Roommates (NESAM) Chapter 3


CHAPTER~3 Surprisess!!!


I feel like the world spinning , or maybe I’m , or maybe it’s my mind. Huh! Look I told you I have gone crazy. “Neil!” someone yells , causing me to come back on the earth. I see Sammy and Ali looking at me weirdly whilst I grunt.

“What?!” I ask , bothered and irked. “Arrange three flight tickets for Hawaii” Sammy says, making me narrow my eyes at her. “Why three?” I ask , in a state of abashment and agitation.

“Well , I have told you that your memory is getting effete day by day , you’re my PA” she adds as I roll my eyes. “Plus, the décor and all that , it’s your responsibility” she says , whilst my heart twinges at her words.

I begin to clamor but she she prevents me from doing so. “No! No arguments” she says , as she settles back on her chair. I grumble nonsense under my breath. Arranging three flight tickets for Hawaii , I rush outside as its time to go. Maybe it’s a dream , a bad one. How can Sam get engaged. That too with that Ali. Yeah , presumably , he’s not bad but…

But she’s mine. No, Neil! Just shut the f**k up! But I can’t let her go , all these years , I had been trying to get her attention , trying different methods and ideas and my work backfired on me. I have to stop this , but what if she truly loves him. What if I break her heart ….

But at least I can try , I need to clear out the misunderstandings and misconceptions that she has of me. But how!!

My anticipations are stopped as a I feel a feathery touch on my shoulder. “What happened? Aghast and dismayed about all what happened?” Mrs.Rose questions me whilst I nodded. “Go with the Flow” she tells me as she steps out of there leaving me baffled.


The flight for Hawaii was quite good , presumably because I didn’t had to face the lovey dovey couples over there. I kept my myself distanced from Sam , but it’s too hard , my life is abandoned and bare without this girl. “So , let’s rest for a while then we’ll for for the photo shoot” Ali says, UGH! I don’t wanna see his face.

After a couple of hours of taking a nap , finally we’re here for the Photoshoot. “Neil! Why are you standing like that?” Sam yells at me , her animosity and annoyance at the pinnacle. “Then what should I do?” I shoot back , irked. “Go and help them” she tells me , pointing towards the models standing in the center. A smirk appears on my lips…Wooh Sammy , thanks now let’s see your reaction..

Walking towards them , I begin talking to them as from the corner of my eyes I could see Sam popping her head to catch a glimpse of us. I grab one of the girls hand , giving her a soft , gentle kiss a on her hand as she giggles. “Neil! I didn’t ask you to start your PDA over there” Sammy yells at me whilst I try to hold back my smile.

I wrap my arm around the girl’s waist , pulling her closer as she chuckles. “Sammy! I was just asking her hotel room number” I complained , giving her pout as Sam’s eyes widen in surprise and agony. “What?!” she yells, as I purse my lips. “Sam! The shoot is ready. Position everyone” Ali says in a loud tone , as I give a peck on the girl’s cheek , making Sammy groan.


The photoshoot ended well , but just receiving death glares from Sam. But why is she getting affected ? And- I begin to think more but Sam’s voice stops me. “What do you think you were trying to do? Trying to make me jealous or what?” she asks , displeasure and annoyance surrounding her tone.

“Why would I even do that?” I snap back , trying to control my stupid smile creeping over there on my lips. “Don’t waste my time” she says , pointing her finger at me , as I grab her wrist pulling her towards my body.

“Else what?” I ask gleaming. “Leave me , first” she demands , as I shake my head. “What if I don’t want to?” I ask , an amused look on my face. She looks on boggled and surprised. “W-what?” she chokes on her words as I look on amused. “I said..what if I don’t want to?” I ask , tucking a hair strand behind her ear. “Jerk” she complains , pushing me back. She rushes past me , leaving me there.

I sigh counting on the days left for the engagement. Can someone just wake me up and tell me that I’m sleeping! Well , I know that I’m not. So what’s the use.

Days pass by , like the waves in the ocean passing by. It’s been four or so days , since I haven’t talked to Sammy , she tried to but I would just run away. Because , how can someone talk to the person whom he loves , when that person is getting engaged.

“Neil…” someone calls me , causing me to turn back. It was someone from the shoot. “The engagement party is gonna start…and Sam’s calling you to check the arrangements” he says whilst I shut me eyes. Each passing word hits me hard. My heart twinges in pain as he speaks those words.

“Fine” I say in between gritted teeths. I wear my watch , rushing down on the stairs. “Hey! Haven’t I told you that the lighting is not supposed to be like this” I yell on the worker , who steps back horrified. “I’m so sorry Mr.Neil , I’ll just fix it now” the manager says whilst I nod. “Better be quick” I harshly reply , God! I’m getting so hyper.

Checking all the arrangements , I make my way towards the Food area. I examine everything. Starters…correct. Main course..correct. Dessert…correct. “Well done , Neil” I hear Sammy , turning back to her my heart melts. She looks so pretty , and as cliché as it sounds , she’s the only one to be seen around. A wide smile plays on her perfect shaped lips as I step closer.

“You are looking really pretty” I tell her as she let’s out a soft chuckle. “Because it’s my engagement” She corrects me , and yes , those were the perfect words to cause me back to reality. blo*dy engagement. “Yeah! Engagement” I say as bitterly as I ever have. Now , seriously , the world engagement is my enemy. The dreams and fascinating things I planned about my engagement with Sammy crushes same as the way she crushes a person’s ego.

“Sam..” someone calls her as she runs from there , giving me an apologetic gesture. I sigh , turning towards the other side. I find the waiter smiling whilst doing something on his phone. “What happened?” I ask , peeping to see what’s he doing. “N-nothing…just..” he chokes on his words as I narrow my eyes at him. “Just texting your girlfriend” I say bitterly. He lowers his gaze as I pat his shoulder.

“You know what! Don’t love anyone , it’s gonna hurt you always” I tell him , as he begins to say something but stops himself. I walk away from there towards the hall as the guests seems to be coming. I greet everyone one by one.

HUH! This is what I’m supposed to be doing. Ali too comes there , as I roll my eyes at him. Yeah! Yeah! He must be thinking what’s my problem. Obviously , he’s my problem. It’s been more than half an hour , since , I have been attending the guests. “Neil…I have heard you have a great voice. Why don’t you sing a song for us?” Ali asks , as I feel everyone’s eyes on me.

Wow , lucky me. Now , I’m supposed to sing for them too , how adorable… To hell with everyone. “Sure…” I reply , as I give them a tight smile. I take the Mike , catching a glimpse of Sam I begin.


Oh, yeah

You might’ve been hurt, babe
That ain’t no lie
You’ve seen them all come and go, oh..
I remember you told me
That it made you believe in
No man, no cry
Maybe that’s why

I spin around Sam , considering the lyrics to her. She looks at me , blankly. I continue rushing towards the centre.

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don’t wanna lose it again
But I’m not like them
Baby, when you finally,
Get to love somebody
Guess what,
It’s gonna be me..

You’ve got no choice, babe
But to move on, and you know
There ain’t no time to waste
You’re just too blind (too blind), to see
But in the end, ya know it’s gonna be me
You can’t deny
So just tell me why

I can feel the tears building inside , but I prevent them turning away…

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don’t wanna lose it again
But I’m not like them
Baby, when you finally
Get to love somebody (somebody)
Guess what (guess what)
It’s gonna be me

You’ve got no choice, babe
But to move on, and you know
There ain’t no time to waste
You’re just too blind (too blind), to see
But in the end, ya know it’s gonna be me
You can’t deny
So just tell me why

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don’t wanna lose it again
But I’m not like them
Baby, when you finally
Get to love somebody (somebody)
Guess what (guess what)
It’s gonna be me

It’s gonna be me
Oh yeah…

There comes a day
When I’ll be the one, you’ll see..
It’s gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna

I again take a look at her , and this time her eyes are teary , why? Why’s she gonna cry ? Shouldn’t she be happy… I concentrate back on my song , to finish it.

It’s gonna be me

All that I do
Is not enough for you
Don’t wanna lose it
But I’m not like that
When finally (finally)
You get to love
Guess what (guess what)

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you (for you babe)
You don’t wanna lose it again (don’t wanna lose it)
But I’m not like them
Baby, when you finally
Get to love somebody (love..)
Guess what (guess what)
It’s gonna be me

Every little thing I do (Oh…)
Never seems enough for you
You don’t wanna lose it again (don’t wanna lose it)
But I’m not like them
Baby, when you finally (baby when you finally)
Get to love somebody
Guess what (guess what)

It’s gonna be me..

Shutting my eyes , I let out a sigh. I open them back , as everyone clap. “I guess we should start the ceremony” Ali says , as I quietly run away from there. I rush towards the terrace , as I don’t even realize when the tears begin to flow. I bury my face in my hands as someone pats my shoulder. “Nice voice , aha and yes nice song” the voice surrounds the atmosphere.

I immediately run back , it’s Sam. I quickly wipe the tears away and ask “W-What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be down there?” I ask , reluctantly. “Come with me..” she says grabbing me by the elbow. “What are you saying?” I ask , startled. She takes me down to the venue and-

Wait! What??!! “Why is Ali getting engaged to her?” I ask , astound. “April Fool” she says , as my eyes widen in amazement and my jaw hits the floor. “What?!” I yell on top of my lungs. “Are you deaf or what?” she asks , as causally as if it’s nothing important. “Well , Neil. It’s not me getting engaged. It’s both of them” she points at Ali and the girl standing over there.

Then it makes sense , this was whole a blo*dy prank. My anger is at the pinnacle and seriously the veins in my fists must be visible. I grab her hand pushing her towards the wall as her back clashes the wall. “This whole engament thing was f**king prank?” I yell at her as she rolls her eyes. “Yes!” she says firmly. Gosh! She’s stubborn as f**k.

“Why would you do that?” I ask , pulling her towards. My heart is throbbing right now as I see the soreness on her face. She let’s our a faint and sarcastic laugh making me narrow my eyes at her. “Don’t act as if you don’t remember” she says turning her face away as my curiosity grows more.

“Remember when we were in high school, at the Food area you clashed deliberately with me causing my books to fall , and con**m packets fell out of it. And due that prank everyone thought I had s*x. Just because you wanted to make me an April fool” she tells me as I watch , surprised.

No, never. I never did that. “it was not me. Yes, of course , I clashed with you but seriously I had no idea about the-“ I begin but she cuts me off. “You don’t lie!” she abruptly tells me as I roll my eyes. “And then in literature you even placed a whoopee under the teachers chair and later on in was blamed for all , just because you wanted to make me an April Fool” she yells at me as I sigh.

“Yes , I did the whoopee prank but not the-“ I again try to explain as she stops me in the middle. “And I just played a small prank on you , which presumably , didn’t hurt your feelings or emotions” she begins as I lose my control. I bang her on the wall as her eyes show everything , disappointment , hurt and much more.

“It didn’t hurt my emotions , my feelings? How can you say that? You don’t know the blo*dy time I went this whole week. Everytime the fear of your engagement..Ugh!” I groan as her features softens , the first time , during our whole heated up conversation. “Why? Why did it effect you so much?” she asks as I freeze. “It didn’t” I reply abruptly , letting her go of my grip. She let’s out a faint laugh a I sigh.

“Tell me something new” is what I get as a reply. “Listen..” I begin but Ali’s voice cuts me. “Come on Sam…oh you both here. So, finally you got to know” he says , a huge smile spread across his face. They go away from there as I stand there clueless. This all was an act. A blo*dy f**king act. But I smile because yes this was just an act. Obviously , I’m mad at her as she did this.

But I’m feeling more jocund as this is all not true. My gaze fells on the same waiter whom I told not to love. I rush towards him giving him a bear hug. I release him as he looks at me astonished. “Keep on loving. Love your girlfriend as much you can” I pat his shoulder like the last time and walk away. I know she played a prank on me. But why this one?

Does she knows about my feelings? Know she can’t , I want her to know but first I want her to love me the way I love her. I know I’m selfish because she has the right to love someone else. But if she chooses someone who’s best for her I’ll be happy.


Hope you are having an amazing day and hope you had an amazing week.

Yes , firstly , I know it’s not first April but let me tell you a secret. Actually , on 1st April it was my exam so the April fool was boring ? but then this idea hits me and I was like yayy because to be honest I have never ever in my life made anyone an April fool.

And secondly , to be honest again I’m not that good at keeping suspense. Because I know I have read many stories in which the suspense and everything is just kept on and on and on…

So just didn’t wanna bore you guys.

Anyways , back to the story.

I know the update must have not been as great as you all expected but I hope you enjoyed it .

Plus , I’m gonna start Aradhika’s story soon. And then these two stories will have a lot of collaborations due to which their pasts and secrets will be out ??

Plus , I have also updated the 15th update of The masquerade , check it out if you want.

And drop your comments telling me who smiled at the time when Sammy told him that it was a prank.

And didn’t the song perfectly described Neil’s feelings? It’s a great song. Must check it out.

Anyways , enough of the blabbering and all. If you don’t mind would you people like to share your ages and the cities you are living in?

And if you have any questions regarding me or Anything , just drop them in the comment section.

Take care and lots of love????

Credit to: Misha

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      Loads of love and take care ??

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    1. Hey dev. How have you been dear?
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    1. Hey Gauri. How are you? Thank you so much. Yeah he did hehe. I’ll try to update as soon as possible. And don’t mind but can you please tell me the name of your ff. I think you write but I forgot the name. Sorry if you felt bad.

      1. nothing to feel bad about it dear…well here is the name manmarziyan-destiny passion-obsession-

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    1. Hello abhi. How are you?
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