roop fainted in the ground due to exercise. His sisters get tensed and are about to run to him, but Shamsher stops them. He tells trainer that he is the man and fainted due to exercise. Kamla serves jalebi etc to trainer. Himani tells Roop that she will get him ready for school. Shamsher says he will not go today, but Roop says he won’t miss school. Trainer asks Shamsher not to make Roop exercise and says he is young and delicate. Shamsher stops him and asks him to come and pick Roop tomorrow. He says training shall not be stopped. Jigna asks Roop why do you want to go to school? Roop says I am fine. Himani says she will bring lemon water for him. Roop says I acted to faint so that they can bring me back. Kamla comes and tells him that cheating is bad. Roop says he was making me do strict exercise. Trainer tells Shamsher that he will go. Kinjal tells that she can’t comb her hairs properly. Roop makes her sit and ties her hairs.

Kinjal scolds Ranvir and leaves. In the school, Palak tells Roop that everyone is his fan now and says you had danced really well. Roop says really. Some boys tease Roop for dancing as Radha. Palak gets angry and pushes the boy. The boys call her Radha ki dost. Teacher comes there and asks kids to go to their class. Roop goes to his class and gets sad.

Shamsher tells that he is sure Roop got away with dance etc. Roop shows interest in dance. Teacher asks him to decide. Roop takes a decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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