Romihka story (Episode 4)


Thx for supporting me all my silent readers don’t worry i post 2 fanfiction everyday so u guys don’t have to be kept waiting……sorry let me go on with the ff…..

Everyone goes to their respective hotel room but Adi left early without Aliya and Aliya get’s sad bout that……
Then Aliya reaches her hotel room decorated with flowers and heart shaped balloons and finds Adi there with a rose
Aliya: OMG!! Adi and starts tearing up seeing his surprise and they hug
in the other hand
Romi and mihika goes to their hotel room and ruhi and pihu asks if they can take pari to their room for a while to play with her……Romi says sure and mihika gives a toy to them to let pari play
A&A starts kissing and they start taking off their clothes and goes on the bed they take the blanket and cover themselves and they get intimate…..
I: should i check on the kids?
R: check on pihu and Ruhi let Adi live this night……
Shagun and Mani comes and says our bags got switched and they take their luggages and leave
ROMIHKA’s room
Romi and Mihika says finally everything is normal i hope it stays this way….
Romi kisses Mihika and they start romancing and flirting
R: Mihika….. how many kids should we have?
M: Romi….. let’s focus on Pari then we might choose
R: i was thinking to have 8 kids….. is that fine? ….. saying that in a naughty way
M: 8 kids!!! in a shocked way……. i don’t mind the romance…. but the pressure against this…..
R: well… many kids??? being stopped by a phone call from the doc
D: hi! im hear to inform u that keep mihika away from tension in this week or it can be a risk to her life i hope she is fine and not tensed…. right?
R: yea she is fine….. we have came to goa with the whole family to leave the stress and have fun…..but was traveling ok? after delivery?
D: yea it’s ok just be careful bye!
Romi ends the call and mihika asks who was it?
R: don’t worry its from work
M: ohh ok….. plz get pari…… i have to feed her….
R: oh i get to see u naked? in a naughty way
M: Romiiii!…… stop….. just go get her>>
R: fine there is no romance…..leaving in anger
Mihika starts laughing
Romi comes back with pari
Romi gives pari to mihika and mihika says plz get her toy
R: fine!!
Mihika locks the door so he can’t come in…..

PRECAP: They all have fun….. ashok and niddhi is following them

What will happen next??

Credit to: Maya Ross

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  1. Good dear….expecting ishra scenes in tmrws episode

  2. Jasmine rahul

    Adi alia romance is hot.romi is so naughty with mihika very cute,.on yhm v dont get romija adilya I’m happy that at least v r getting it from ur ff

  3. Jasmine rahul

    Did you decide who is your mihika?

    1. Hii jasmine Rahul
      how r u? so long
      remember me? pari author of true love yrkkh

      1. Jasmine rahul

        Hi pari.i remember u.u r the only one who wrote on naksh tara

    2. im guessing to do the old mihika

  4. unique n very creative waiting for ur next.

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