Roommates (NESAM) Chapter 4




I ramble across the whole hall , questions and thoughts pondering over. Did I really hurt his feelings and perceptions. Was I wrong? But how can I believe that the first prank was not planned by him. It’s obviously so clear that he hates me since childhood. He shows that he wants to hurt me but he doesn’t.

I’m such in a state of sixes and sevens. I grab a glass of water , gulping it down as someone pats my shoulder. “What’s up?” it’s Neil’s voice. I roll my eyes, tilting my head to the opposite side so I don’t face him. “Leave me alone” I mumble as he let’s out a faint laugh. “Ooo! Are you feeling guilty for what you did” he asks , as I snap my head at his direction , arching an eyebrow in perplexity.

“Excuse me?” is what comes out of my mouth in awe. “Sammy , didn’t I reminded you to go to the doctor?” he ask smiling sheepishly as narrow my gaze at him. “You better watch out with what you say” I warn him as he raises his hands in defense. “Oopss! I’ll be careful. And you better think over what you do before you do it” he says out of the blue as my muscles tense up.

I know what he means , he’s talking about the prank. “It was a prank. Moreover, why’s it effecting you so much?” I ponder a question as his expression changes into a more dull as his jaw locks , his eyes red bloodshot with the flames pretty visible. He clutches on the glass more tightly as my eyes widen in bewilderment. “Neil..” I mutter as his grip compresses more.

The glass crushes as the bartender looks on repelled and aghast. “Neil…” I say out loud as he shuts his eyes , squeezing the glass pieces more as I open his fist , slowly removing the pieces. “What the heck, Neil?” I shout on him, trying to remove those blood stained pieces. I don’t even bother as my eyes become teary as he’s eyes on me the whole time.

“Have you gone mad?” I ask , my tone at the pinnacle as his eyes never leave mine. They are filled with calamity and displeasure. “Stop staring and bring the first aid kit” I yell at the bartender as he rushes from there. “Why did you do this?” I ask , crying as he’s intense stare makes me uncomfortable.

I hug him tightly , crying my heart out. He doesn’t react nor does he hugs me back. Why? Why do I want him to hug me back. Why do I want to give him comfort. “Ma’am..” someone’s voice breaks the silence and my sobs. I grab the aid kit from the bartender attending his wound , as the bartender leaves.

“Is it hurting?” I ask , wiping my tears as I keep on looking at his hand. “Why is it effecting you so much?” is the first thing he speaks as I look at him blankly. I don’t have any answer to his question , I don’t even have the answers to my questions then how can I answer to his.

“It..I-It doesn’t” I mumble, as I’m unable to explain. He let’s out a sarcastic laugh as my heart twinges in pain seeing the soreness on his face. “Answer me” he says in high pitched tone , clashing his hand forcefully on the counter as I tense up in my seat. “You’re hurting yourself” I cry out as he grumbles.

“Leave” he says bitterly as I stare at him uncomfortably. “leave me alone” he mumbles harshly as I shake my head in a no. “I’m not leaving you alone , right now” I clear out to him as he simplifies his gaze on me. “Why did you hurt yourself?” I ask in an annoyed tone as I hit my palm over his chest , making him boggled. “Stop hitting me” he complaints, awkwardly as I hit my palm again on his chest.

“Stop it” he warns me as I grunt like a bull. What’s his problem. “Why? Why should I stop?” my questions fumes the situation more as he gets hold of my wrist , his wounded hand surrounds my back pushing me towards his chest. I try to reach his height but he’s way too taller then me. Why am I supposed to be shorter than him. It’s not fair.

I keep on trying as he looks at me boggled. A saccharine smile appears on his lips as he watches me struggle to level our heights. Pulling me more closer towards his body, he attaches my forehead upon his , letting out a huge sigh. “Don’t try to hard” he mutters as his minty breath hits my face. How does he manage that?

“Try what?” I ask , surprised as pulls me a bit higher , leveling our height. I smile , feeling proud like a batsman on a filed who hits a six. “Yes!” I say in a cheerful voice as he smiles looking at the childish me. He puts me down , a shy smile playing on his lips. “Sam! Oh God! I have been looking for you both since so long. Come on” Ali’s voice breaks the awkward silence between us. “Let’s go..” I mumble as I walk behind Ali. I could feel Neil’s eyes on me the whole time as I nervously play with my fingers.

“Congratulations” I hug the newly engaged couple as my eyes accidently catches Neil. Today I realized why every girl used to drool him. I find myself drooling over him. I try hard to stop but can’t. The way he smiles sends shivers down my spine. I ramble across , examining him. His brown eyes perfectly and clearly describe each and every emotion running through his mind. The hurt phase when I told him about my so called engagement was pretty visible in his eyes.

The happy phase when he realized it was prank was also clear. His eyelashes in the perfect curls anyone can have. The way his smile and laugh makes the perfect one sided dimple gives me satisfaction. His lips in a perfect shaped curve. I examine more as he sips the drink with his wounded hand. My heart is literally throbbing right now. I begin to reach him but Ali’s voice stops me.

“Sam! I have something to tell you. We got the contract. But they want to complete the shooting in a mansion. They said it’s their theme” Ali tells me as I grumble. “A mansion, seriously?” I ask , startled. I do have one. But I can’t face the consequences of going there again. I don’t want to see my scattered family over there. I know I’m a coward of running away from my responsibilities but it breaks me everytime.

“Arrange something. I’m going back to the apartment. I have gotta pack my things. Bye” I greet him as he smiles, giving me a quick hug. “Sammy. Are you going?” Neil asks as I nodded. “Let’s go then” he says motioning towards the car. I don’t oppose this time which makes him happy.

We both sites in silence as Neil drives , his gaze locked on the front but mine never leaves him. “I can’t concentrate” he says out loud as I snap my head towards the other side. “W-What do you mean?” I ask anxiously. “If you keep looking at me like that then even if have to look back at you right?” he says awkwardly as I hit his shoulder lightly.

“Bad joke” I mutter as he laughs. He parks the car , as I make way inside.


At last , my packing is done. I’m pretty exhausted today. I lay down on my back , closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. All I can see is Neil. The way he touched me , the way he broke the glass then when I drooled over him. “Ugh!” I grunt rolling on the other side as someone knocks. I open the door whilst Neil jumps in. “I have a good news!” he yells as I arch an eyebrow at him. “I have arranged everything for the contract” he says as my eyes widen in amazement.

“Really? Oh My God! Thank you so much” I jump in cheerfulness , giving him a peck on the cheek. Oh crapp! He runs a hand through the same cheek as a pink shade surrounds his face. “I’m..I’m so sorry.. I just got so much excited” I try to clarify as he purse his lips trying not to laugh. “Okay..Goodnight then” he says but I prevent him. “No.. I mean..” I begin as he crosses his arms.

“You mean?” he says , steeping closer. I take two steps back as he rolls his eyes. “Sammy! I take one step ahead and you take two steps back. Am I making you nervous?” he asks grinning as I shake my head. My hurt does a flip flop as he grabs me by the waist , my back attached on to the front of the couch. “N-No…way” I tell him, I swirl around as now he lays down on the couch, my legs parted on each side of his legs.

“You don’t make me nervous” I clear out to him although I don’t know but these days he does makes me nervous. He puts his hand on back pulling me closer making me gasp. “Not even now?” he ask as suddenly I feel the urge to kiss him. NO! stop thinking Samaira. Ugh! My gaze falls on the cushion at the side. I hit Neil lightly with it running towards the bed. “Looserrr” I singsong as he picks a pillow. “Let’s see” he says motioning towards me.

I run on top of the bed , yelling with Neil following me. I hit him with the pillow and so does he. “You can’t catch me” Neil yells running towards the living room. I ramble across the living trying to find him. “Neil..” I call him but no response. I enter the kitchen trying to find him but unfortunately, I loose my balance due to the scattered water on the floor. Luckily , two pair surrounds me pulling me towards himself. I sigh in relief , as my muscles relaxes.

I turn as Neil pulls me closer. “Be careful” he tell me as I grin. “Caught you” I tell him as he looks on boggled. “You had done that long ago” he tells me smiling as now it’s my turn to be in a state of sixes and sevens. “Sam! Is that you there?” Ali’s voice breaks the awkward situation between us. We both hide behind the counter as Ali enter. “I’m liking it” Neil whispers leaning on to me as I frown.

“What?” I ask , whispering with him leaning in more closer. “Sam! Are you in there?” Ali says as I reply. “No , I’m sleeping” I say out loud as Ali bursts out laughing. “What?” Neil asks in confusion as we both get up. “I was just so nervous” I clarify to him pinching him as Ali stops laughing. “What do you think you both were doing in there?” he asks , arms crossed. I play with my hair awkwardly. “We were playing hide and seek” I try to make up an excuse as Ali laughs again.

“Who was the catcher and who was hiding?” Ali asks , trying to control his laughter. We both point towards each other , making me frown. I wonder what to say. It was such an awkward situation. Neil , he was so close to me. Am I changing ? No , No , certainty not. I shake my head. “Guys. Goodnight then. You both can continue your game” Ali says passing me a quick wink. Whatever!!

I groan , leaning against the counter with Neil grinning at me. “What?” I ask with a bored expression. He shakes his head laughing lightly. “Goodnight , Neil” I wish him motioning towards my room. It’s been a long day and I have been thought many phases. So many emotions running through my mind right now. I lay on the bed feeling a bit uneasy.

Or maybe feeling a bit empty. I’m feeling as if there’s something missing. There’s again a knock on the door. “Neil?” I ask , as he’s again in front of my door. “Yes , it’s me” he mocks as I roll my eyes. “What do you want?” I ask leaning on the side. “Well , I want many things” he says hitting his shoulder past nine and entering inside.

I frown trying to get what he said. “But right now. I want someone to cuddle with me” he says. For a second I was about to run towards to him but again I stop. Is this right? I’m not supposed to be close to him. I know things are going on easy between us but is it right?

Yes , go on. My inner voice pushes me but I prevent myself. What if it’s again a game by him. I don’t have the strength to face any consequences now. Moreover , I don’t wanna get hurt. Shoving the thoughts away , I cross my arms , clearing my throat. “Better find someone else” my harsh words boggles him as he stands up. “Sorry.. I didn’t get it” he says letting out a faint laugh.

“Leave Neil. I don’t want you here” I clear out to him. Although , a part of me wants him to be here. “Sammy , what’s wrong? I thought everything was settled between us and-“ he begins getting closer to me but I stop him. “Don’t get the wrong ideas” I says bitterly but the fact is that it’s hurting me too. I don’t know why but it does. “I thought we are coming closer” he says in a low voice with a sad phase surrounding his face.

“Don’t think that. Because I have always hated you and I always will” I taunt him in a dry tone as he runs a hand through his messy hair , frustrated. He strikes his wounded hand on the sharp edge of the bed. I jump back in aghast as he grunts. He’s not in pain due to the wound but due to my words. “Neil..” I mutter moving towards him but he stops me. “Thank you” he says in displeasure. He storms out of the room leaving me repelled.


Neil’s changed behavior… the mansion…relations…

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