Romedra FF (Rivanya, Ishra, Ishveer, Tanshi , Devakshi, Apulay,  Abhigya ,Vidha )Episode 1

Hi guys ! I’m back with my new ff ” Romedy FF ” . (Romedra=Romance+Comedy+Drama )This is my first ff where I’m taking many other couples other than Naagin.  I was known for naagin ffs but now I will write all the ffs. I’m starting with the details . So, for further details comment or message me privately …

Name : Romedy FF

Genre : Romance,Comedy,Drama

Starring couples: Rivanya, Ishra, Ishveer, Tanshi , Devakshi, Apulay,  Abhigya ,Vidha

Created by : Telly updates


No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes : 1. Season one-20 episodes
Give your valuable feedbacks .This ff will be updated every weekend . Precaps will not be available.


Episode 1(All the couples are living together )
Room of Ishra :

Raman : Ishita, come here . I wanna show you a thing .

Ishita : I’ve no interest to see that .

Raman : Come , please. 

Ishita : Ok coming.

Ishita comes to Raman .

Raman :See , these glasses are special.  Our company has invented .

Ishita : What’s special in these glasses ? Just like other sunglasses.

Raman :No, don’t think like that . When I will wear ……

Ishita : what ?

Raman : Agar mein yeh glasses pehnun to mujhe sab aar par dikhega. Tumhare aar Paar dikega . .

Ishita : What ?(wraps a towel around herself )

Raman : Abhi bhi dikhraha he sab .

Ishita : Raman, take off the glasses. 

Ramam :No

Ishita runs towards the bathroom.  She closes the door.

Raman :Abhi bhi dikhraha he.(shouts)

Ishita screamed.  Raman thinks :  I told her lie and she ….ha ha ha .

Room of Rivanya :

Ritik : Shivanya

Shivanya : Yes

Ritik : come, please

Shivanya : I can’t come . You come here .

Ritik goes but gets hit on his head by the wall. Shivanya rushes to him.

Shivanya : Ritik, are you ok?

Ritik : Who are you? Why are you touching me ?

Shivanya : I’m your wife Ritik .

Ritik : My wife.

Shivanya : I’m calling Raman .

Ritik : Aaa! You said you are my wife . Can you give me a kiss ?

Shivanya : Phateh muh Tumhare!  Bhaad me jaao . Huh!

Room of Ishveer :

Ishani :Ranveer, can you please bring the flour up there?

Ranveer :Ok

Ranveer brings the flour and by chance the jar slips and his head gets into the jar . He shouts .Tanshi and Devakshi come there .

Dev :Ranveer, what happened?

Ranveer : Abe akal ke dusman , dikhai nahi deta kya ?

Sonakshi :Ishani,  what happened?

Ishani:Actually  ….

Tanu :Alubukharon ! Use nikalo …

Dev :Han Jaldi .

Rishi : Zor laga ke haisha .

Ranveer :Kya haisha ? Mera sar todna he kya ?

Sonakshi : Vaise Ranveer sar toot ta nahi vo phoot ta he .

Tanu : Tu galat boli , sar phat ta he …

Ishani :Woh sab chodo use nikalo …

They all pull and the jar gets out .

Room of Abhigya :

Abhi :Foogi

Pragya:What ?

Abhi :Let’s go out

Pragya :Ok

They go out . They’re walking in the road when they saw someone stuck in a pit (dhani ). They reach nearer and see it is Dhani.

Abhi : Hi viplav !

Viplav :Hi hello chod … Ise nikal

They both take Dhani out and Abhi says

Abhi :Teri patni to badi halki he .

Viplav :Woh to he

Abhi :E foogi , dieting karna shuru karo .

Pragya :huh!

Dhani :Let’s go you stupids .

Room of Apulay :

Malay was sleeping when Apu came .

Apu :Ae gadhe ! Get up

Malay :Let me sleep

Apu :Uloo ! Get up

Malay :Let me sleep.

Apu goes and brought up a cup of tea and pours on Malays stomach.

Malay :Ouch ! What are you doing?  Uloon ki pathi ?

Apu :Uloo ke pathe tum hoge mein nahi . I’m not sleeping to the core of late …

Malay :Then , you are kam akal .

Apu :Huh!


  1. Ayesha

    awesome epi keep writing
    please write in english i don’t really understand that much of hindi
    waiting on next epi.. :*

  2. duvaraksha

    Loved the ishveer part and plz use English words also as I don’t understand Hindi if not I loved it so much keep it up keep rocking

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