Roommates (NESAM) Prologue


I’m not new here nor it’s my first time writing a fan fiction. I am actually really addicted to writing stories. Personally, the people who write stories and read stories both get peace, right?

Anyways, I’m misha. I had been planning to write about the two pairs since a long time. So, today I decided to write. Some of you, actually, a lot of you know about them. “Nesam” and “aradhika” is how fans write it. I have been reading many stories of them. Like the one kfar writes.

This one is different. Whenever, I come across stories of them, I see that Neil and arjun are always the bitter one. Yeah,I know the bitter suits them. Kinda makes them hot?. Hehe. But I decided it’s gonna be different. And you will know it in my story. I’ll be writing on both of them.

So, without further any more things, let’s get on to the story…..



NEIL (POV) ▪▪▪

I frown as I hear the world’s most annoying, irritating , bothersome, exasperating noise which, unfortunately, I have been listening to since childhood. Yeah, I’m talking about the alarm. I groan loudly, as my hand reaches that shit. Rubbing my blurry eyes, I turn off the alarm. Nincompoop.

I know it’s used for people, but still my phone is my best buddy. Until, it spits out its shit. That shit is the alarm. Huh! Anyways, I curl on the bed, trying to wake up but I fail miserably. And then it hits me. God! It’s my interview. Shit, Neil Malhotra, you for sure are a nincompoop. I sigh, standing on my tip toes and stretch my arms.

Life is so epic, except the alarm. The hate I have for alarm, ugh! Can’t explain it. I shove the thoughts away and make my way to the bathroom. I stand under the cold shower, yes! I like cold showers. And an interesting fact, I bath under cold showers in winter too. Insane right? Yeah, quite enough.After admiring my love, the shower I meant, I change into my clothes. I change into a light grey shirt pairing it up with my black jeans.

I step out of the bathroom, fully ready. “not bad” I compliment myself, grinning. I make my bed, tucking the car keys in my pocket and stepping out my my room. I live in a small apartment, having two rooms, a living room and a kitchen. Best enough for a lonely man right?. Yeah, by lonely I mean, I don’t have a family. Long story…

I sigh, turning off the TV. God! How can I be so careless. I left the TV on. Anyways, I turn it off, finishing my breakfast. I set everything and make my way to the front door. I twist the knob as someone pushes me roughly and I crash on the ground, roughly. What the f**k! My eyes are closed, as I feel the pain inside me. I groan, opening my eyes and I find two beautiful eyes pericing into me.

My mind freezes, I don’t know what’s happening. Am I dreaming? Certainly , not. Then it hits me, it’s a girl. She curses under her breath and groans, standing up and settling herself. A small figure is standing in front of me. Brown eyes, straight long hair , and wait oh god! Her eyes. She is looking at me furiously, bitterly, sharply , madly and much more.

I gasp , narrowing my eyes at her and surprisingly she does the same back to me. A smile appears on my lips as I watch her. She is taken aback. Presumably , thinking I’m mad. My thoughts goes superior because maybe it’s a prediction or something but I have seen her somewhere. I observe her more. She is wearing a maroon shirt tucked inside her black skirt, paired with her black legging and combat boots.

And then, wait. NO! This can’t be her. Tell me.. tell me..tell me I’m dreaming. “y-you…a-are y-ou” I choke on my own words while she still looks at me intensely. “don’” she says in between gritted teeths. Lastly, she said something but huh, something so bitter. I look at the time and THANK GOD, still two hours left for my interview. I woke up so early, good job Neil.

I stop complimenting myself and concentrate back on her. OH MY GOODNESS, I never expected to see her again. She’s so changed. Soooo much. Oh sorry, let me explain. Currently, I’m living in Los Angeles. Since, I was born, I had been living in Canada , and I met her and I knew her since like forever. Because, she was my neighbor.

She was never like this. She was the one with no friends, she was the shy type. The nerd and she was fat at that time. Seriously, I had no problem with her being fat or thin because how can anyone hate their love. Yeah,I have always always loved her no matter how she looked or will look.

Everyone used to tease her including me, don’t get me wrong, I teased her because she never looked at me. And teasing her was the only way to get her attention. Otherwise, there was no way talking to her. We used to call her nerd fatty Sam. Oh, her name is Samaira Khanna. I called her because I loved her and others because they were stupid dumb people who didn’t knew how precious she is. And yes, obviously , she hates me. But I still love her and I had been dying to meet her and fate brought her back to me.

Back , to repent my mistake of teasing her. Thanks God. She has changed so much. No more baggy clothes, glasses , and she says lost weight. I don’t care how she looked, but for me she is my Sam. And now I’m not leaving any opportunity to make her mine.

I shove away all the thoughts and look at her smiling. My jaw hurts, ouch. “Samaira?” I ask, smiling sheepishly. “glad you still remember me” she mutters, rolling her eyes. “of course, how can I forget my lovely sam” I explain making my way towards her, opening my arms to hug her but she steps back and stops me. “don’t you dare touch me” she clarifies.

It hurts, her words hurt. But, I smile at her and raise my hands in defense. “I’ll be careful next time” I say , but you know that I won’t, hehe. “what makes you bring here ?” I ask, fretful. She rolls her eyes, I love her more when she does that. “you still have have such a bad memory, don’t you?” she taunts while I chuckle. “because we don’t have the same genes” I reply back, passing her a wink.

She groans, I know I’m irritating her but can’t help it. “now would you please do the honour and tell me?” I ask, anxiety growing. “duh, you gave the advertisement for a roommate…that’s why” she explains. And then it makes sense. But why does she wants to live with me. Despite everything, she wants to live here.

I slap myself mentally, duh Neil. It’s a good opportunity. She will be here and I’ll be able to make her understand. “oh okay! Come, let discuss” I ask her, pointing towards the living room. She settles herself on the couch, her left leg on the right one. We discuss about the whole rent and all that. “now, hear me” she says.

“there are other senses as well, like touch…” I smirk at her while she frowns and mutters “jerk, since birth”. “I like that new line of yours” I reply to her while she looks at me angrily. Ooo, someone’s really angry. “okay, sorry. Go on” I tell her while she speak up. “some rules…you won’t enter my room and I can enter your room” she states while my jaw hits the floor.

“who makes that types of rules” I demand an answer. “me” is what I get back as a reply. I groan. Wow! Lucky me. But who said I’m not gonna enter her room. Definitely, I will. “no drinking, no smoking, sl*ts are not allowed, there are other places you can take them” she commands while my jaw once again hits the floor. She thinks I’m that kind of a man. The one to sleep with girls. Great Neil, you have already made a fantastic image of yours.

“I’m not that kind of person” I protest. “sure….you are” she sharply replies, making me pout. “go on” I say, rolling me eyes. She stands up, immediately, while I stare at her blankly. She comes near me and surprisingly sits on my lap, her legs on each side on me. I gulp at the current situation.

She places her hands on my chest and leans in. I’m so damn frozen. She leans in, looking straight in my eyes , her lips a few inches away from me. I can’t control, her lips, the one I had been dying to taste. She runs her hands down and stops placing them on my thighs.

I purse my lips, because those damn hormones are going on bananas. “don’t you ever..ever..ever roll those eyes to me” she states while I gasp. I push her aside groaning. She falls on the ground, laughing hard. She laughs while I smile looking at her. It’s the first time, the first time I have seen her laugh. And her laugh is so adorable. I can hear it my whole, entire life.

She stops laughing, as she sets herself back to the sharpy Sam. Her cold eyes fixed on me. Her body straight. “hope you would listen to me. I’ll get my luggage” she states coldly. She goes out while I follow her. “let me help you” I tell her. “I can manage” she replies harshly. Her tone hurts, it hurts so much but I deserve it. “shut up..and let me do it” I say grabbing the case and running inside. I hear her groan and I laugh at her. We make our way towards her bedroom and I place her luggage there.

She admires the whole room, smiling. Her smile is the best gift ever , unfortunately, it fades away looking at me. “would you mind giving me some privacy?” she asks, arms crossed. “sure” I reply back smiling. “bye,Sammy” I tell her, ruffling her hair, leaving the room. “Neil!” she yells but I already left the room.


Hey guys, how are you?…

I’m so nervous about this story. I hope you will like it. I’m damn nervous to see your reactions. Please, comment down below, telling me your views. And aradhikha story’s name is “you went away”. I haven’t started it but I’ll be posting it soon.

You can comment…bad , good , worse..your choice…

And make sure you all comment… telling me should I continue or not..
And check out my other story “the masquerade”…hope you will..
Thanks for reading.


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