Roommates (NESAM) Chapter 1



I groan, he ruffled my hair and vanished from there. That little nincompoop. How dare he ruin my hair. Anyways, this room is really pretty. I like it, the way he has put on all the décor. But him, no way, I can never ever like him. The way I’m allergic to cucumbers, yeah I know , it’s a bit weird. The way I’m allergic to them , more than that I’m to Neil.

Neil Malhotra, you had ruined my childhood , probably ,me myself. But a big part of it was you. Oh sorry, I’m Samaira Khanna, I’m the youngest one behind a phone married brother and a fashion addicted sister. You must be thinking why I’m here. Ahan, I’m here to fulfill my dream. Not of becoming an actor blah blah blah….

But something else, something which I call like the Revenge from Neil,maybe. Anyways, I Place my clothes inside and set my room a bit. After 30 minutes, of getting the inner satisfaction that it feels like my room, I lay down on the bed. My gaze, currently is on ceiling. Without further getting late, I wear my combat boots, tucking my keys and phone in my hand bag, making my way towards my car.

After 25 minutes of a boring car ride, yeah I hate riding in cars. But, my obsession for cars is beyond explanations. Finally, I reach my destination, TMD which stands for THE MASSIVE DYNAMIC. Yes, this company belongs to me. I’m the owner of the TMD, the ultimate conglomerate. Massive creates and advances in the fields of genetics , energy , entertainment , biomedical technologies , ballistics , artificial intelligence , aeronautics and government networking. That’s why my company does, huh! Long story…wasn’t it?

Anyways, I make my way inside, the scent hits me. Yes, I’m really obsessed with scents too. I want the places where I work, smell good. Today, it smells like vanilla. I know I look egoistic, disdainful, conceited from the outside, but that’s only because of what I have been through. I try my best, my best to stay calm. Personally, I find myself very calm and gentle to the people in my office.

Because, the fact is that they work their butt off in my office. So, I think I should be calm and gentle with them. A smile appears on my lips as I see Mrs. Rose, she has been working with me for the past 2 years. Yes, I’m 23. Anyways, as I see her, my heart gets the warmth. She is a 45 years old women, married to a really get person.

I shove the thoughts away. Ugh! Shouldn’t this be a disease when you start talking about a person. Well, maybe I have it. “Good morning, Mrs.Rose” I greet her, getting my greetings from everyone I head to my cabin.

I’m a cold person, out of my office and to my dealers. And FIY, I have warned every person in the office, dare they tell anyone that I’m sweet to anyone. And they are really loyal, my staff I mean. I settle myself inside, doing some paper work as someone knocks.

“you don’t need to knock when you come, Mrs. Rose” I tell her. Because, I know it’s her. She giggles as she places the black coffee on my desk. “should we start the interview for your personal assistant?” she asks, while I let out a huge sigh. I creepy smile appears on my lips. “any problem?” she asks, grinning. Oh, she knows that something is cooking in my nasty head.

“not at all” I reply, pursing my lips. “you may start it” I tell her, she nods closing the door. It’s gonna be FUN. Oh okay, I had a PA before, but she cheated on my company. So, I need another one. But then, at the news side I saw Neil’s advertisement for a roommate. Yeah, you must be thinking what I’m doing, living with him, when I can have a own house. OUCH! That was rude.

Anyways, Neil you had ruined my teenage years. So, why don’t I ruin your Adult years. Pretty much fun. So, after seeing the advertisement I asked Ali, my friend , to stalk him and get the whole info. And that’s how I got to know, how he had been looking for a job. Can’t wait, to see his reaction.


I set myself, worried sitting on the chair. Gosh, I’m sweating. Like really, SWEATING. I wonder, if it’s a girl or a boy. I meant the boss. Let’s see. If it’s a girl, I may impress her with my flirty nature. But, I can’t become gay for a boy boss. Well, I trust the fate. My mind goes towards what Sam must be doing in home. And-

I begin to think but my thoughts are shoved away by a lady, probably, in mid 40s. “Mr.Neil Malhotra?” she asks. She looks so sweet, duh Neil. Stop thinking. “yes” I reply. “you have been selected”she replies, a wide smile playing on her lips.

My jaw, today, hits the floor for like the third time. “what?!” I more exclaim than asking. She let’s out a chuckle. “yes. And you are supposed to start from today” she replied, and boom she vanishes from there. Wait, not like the wizard one’s. I’m staying there ,numb. What on earth is happening? Shouldn’t I be happy that I’m getting a job? Without any interview?

I shove those silly thoughts away, making my way to the boss cabin. I wonder whom it will be. I knock, no reply. Knock again, no reply. Duh! Knock knock, this time I get a reply. “come in” the voice says. I have heard this voice and- but as soon as I enter I’m stunned and offended. “y-ou..wha-?” I choke on my own words.

What the f**k is happening? Sam, here?. “Welcome, Mr. Neil Malhotra” she says in a cold tone, #formal too. “Sammy? Why didn’t you told me it’s your office and-“ I begin, literally jumping on the couch. Can’t I sit properly. She stands up with a jerk, arms crossed. “You are my PA,from now on. Get out of the cabin, right now. And come inside, like normal people do” she states harshly.

Great,Neil. What a life? I’m happy that I’m going to be working with Sam, getting more time to spend with her. But, it’s a really tough task, though. I do what she says, and now I’m standing in front of her desk. “bring me the files of FASHION TODAY, and clear them all” she orders, I stick out my tongue at her and unfortunately, she saw it. “you are gonna be working till 12” she states.

My jaw is hurting now, because it again hits the floor. “what?” I shout,more than asking. “you don’t pose questions on me” she clasps her hands on the table. Her eyes are bloodshot. “sorry” I mutter, leaving the cabin. This time it’s hurts. Not because, I’m punished. Ugh! Freaking hell.

Everyone leave at 8, while I’m still inside and so is Sam. She hates me so much, that she hasn’t even looked at me. I push a pasta plate on her desk. While, her gaze meets mine. “what?” I ask. “who asked you to bring this for me?” she asks, arms crossed. “me” I reply, crossing my arms too. “Listen you-“ she begins but she is stopped by Mrs. Rose voice.

“I have placed the covers, I’ll leave now” she declares, leaving from there. “leave,my cabin” Sam orders me. “what?” I ask. “leave” she says between gritted teeths. I storm outside, my anger going to the peak. I don’t want to get angry on her. I see Mrs. Rose packing her stuff. “Mrs. Rose, can I ask you something?” I ask, hoping she would answer my freaking question.

“sure,dear” she replies. “it’s..actually,Sam. Why doesn’t she eat anything whole day. I have seen her having coffee and fruits sometimes” I tell her, everything that’s been eating my mind. She sighs and takes a seat. “are you the same Neil?” she asks in a whisper.

It hits me, it is related to me. “yes..but why?” I ask, impatiently. “she told me everything, and I have seen her struggling with her weight. For the past two years, she had been doing it. She lost so much weight. And then, she barely eats something. Help her, Neil. I know you are the only who can” she tells me, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“shhh. It’s okay, I’ll help her. Promise” I promise her, I’ll for sure help her. “thank you. I can see it in your eyes, I know you are the one” she tells me, her words gives me warmth. I feel the rage going away. “see you, tomorrow” I tell her, waving bye to her. I go back, seeing Sam working hard, my heart aches. Now, I’m standing in front of her desk, taping my feet.

She looks up, bored. “what?” she asks, leaning back on the chair. “come, let’s have dinner” I demand her. “and who are you to order me?” she asks, arms crossed. “Neil” I reply back and she snorts. “huh. As if I CARE!” she states while I control my anger. I’m in no mood to argue.

“I said come” I reply, my anger at the peak. “Neil,I’m in no mood of your silly tantrums and-“ she begins but I yell. “I’m not showing any tantrums” I shout at her. “don’t shout” she whispers, while I groan. I grab her hand, pulling her towards the café. “Neil, stop” she yells. But, I don’t. “leave my hand, stop” she yells again.

We reach there and she breathes heavily, because of the speed we were going on. “what the f**k is wrong with you?” she yells at me. I let out a sarcastic laugh while she groans. “ugh! Useless to talk to you” she state’s, throwing her arms in the air. “yes, it is. Now eat this” I says, pushing the chicken salad ahead. “excuse me? Who are you again?” she asks, sarcastically.

“” I say in between gritted teeths. “what if I don’t?” she poses a question. She is stubborn as f**k. That’s it, I can’t control further. I throw the chicken salad on the floor, while she looks on stunned. “what the heck was this?” she asks, horrified. I storm out of the café, leaving her there.

blo*dy hell. Why did you I throw the food. It’s not right. Duh,I’m an idiot. Anyways, I frown sitting on the couch in Sam’s cabin. I hear footsteps approaching the room, Sam comes in exhausted. She quietly takes her hand bag, grabbing her essentials. “you can go home” she whispers and leaves the cabin. I rush behind her saying “but you said…” I begin but I’m not stopped by her.

“you can go home” she finishes, as she droves away. Ugh! This was a shitty day. Way toooo shitty. I reach home, throwing the keys on table. I don’t see Sam around, probably, she is in her room. I twist the knob of her room entering inside. I don’t find her here too. Shit! Is she gone? What if she went away. God! Neil. You are, for sure, a nincompoop.

I rush outside, the fear of loosing her, increases. I decide to check in the kitchen once , fortunately, she was there. Her back facing me, probably, she was stirring something. Umm, I smell pasta. I guess, she is still unaware of my presence. I grab her by the waist while she flinched. “Neil” she squeaks, making me chuckle. “what the heck is wrong with you?” she asks, struggling to free herself.

“memory loss” I tell her laughing, while she groans. “I wish it was” she mumbles under her breath. “I heard you” I whisper in her ear. Her body is a few inches away from me. It’s the first time in so many years, or shall I call it decades, that I have held her closer. It feels good. Sooo blo*dy damn good. Her hands resting on my chest, lips a few inches apart from me.

“why don’t you eat?” I ask her, while she shuts her eyes and sighs. “I do eat” is what I get as a reply. “you don’t” I tell her, my anger raising. I know I’m a happy person around all. But, I loose my temper really fast. She tries to free herself but fails miserably. My hands reaches her shirt, releasing her tucked shirt from the skirt. While she is frozen.

“Neil..” she mumbles as my hands touches her bare waist.


I mutter his name, pursing my lips tightly. Why does this effect me so much. I can’t control the butterflies, anymore. My heart does a flip flop as he presses his cold lips on my neck. This time a moan escapes. “I have been dying for this moment” he mutters. What? I push him back, boggled and shocked. “what?” I ask, my heart beating like a horse running in a field. Crazy, ain’t I?

His eyes widen in surprise, at his own words. “nothing..nothing” he tries to clarify, making me narrow my eyes at him. I roll my eyes, getting back to work. “what are you cooking?” he asks, and he knows what I’m cooking. “pasta” I reply. “oh,nice. May I help?” he asks, huh! I don’t need his help.

“fine” I tell him, frowning. I give him the onions to chop. “there’s no way I’m doing this” he states, backing off. “looser as always” I singsong. While he looks at me with a expression of ‘as if I was’. “why would you say that?” he asks, arms crossed. “Duh! Because I wanted to” I reply to him, my usual cold tone.

Just for the tears I lost, due to you. Just for those bad memories, I had suffered due to you. Why,Neil? What had I ever done to you? What had I ever done to anyone? My life sucks, I lost everything. Every blo*dy thing. The most important and precious thing to me, my family. It’s not that I don’t have them anymore. But it’s not like I even have them.

I lost my mom, because, she had cancer. She struggled for 3 years but still she didn’t let her illness effect our lives. She died an year ago before I opened Massive Dynamic. It was her dream, which I made it possible. But, her dream of our family to be together, shattered, because we lost her. My dad has been living like a dead person after her death.

My sister and brother, though, they love me a lot, but still, my brother lives with his own family and my dad and sister lives in our bungalow in LA. I wish, I could live with them. But I can’t. I can’t see my dad suffering everytime. He hasn’t moved own. And we have been fighting with each other after mom’s death, possibly me the most. Because he had to take care of his business, his children, his family. But, no.

That’s why I went away, far away from that world. I don’t know, but I feel protected with Neil. His presence gives me satisfaction, that someone is there for me. But again, those memories haunt me, badly. My thoughts come to an end when Neil taps his feet.

“I have been trying to seek your attention, since, like 5 minutes” he states. I want to smile, smile at how he expresses his annoyance. I try to hold back myself, but fail. And huge grin spreads across my face. He looks on boggled, sighing. I run, giving him a hug. He is taken aback for a few seconds but gives in. I hug him tightly, my face buried in his neck. His Cologne hits me, sending sensations down my spine.

His hand caresses my back, drawing random patterns. I feel the warmth, my anger, tiredness , fears fading away. I feel good, damn good. But I back off, awkwardly. I step towards the counter, finishing the garnishing on the pasta. I take a seat, with him facing me. Looking at the pasta, a wide smile appears on his lips. And my heart melts.

Ugh! I shove the thoughts away, concentrating back on the pasta. I push the fork inside my mouth, and Oh my God! It’s delicious. The creamy sauce melting in my mouth, with the perfect amount of cheese popping it’s flavor, the spices in it’s perfect amount. “it’s damn delicious” Neil says, in between mouthful of pasta.

“disgusting” I tell him, seeing him talk during eating. He laughs, making me roll my eyes. We finish the food, as I tell him “I’m tired. You do the dishes”. His jaw hits the floor, God knows, since like how many times it happened today. “I’m not doing it alone” he states, arms crossed. “yes, you are, love” I say, and shit, I called him love in the end.

“what did you say?” he asks, coming in front of me. He smiles, seeing my horrified expression. “n-nothing..move” I say, struggling to go out but he blocks the way. “the cleaning lady will come in the morning to clean the apartment” he tells me, while I nodded. “now move” I say, but that little nincompoop has blocked my way.

Ugh! Why am I supposed to be so short, compared to him. “I liked it” he says, grinning. I shut my eyes and let out a huge sigh. “oh are you angry,fluffer nutter” he says, and my eyes widen in surprise. What? Tell me he didn’t called me that. “I’m not a fluffer nutter” I protest, narrowing my eyes. “oh, sorry. But you are” he finishes, winking at me.

“No! I’m not” I exclaim. “sure, sugar plum” he says, giving me a peck on my cheek. He gave me two nicknames plus a kiss. I’m frozen there, can’t move while he stands there grinning. “if you stand here like an ice cube, then I have two pour some hot water on you. What say?” he asks, leaving me groan. “shut up” I say, making my way outside.

I bang the door, changing into my night clothes. Ah, feels so good being in the bed. Hundred thoughts comes in my mind as everything turns black. I wake up in the middle of the night, as someone lays on my bed. My heart’s beating so fast, it’s gonna come out any second. Suddenly, an arms loops around my waist pulling me towards that person’s body. I let out a huge scream, turning the lamp on the night stand on.

It’s Neil, I sigh feeling relaxed. But what’s he doing here. “what are you doing? You scared me to death” I cry out, my heart beating fast. He doesn’t say anything. As tears stream down his cheeks, while he is looking at the ceiling blankly. “Neil..” I whisper, cupping his face. “Neil…wh-what happened?” I ask him, as I lay his head on my lap.

He hugs me by the waist, while I caress his hair. “shh..stop crying. What happened?” I ask, with a gulp. I never saw him like this. Never ever. It hurts, hurts seeing him like this. “everything is ruined..everything” he states, sobbing. “Neil..shh..nothing happened” I try to assure him. I’m so stuck, my mind is not working. What do I do.

“come..sleep, you’ll feel better” I tell him placing his head on the pillow. “sleep with me…please” he tells me, while in nod. “sure”, I reply to him. I close his eyes, after a while he goes to sleep. The tension, curiosity grows more. What happened to him? My thoughts come to an end as everything turns black.

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