hey guys it’s tia. …real kkb. .is dragging we all know,shabbir and sriti are cute couple as they are romeo juliet of zee tv.this story reveals about their meet,their love,their hate etc….hope you all will love …..

abhishek mehra …rockstar
pragya arora. to travel
bulbul arora. ..journalist,pragya’s sister
purab khanna…boss of bulbul, abhi’s friend
aliya mehra. ..sister of anhi
tanushree mehta …supermodel

one fine day morning ,i met her.she is so beautiful ,looking like an angel .she was smilling continuously. i wondered she should be foreigner.i kept on looking at her.unfortunately she came near me.she sat beside me and started reading a book.i wondered how casual she is in air port. yes i am on the way to india after my concert.she looked at me and asked why are you looking at me.i said nothing and asked where are you going.she said india.i asked for a tour.she says no …i am going to my home.i asked so you are indian .
she says yes.i said actually i thought you belong to this country.she said ohh…i came here to visit some places.i love to travel. i asked her what’s your name.she says juliet…i said good. she asked my name.i thought for a second. she is an she have known about me na.i have to find out what she is upto and says my name is romeo.she asked romeo…i cooly said ha,actually my father was a crazy fan of romeo…so he named me romeo.we two got up as it’s time to board.unfortunately i sat beside her.she too was really shocked.we both continued our talks …i asked whether she likes music.she says no.i asked whetger she will watch movies.she says no.i lost my patience and asked what you will do.she quitely says reading book…i was now cleared that she doesn’t know because she never listen to his music nor i didn’t want to intro her as a rockstar.may be she will reject and i thought to loose a friend.


i am constantly looking at him.he is really amazing. i don’t know whether his name is romeo but enjoyed his companion. i don’t want to say that my name is pragya. …but he was quite comfortable to handle.i was reading my book when he slept by keeping his head on my shoulders.its new to me but i don’t want to disturb him

after we landed..he pretends to be normal.after coming out of airport, he says nice to meet you..mis s…i said juliet. he said ha…ok let’s catch up later and left.i said bye romeo ….and turned to see bulbul.i want to introduce him to bulbul but he gone.bulbul enquired about him.but i said i don’t know about him and we left….

pragya asked bulbul to keep the channel…she sees and get shocked…is he abhi …

Credit to: TIA


  1. devi

    Wow superb.nice intro. Happy to intro them as romeojuliet of zee tv nt only zee whole world.they deserve that for their ultimate charming personality and same attitudes and actions in every emotions. Amazing episode. Like it.

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