Thanks guys for your support. I am continuing because of sowmiya ,as she mentioned in her fiction….as I thought there is a good friend ,true one who loves my ff. I also thank others also.


Days passed.I am getting busy in my works.but I used to think how to meet I am going to leave to US as I have an interview.I asked bulbul to confirm that room was booked for me or not.she says I will.I gets ready in white top with jeans. I waved bye to ma and bulbul. I boarded flight and reached US..


As I am going to do concert in US ,i reached the place one day before.I am roaming here and there.I was returning from club to room when I saw her.I said JULIET. ..and went near her.she was almost upset.I asked what happened.she says that her sister forgot to check whether the room is booked or not.and now no’s almost late night where I will go and cries.
I asked her not to cry and says if you don’t mind come and stay In my room.I will sleep outside.she looks at me.first she refused then she accepted.we both reached the room.


I am damm upset.but I was happy that I finally met him.after I changed into my night dress ,i came outside.I sat opposite to him.he have ordered dinner for us.I didn’t expect that today I will do dinner with rockstar.I thanked him.I asked him why he lied to me that your name ,Romeo.abhi says actually I feared if I say my original name ,you will not accept me as your friend.I didn’t expected this..but enjoyed that I am his friend.then he asked I know your name is not Juliet so I too lied to you.I said if you want to know my name, find it.I will be here for three days.let’s see who win.abhi asked is she challenging a rockstar.I said no abhi.
I said I am tired and want to take rest.he says I am leaving.I asked him to sleep on couch.and I slept on bed.

Hope you liked…commemt what you think about this

Credit to: tia

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