Romihka story (Episode 1)


This Can’t Be true!!! Hey it’s maya this is my first time writing a fanfiction!

Morning: Everyone is at the breakfast table at the bhalla house….. except for Mihika and romi……
Romihka room: Both are sleeping in the bed together….. when they hear a loud drumming noise
Romi: mihika….. what’s that noise…..
Mihika: idk…. Oh noooo! It’s 11am
Romi: is it more important than ur husband??
M: yes? No?….. guess what would the others think…..ok! that’s it get up and get ready….. you have work!!
R: well I am taking a leave…. Stay!!
M: leaves the bed with a blanket wrapped around her to the bathroom….
The Breakfest table
I: probably r and m are still sleeping during HOLI!
R: nope! We are here…..
M: ummmmm….. r fell in the bathroom…. Saying without thinking…
R:what? Looking at her
M: steps on his foot hard!!
R: ouch!!!! Do that again I will tell everyone!!
Everyone says at one time “what happened”??
R: no I sprained my ankle…..
T: let me apply the medicine
M: nooo…. I will do it, let’s go romi!
R: mummy….. she will murder me!!
Everyone was laughing at what he was saying
Raman: oye…. no need to act we all know what happened…..go change into white clothes!
R&M: ummmmm…… why white clothes
Everyone starts laughing “HOLI”
Everyone goes outside to play holi
But in R&M room
R: Mihika…. r u okay?
M: nooooo…..
R: let me call the doctor…..
M: Don’t tell the others!!
But everyone comes back home and hears Mihka vomiting

Then Mihika starts feeling giddy and falls on the floor
R: breaks the bathroom door, and enters and picks up Mihika and puts her on the bed…
The doctor comes and checks Mihika……
Everyone is worried and Romi is the most worried one…
Doctor: Congrat’s!! mr Romi Bhalla….. she’s pregnant!!
Everyones confused about how Romi can become a father??
Everyone goes out to the living area and askes Romi
R: Sarika made a fake report and hired a fake doctor…
Everyones shocked….. and says thank god! She’s out of our lives!!
Just then Mihika wakes up everyone runs to her room….and hugs her
M: what happened?
M: is happy and hugs Romi….. and starts crying not sad tears…..happy tears….
Everyone starts hugging mihika and congatlating her……
R: get’s a call and leaves……Mihka wonders why he left in a hurry
Everyone goes back inside……just then……. Ruhi,Pihu,Adi,and Romi enters the house with balloons,roses and a cake written “You’re gonna become a mother”
Mihika gets happy seeing them all together especially with Ruhi!!
Ruhi decides to stay with the others instead of Niddhi seeing everyone together and happy…..

8 ½ months forward
M&R are shown playing monopoly with pihu and ruhi and shravan and adi and aliya…….just a min later mihika starts having labor pain……
Romi sees this so does the others and asks mihika if she is okay??
M: NO!! the baby is coming
Romi: Adi take out the car….. ruhi saty here with pihu and tell the others when they come back that we are going to the hospital…..
Aliya and Romi help Mihika get in the car…..adi drives the car and aliya sits near adi in the front as mihika and Romi sit in the back…..
R tries to calm down M but she tries but can’t then they reach the hospital….. Romi carries mihika into the hospital and calls for the doctor and they go in the delivery aile…
The doctor calls romi into the room since mihika is stressing….. then everyone reaches the hospital and ask adi and aliya where is romi and they tell everyone what happened…….
Then they hear a baby crying from the room and everyone smiles and hugs each other….
Then they all enter the room and see Romi holding the baby and holding mihika’s hand smiling
R: Everyone meet Pari!
Everyone loves the name and ishita holds Pari as Mihika starts having problems breathing……..
R: Sees this so does the others and they get worried and call the doctor
Doc: tells everyone to go out so he can see the patient but tells Romi to stay since she had no stress since u were here during the delivery and we need to also check the baby…. There might have been issues during the delivery….
Romi gets worried for mihika and pari…..
After a long period of time the Romi comes out sad…..everyone is worried seeing him reacting this way and asks him what happened……
This was a premature delivery about 1 month and this was very stressing delivery for mihika and giving mihika more stress in these 2 months can be serious for her and the baby is fine…… mihika’s mom come and asks is everything fine where is my daughter and granddaughter…… everyone tells them they are here and pari is fine but mihika…….
Mihka is later discharged and she looks happy and pari sleeping peacefully as Romi is tensed bout mihika……. But everyone suprises mihika with a surprise party to forget about her stresss….. but Ashok calls and flirts with her……but ashok says “ u look fit after giving birth a while ago and says come down I have to show u something…..

Precap: Mihika packs her bag and takes Pari and starts walking towards the door leaving Romi crying on the floor……

Yeh Hai Mohibbatein Hoped u like this fanfiction

Credit to: Salena

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  1. Jasmine rahul

    1at time im seeing a ff on romika.thx 4 ur decision to write on ur ff mihika is the 1st mihika or the 2nd mihika? Here roi is healthy n do mihika became pregnant. She gave birth to pari.hope mihika wont face any health issues.since im busy these days I may not comment on time.but plz dont discontinue this ff as its d only romika ff

    1. thx and idk whhich mihika to choose u guys coose and i will use that mihika ok? and thank u som much jasmine rahul

  2. Nice story start

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