Romihka story (Episode 2)


Rhomikha At Last episode 2
At the parking lot outside of the Bhalla house at 3 am
Mihika meets Ashok saying what do u want?
A: I want u and u to see this video
M: what is this???………ok
They both watch the video of Romi and Sarika holding hand and hugging
Mihika is shocked to see that video because it was not from the day when they were both married
A: says I hope u understand what’s happening
M: leaves from there and goes to her room and starts crying on the floor, then she quiets down seeing Pari sleeping and picks her up and hugs her and packs her and pari’s clothes into 2 suitcases and starts leaving towards the door…… Romi comes back a little drunk but in 90 percent of his sense…..
Romi was drinking because of mihika’s health…..
Romi asks mihka where is she going with the baby?..u should be resting u just gave birth……
M: really u care about me? Then why did u cheat on me?
R: What are u talking about? I love u the most and the baby out of everyone in the world!!
M: really??? She shows him the video he gets shocked
Romi tries to speak but Mihika ignores and starts leaving from there…….
Just then the baby starts crying loudly waking up everyone
Raman and Ishita is sleeping with pihu in the middle and runs downstairs to see wht happened……
Everyone is down except for pihu and ruhi
Adi and Aliya come’s out of their room….. (btw they r married)everyone tries to stop Mihika

Raman: why r u leaving?
Mihika: Well ask ur brother and see the video
Ishita follows mihika into their matual house
Mihika starts crying and listens to ishita
I: plz come back…… if there is worser problems… least listen to Romi
M: akka why should I?

In the Bhalla house
R: crying on the floor
Raman: forcefully makes him stand up and slaps him….. TASHHHH!!
R: hit me more! For partnering with ashok
RAMAN: ur talking bout busnieese? When ur wife is leaving u?
R: Mihika misunderstood me….. that was before we even were living together and before we even got married
M: im so sorry….. I thought…. Tho….thought……
Mihika feels dizzy and falls on the floor….
Romi gets worried and picks her up and puts her in their bedroom bed…… and calls the doctor
The doc comes and checks Mihika
The doctor speaks to Romi alone in private
D: I had told u not to give her stress…… and keep her away from many family situations
R: There was a big situation…..this won’t repeat
D: here are some pebscriptions make sure this doesn’t repeat and make sure she takes this meds on time!!
Doc leaves and ishita is taking care of the baby…..
I: Romi….. how bout Pari stays with Raman and Me tonight only……. So Mihika doesn’t get disturbed
Everyone goes back to bed and Romi sleeps near Mihika caressing

PRECAP: Mihika and Romi go on a date together and Ashok is there spying on them and tells her by a note how can you still be with him? Romi and Ashok have a big fight….

Credit to: Maya Ross

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  1. Jasmine rahul

    Ashok created misunderstanding between romika n mihika decided to leave romi.romi breaking down was sad.mihika fainted.romi cares so much for mihika. Hope she understands that


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