Romantic twinj (Part 2)


Guys thanks for all ur comments I am flabbergasted to see your positive comments. Guys as i told you that I am a Canadian and that’s why I’m a very open girl. I’m happy to see a positive response from you guys . I love siddhant Gupta and for him I’m writting this ff. I hope you all like this intensive romantic episode.

So the episode starts with everybody greeting each other. Kunj and twinkle are talking.
Kunj : twinkle ab to you are my wife so plz take off this dupatta as I am unable to see your beautiful face.
Twinkle: Mr Kunj Saran you have to wait.
Mahi : bhai control you can talk to her later.
Yuvi : waese bhi you have a whole night to talk with each other .
Leela : why are you both teasing them.
Usha : chalo mahi take twinkle to her room.
( m for mahi, y for UVi, u for Usha, l for leela)
Mahi takes twinkle to her room. Usha and bebe calls kunj.
M : twinkle di this is yours and bhai’s room
( the room Is fully decorated with red flowers, the bed is coverd with petals the floor is covered pink and white petals of roses)
M : so bhabi enjoy your suhagrat
( mahi and twinkle are also a good friends as Kunj and yuvi are also good friends)
T: mmaaahhiii
Mahi leaves and twinkles goes to the tarrace
Screen shifted to when usha and bebe and kunj are standing
K : jee bebe
B : usha bring that jewellery that I bought for twinkle
U : jee bebe abhi lai
After few seconds usha brings a jewellery box that box is contains gold bangals beautifully designed, a gold chain, a set and a beautiful ring
U: here you go Kunj
B : Kunj you have to make this wear twinkle with her tomorrow’s dress
Kunj kisses bebe and Usha on cheeks and goes upstairs to twinkle
Kunj sees twinkle standing in tha terrace. He goes to her and gives her a back hug which makes twinkle to scream but before she could Kunj covers her mouth with his hand
K : twinkle it’s me yar
T : Kunj tumne to mujhe dra he dia tha
K : Uff yar take of this dupatta.
Kung comes closer to twinkle and takes off her dupatta and is mersimrized by her beauty
K: twinkle why are you so beautiful
T: cause I’m Mrs Kunj Sarna
They both laughs and shares a romantic eye lock . Kunj comes closer to her put twinkle pushes him back.
T: Kunj tum sab Kuch yahan karoge
Kung takes twinkle in his arms and takes her in side the room
T: Kung I will go and change my clothes

she comes off his arm and sets to got but Kung pins her with the wall. Kung comes closer to her and interlocks his hands with hers . Now twinkle and Kung were able to feel each others breath as they were very close to each other they both closes their eyes and kisses passionately.
Twinkle goes in front of the mirror and starts breathing heavily. She starts to take of her jewellery but is unable to do so. Kung comes to her and takes off her jewellery. Twinkle hugs Kung tieghtly and Kung also responds her hug
T: Kung I’m so happy to be yours
K: and I’m so happy to have you in my life

Scene 2
Morning , dinning table every family member is having breakfast
B: Kung aur twinkle aye nahi
U: rat ko late soe hon ge
Everyone laughs

Twinj room
Kung and twinkle are sleeping by hugging eachother
The sun rays comes in both of the m and they wakes up
They both gets shy by looking at eachother
K: good morning Mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna
T: good morning Mr Kung Sarna
Twinkle covers her self with bed sheet and goes to the washroom
K: ouch ! Why is my back iching and paining so badly
Twinkle in the washroom
T: aaaaaaaaa ! Baba ji from where did these nail marks come from on my back , it must be Kung last night
she blushes and starts to take shower
Where as Kung goes infront of mirror and sees nail marks on his back and thinks the same as twinkle
Twinkle comes out wearing the jewellery given by usha
She is wearing backless blouse coloured black and red sari and silver high heels
Kung comes out wearing peach shirt and white pants
They both comes down holding each other’s hand suddenly twinkle slips but Kung on time catches her and they both shares an eyelock whereas their family is looking at them
Episode 2 ends here

Precape not decided yet

I hope u liked it plz do comment

Credit to: Minahil khan

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  1. Love u nd ur Ff muaah well done dear u have really got me interested in this Ff plz continue soon ?????

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  4. it was 🙂 🙂 😀

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    waiting for next epi

  9. Awesome and amazing

  10. Woooooooooow itz fab epi dear loved it

  11. Marvelous episode dear?

  12. Thanks guys I’m speachless by your comments once again thanks alot

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