Romantic twinj (Part 1)

Hey guys I’m new here. A big fan of twinj.
Kunj: Twinkle’s hubby / Did love marriage with twinkle/ Doing MBA along twinkle
Twinkle: kunj’s wife / doing MBA along Kunj / did love marriage/ Doing MBA along Kunj
Usha: kunj’s mother
Manohar: kunj’s father
Mahi: kunj’s lil sis
Rt: Twinkle’s father
Leela: twinkle’s mother
Yuvraj: twinkle’s lil bro
Maya: villan

A wedding is going on a girl with her dupatta on her face is shown. A smart guy is shown sitting beside the bride his face is hidden by sehra. A women is shown wearing yellow saree she is revealed to be leela standing with a suited booted guy RT. beside them a girl is shown wearing a red saree she is Usha and with him a guy in pant coat is shown he is manohar. With the bride a handsome guy is show standing in the mandip wearing blue sherwani. With the groom a beautiful girl is shown wearing pink lehanga and jewellery.
Leela: ok pandip jee start the rituals of twinkle and Kunj wedding. ( so the bride and the groom are revealed to be twinkle and Kunj)
Pandit: jee (and he starts the rituals / twinkle and Kunj take phere and are caled husband and wife)
Leela: Ushan jee manohar jee mubarak ho
Usha: aap ko bhi bohat bohat Mubarak ho
( they all hug each other and greets each other)
Kung: so mrs twinkle Kung sarna are you happy to be tw….. (Facing her)
Twinkle: abviously yes mr Kung sarna. (Facing him)
Screen freezes on their faces

Precape Kung and twinkle’s suhagrat

Credit to: Minahil


  1. Minahil

    Guys I’m a Canadian and that’s why a very open girl I know everything so if you will not like any thing in the next ep plz do tell cause it is having and wild and intense romaaannnnccccceeee

  2. I dnt watch tei but seeig someone from canada writing an ff on Indian show brought me here… And thats so funny that you gave yuvraj the role as twinkle’s brother. Cause I know he is somewhere playing villainy role and flirts with twinkle maybe… By the way the epi was short dear hope you dont mind!!!!!! πŸ™‚ stay blessed

    • Minahil

      I am also a Pakistani and knows urdu to but when I was 5 years old I migrated to Canada. I hate indian serials but TEi is the most impressive serial I’ve ever watched. I started watching this serial because of Kunj. I’m gonna upload my next ep soon plzz keep commenting and thanks for your positive responses

      • Isha

        Hey I am from Canada to i am also muslim my mom and dad moved to Canada and then I was born

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.