Roommates (NESAM) Chapter 2



My eyes slit up, partially. Leaving my bed, is one of the world’s most irritating thing ever. I crawl on the bed as my hands hits a hard object. It’s Neil, what’s he doing here?. Ugh! My memory is becoming week. He was here, last night and he was crying. What happened to him, last night? Was it something serious? Something, that’s haunting him.

My thoughts are crushed, as a snort escapes his mouth. My gaze fells on him. He looks so, so tired. Like, he has been suffering, suffering like I am. His mouth partially open, the curl his lashes show, I swear is better than those Mascara models. Crazy, ain’t I? He brushes his nose, irritated. I smile, smile at his innocence.

I settle his hair, which was ruffled on his forehead in messy way. He frowns in his sleep, looping his arm around my waist, pushing me towards his chest. Laying my head on his chest, I close my eyes letting out a sigh. What’s happening to me? Why do I feel good, with Neil? and- my thoughts are shoved away, as Neil shifts opening his eyes.

I jerk away from his hold, sitting straight in the bed. “Good morning,sammy” he greets, stretching his arms. “Morning” I reply, acting a bit harsh. “Duh! Seriously? You have that tone in the morning too?” he asks, rubbing his sleepy eyes. “None of your concern” I tell him, while he grins. “Sure, it is” he murmurs , while I give him a death glare.

“Anyways, what you last night?” I ask, hesitantly. His jaw hardens, while he shuts his eyes letting out a huge sigh. Was I wrong to ask that? He storms out of the bed, making his way outside. What the heck. How can he leave like that? Ugh! His choice,Sam. I grab my clothes, heading to the bathroom.

I change into a loose, cream coloured blazer pairing it up with my jeans. I brush the curls of my hair, wearing my sneakers.

I make my way outside, to make some breakfast. But, Neil’s not here. Hmm, maybe he had some work or- my thoughts comes to an end, as someone storms out of the room. Oh, it’s Neil. He is on his phone, talking to someone.

“I don’t want to meet him” Neil yells, while I look on from the kitchen counter. Someone on the other side tells him something, causing Neil to shout more. “But I don’t want to. Get it? f**king, hell. Get lost” he curses, while I look on stunned.

I have never, ever, ever seen this side of Neil before. He throws his phone on the floor, while I jump back, horrified. I close and open my mouth, like a fish but nothing comes out. Neil sits on the couch, frustrated, angry, exhausted. He groans in pain as he pushes himself back on the couch.

I wonder what’s bothering him, so much. I stand in front of him, thinking to say something. “Neil..” I begin but he cuts me off. “Look, Sam. I’m in no mood of your tantrums” he states, and those words hurts, hurts badly. Why would he think I was about to show some tantrums or whatever. “But..” I begin but he yells at me. “I said, not now”

Lowering my gaze, I rush out of there into my room. Tears flow down, I try,try harder to stop them. But I can’t. I sob, covering my face so, he doesn’t hear me crying.


I groan, as those memories hits me. f**k that bastard for ruining my morning. And shit, I got angry for Sam for like no f**king reason. I see the door of her room, opening up. I tense up, is she alright. She comes out, her gaze lowered as she goes towards the kitchen. I watch her steps, my eyes on her the whole time.

I keep watching her, I guess it’s been 10 minutes. She comes to me, a plate of scrambled eggs and apples, with a glass of orange juice. “What?” I ask, she doesn’t reply, placing the plate and glass on the table. “And your breakfast, Sammy?” I ask, holding her hand, preventing her.

“I..I..umm..don’t want..” she begins, while my anger rises again. God, she leaves no stone unturned to raise my anger. “You are having breakfast, no matter what” I say, while she tenses up. I grab her elbow, making her sit on the couch. I feed her, the whole time she keeps showing tantrums like a baby.

I smile, while she looks on boggled. “What?” she asks, narrowing her eyes. “ there something on my face” she asks, confused. “Oh, yes” I reply, enjoying. “Where?..where, Neil?” she asks, irritated. “Everywhere..let me just clean..” I try to reach my hand but she shoves it away. “blo*dy arrogant” she murmurs.

“Oh! Describing yourself?” I ask, with a stupid smirk on my face. She rolls her eyes, while I lean back on the couch eating rest of the breakfast. “Neil..” she says, in a serious tone. “umhmm” I say, gesturing her to continue. “actually…last night.. what were” she says hesitantly, while my body tenses up. “Forget about it Sammy” I tell her, shoving the plate away.

“But Neil..” she begins, while I yell at her “I said forget it”. I don’t want to talk about that matter, to none. I don’t want anyone to remind me of that. “You don’t have to yell at me, always. whenever you ask something, I do reply” she snaps at me, while I groan in frustration. “That’s different” I tell her. Her eyes widen in surprise, stunned and amazed.

I know, she has a perfect life, a perfectly suitable family. She won’t understand ever. “seriously, Neil?” she asks, arms crossed. “You think it’s different. Thanks, thank you for reminding me who I am to you. Well, I’m just a whore, a sl*t, a pervert, a fat, an ugly duckling who can never be a swan. I know…I was useless and I’m” she yells, letting out her frustration.

Those words were like daggers hitting my chest. It felt like a pain shooting inside of me with every passing word she spoke out. How can she think? How dare her think like that? Why on earth would she ever say those words.

And besides, she thinks that I think of her like this. I would never, ever think of her like that or any girl out there. “Sammy…” I begin, forwarding my hand towards her but she stops me “I don’t have the life, the perfect life, you are thinking that I have” she mock, sarcastically.

I didn’t get a single word she said. Apparently, just that she mocked at me. What’s she saying. I look at her seeing the exhausted, tired , hurt phase of her. She leaves from there, leaving me in a a confusing state.

“Ugh! Terrible, terrible, terrible..” I groan, leaning down on the couch. Oh no, I’m gonna be late for office. I mean we both. I go inside her room, look I’m manner less, because I didn’t knock. “You are supposed to knock. Aren’t you?” she taunts, making me frown. “Well, I thought my sugar plum must be busy, so…” I mock, jumping on her bed.

“Neil! Firstly, don’t jump. Secondly, don’t call me that” she snaps at me while I pout. “Why not, sugar plum?” I asking, pouting. “Ugh!! Freaking hell, Neil” she groans, throwing her arms in the air. I jump out of the bed, grabbing her by her shoulders while her eyes widen in surprise. “What are you doing?” she squeaks, making me grin.

“Neil..” she begins mumbling, while I push her more closer, he body sagged against my chest. “Do I make you nervous?” I ask, whispering. “Of course, not” she snaps, rolling her eyes. She looks at me with a bored expression, struggling to get away. “Not even now,Sammy?” I ask her, stroking her lower lip. “No..” she says, gulping hard.

I lean in, her minty breath falling on my face, I can’t control myself as I run my hands inside her shirt. Her eyes widen in surprise, while she gulps. “Neil..” she murmurs, a soft moan escaping from her lips. “Hmm” I say, as I press my lips against her hand, kissing her, our hands entwined. “I’m sorry, Sammy” I say, stroking her knuckles. “For what?” she asks, astonished.

“For yelling at you like that” I declare, sighing. I know I’m an idiot, but I can’t help it. She’s so close to me right now. I want to kiss her, kiss her badly but can’t. Because, that would ruin the whole situation. “But..” she begins but I cut her off. “And I would never, ever in a million years think that bad about you. No one, not even any other girl”I tell her tucking her hair strand behind her ear. She looks at me blankly.

“It’s don’t have to lie to make me feel better” she tells me, while I narrow my eyes at her. How could she even think like that? I’m not telling a lie. I remove my hands around her waist, setting her free and storm out of there. What the heck is this. My life is a mess, in fact, I’m a total mess. I can’t understand her. Her mood swings are giving me a whiplash.

Getting hold of my keys, I make my way towards the car, heading towards the office.


He storms out of there as if it was my mistake. Was he serious? He said he doesn’t think of me like that. But I can’t believe him. Ugh!!!! Life is a freaking hell. I take my hand bag, setting the covers of the bed which Mr. Neil spoiled.

I enter my cabin, seeing a laughable Neil and a giggling Mrs. Rose there. What happened to them. Anyways, I enter as they both tense up, standing up. I look at them suspiciously. “What happened?” I ask, feeling a bit cramped. Huh! Forget it. I take a seat whilst Neil displayed the files.

It’s been three hours, but Neil didn’t gave me a look. He’s been working bit by bit. “ahem ahem” I say trying to beat the bushes. But no response, I frown. On the other hand, my hand haphazardly clashes with the hot cup and it scatters on my hand.

“Ouch…ah” I grumble in agony. I shut my eyes as my hand aches more. “Neil..” I grunt in pain but he doesn’t pay attention. I can’t move, it’s hurting. “Sam..” someone howls while I look up. It’s Ali, as he rushes towards me, stunned. “Are you okay? Oh God! Come here” he asks, helping me up. Only then, Neil contemplates. He furrows his eyebrows as he looks at us in bewilderment.

“Is it hurting?” Ali asks, whilst Neil out stare Ali. “Why’s he looking at me like this?” Ali buzzed in my ear. “Sammy…are you okay?” Neil asks as his features decoys, “huh? Thanks for the forethought” I censure at him while he let’s out a huge grunt.

“Seriously?” he asks, arms crossed. “All joking aside” I mock at him again, while he grumbles. “Here you go..I’ll just give you a pain killer” he says, as he removes my hand from the water. “Thank you..” I mumble, smiling. “Why didn’t you told me?” Neil asks, as Ali let’s out a sarcastic laugh.

“Your ears were kinda blocked” I taunt as he rolls his eyes. “Better be careful next time” Ali says, giving me a peck on my right cheek. I see the Neil’s hands clenched , eyes bloodshot.

“What makes you bring here?” I ask, while Ali seems to remember something. “Oh yeah! We are going to Hawaii” he says, cheerfully. “What?” I ask, shocked as hell.

“Yeah babe” he says whilst Neil groans. “Don’t call her that” Neil mocks whilst I narrow my eyes at him. “huh! Anyways, yeah we have to shoot for Fashion Today, our new designs are ready and so are the models. That’s why” he says whilst I nodded.

“Great then…Hawaii is nice…Why don’t we do the Engagement there?” I ask him as Neil stands up with a jerk. “Engagement?” he asks, confused.

“Good idea” Ali says, as Neil grumbles. “Will someone tell me what engagement?” he asks, frustrated. “Our engagement” I tell him, as he looks on boggled.


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Credit to: Misha

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