Romihka story (Episode 5)

hi! i have been keeping something from u guys my name is actually maisha and Maya is just my middle name i wrote it here becuz my brother doesn’t believe me that im being famous becuz of u guys….. lets start….. and my brothers name is farina mahbubur rahman

Ishra’s hotel room:
Ishita finds Raman sleeping and says he looks so cute…… and caresses his hair
Raman is awake but acts like he is sleeping and tries to peek through his eyes
Ishita sees this and says he is so old he needs to shave his beard even his dad looks younger than him…..
Raman hears this and wakes up and says ” u ruined my sleep and my whole day”
I: im kidding….. u look cute
R: really?
I: n….. about to say something just then knock on the door from Ruhi and Pihu and they keep waiting….
Raman opens the door and Ruhi and Pihu says adi bhia is not opening the door
I&R: ummmm they r probaly sleeping…….
Ruhi: u don’t know what happened Romi chacha had to sleep in our room
P: he kept snoring like a bear
I&R: WHAT!? laughingg
Next scene
Mihika’s hotel room at 3pm
Mihika wakes up and finds pari wide awake looking at the door….
M: oh no…… i forgot romi….. laughing
Then she make pari have a bath and makes her wear cloths and puts her to sleep…..and mihika gets into the bathroom to get ready……
Mihika comes out wearing knee length dress with cutouts on the side and the back and takes pari and goes to Ruhi’s hotel room and sees Romi still sleeping and hears him snoring
Pari wakes up and starts crying…. that make romi wake up in a shock
Mihika puts pari on the bed and goes to romi and says….. Sorr……sorry
ROMI: sorry? huh? and runs after her and pari laughs
And mihika tells romi to get ready and they leave…..
ALI’S room
Adi wakes up and sees aliya sleeping like a baby…… and kisses her on the forehead
Aliya wakes up and says good morning and they hear a knock on the door and they get shocked since they have no clothes on……
It’s ishita and raman
Aliya says what should we do?
Adi: hide under the blanket and aid quickly wears his sweatpants and shirt and goes to open the door
Raman: why did it take u so long to open the door? and where is aliya?its 3pm in the afternoon!!!
Adi says aliya is feeling sick thats why she is still sleeping….
Ishita goes in and tries to pull the covers but aliya holds them up and say im too sick u can be sick also and fake coughs
Romhika’s room
Romi wears gray sweatpants and black t-shirt with gray&black yeezy’s
Romi flirts with mihika and they kiss and pari is sleeping on the bed
M: baby r u ready? we have to go to the restaurant with the family for lunch and we only have 3 mins left…..
R: im her wasting my energy flirting with u….. and u are b usy with talking bout the family?
M: baby……….. and laughs not even finishing her sentence and kisses romi on the cheeks and romi looks on shocked becuz she kissed him on the cheeks! not the lips!
R: fine….. leaving his mouth open

PRECAP: Aliya faints and the doctor comes and checks her up nobody is with them except adi and Aliya is…….PREGNANT!!

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