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I am glad to see your unconditional support in last episode.
About couple priority so i already told that this story will focus on raglak. And swasan will be only 25% to 30% only and. I am sorry to swasan fans who are reading this ff.
I specially thanks to raglak and swasan fans because raglak people accepted me and swasan are reading ff even if it is raglak lead role.
One more thing for swasan i will try to give good romance.
And raglak fans don’t take tension whole story will mainly focus on raglak only so no need to take tension .the main story is about raglak only.

So unexpected prologue.
Cold breezes of evening time in Mumbai were flowing for giving a bad news of death which shocked a lot of people in Mumbai.
Air was cold but the news was running like hot flame of burning Diesel……
People were shocked by this sudden news which is not able to stop to reach every corner of cities……. But biggest part of flame was flowing from one house…
A girl which is shown crying badly while watching the news.
For her watching news was necessary even if she is not able to stop her flow of tears…….

It seems a very important person of her life is in danger……………..
This is biggest breakdown for her life. …….
As we see, screen of TV was popping headlines showing that FAMOUS AND MOST SUCCESSFUL MODEL KAVYA IS KILLED BY SOMEONE.
Who killed don’t know but the 3 people are in hit list which are sanky, lucky, swara.
These three only may had enmity with her , even if Lucky is her boyfriend but by chance something happened between them.

This news was airing on all news channel………
Media people reaches to Lucky house and ask him, how his girlfriend and there top model is died.
Lucky replied calmly, “in this industry many models dies so it doesn’t mean that we will know about them how they died, she was my girlfriend, i know but it doesn’t mean that you will ask like this question from me, i also felt bad she died but we can’t do anything, many also died before but no one showed them in media, so please stop spreading this news and pray for her rather than asking unnecessarily questions. ”
While the girl who was crying bitterly and watching lucky interview shouts, how can you do this laksh maheshwari, how simply you told that this is common in this field. ……………

No it can’t happen, anyone had killed my sister and i will surely find that culprit….
Please god please i want my sister back. I am craving for her love, i don’t know this will happen to her, how much she was happy when she was model, i remember, she always used to tell me see ragini one day i will become heroin but now these blo*dy rich people, just for there ego killed my sister…………….
just then someone taps on her shoulder ………………….
Other side, one boy was holding a girl hair and shouting how dare you to deny me .

A girl winces in pain and shouts please leave ne sanky please,
Sanky – not now miss.
Sanky forcefully kisses on her lips, then he leaves her and says nice taste……. And leave from that place……..
While girl swara smiles for while,
A layer of smirk is visible in her eyes, she think HUH……………….
NO one knows me, that who am i………………………………….
Other side, ragini turns her face and sees person and hugs him,
Person consoles her, tells ragini please cool down…
Ragini while crying speaks no NAMISH NO,
I can’t stop my tears today, my sister is died because of me , just she was doing hard work to make my life happy and memorable but see now what happened to her……………..
Namish- yes ragini but don’t take tension, you know very well i am police man and i will surely find real culprit, just trust me ………..
Ragini- yes, i trust you.
Namish – so now get ready ragini to take revenge from culprit…………………….
Episode ends on smirking face of swaraglaksan and namish.

Guys got shocked and confused by seeing prologue,
So what you think who must be real culprit, sanky, swara, lucky, namish, or someone else…..
Think think and give suggestion.
How was today’s episode did you enjoyed ?
What is your point towards this story.?
Allah Hafiz

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  1. Asw

    Nice keep going

  2. Every character is so strong in this ff nice

    1. Pathan


  3. Raglakholic

    It’s totally outstanding prologue
    Fell in love with this just by reading
    It seems damn interesting
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read more

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for loving this prologue

      Sure i will try to update soon

  4. Amazing and shocking prologue…And yeah confusing too…Story abhi tak start hi nahi hua aur aap apne readers ko jhatka dena shuru kar diye…Oh god!!! OK I think Laksh is the real culprit or may be Swara…Don’t know I am just thinking like this…But this prologue is really very shocking…Waiting for the episode…Stay blessed and keep smiling always…

    1. Pathan

      Don’t take tension
      There will be many shocking twist in this ff

    2. Ankit Vashishth

      What jhataka
      Why are u reading this useless and worst story.
      Irafan is also useless

      1. OK so Mr.Ankit or whatever your name is who the hell are you to say this to me??? And moreover why I will listen to you?? If you thought that you will say anything this to me and I will stop commenting then you are absolutely wrong Mr.dumbo…And yeah why I am reading this story and why I got jhatka I will not tell this to you…You are nothing to me…You are a third person and I don’t listen any third person’s words…

        And what you said that Irfan is useless no????? Achcha achcha…And you are very usefull no? Then do one thing write one ff on Raglak or any other pair…Then I will read it…And prove yourself that you are an useful guy otherwise not…If you don’t have that skill then you don’t have any right to judge anyone for that thing understand?? Stop your useless talks…You are an useless dumbo and idiot guy…Who only knows to bash everyone…And don’t bash Irfan OK…You are not even worthy to stand in front of him then how can you judge his writing skills and stories?? Did you find any type of good story and idea like this ff?? If you will find it then please tell me I will read it…Yes many are there but same story lines and all…Those ffs are not like Irfan’s ff which is based on real life with many more twists,turns and JHATKAS…I am sure you will not able to find anyone ff like…And don’t you dare to speak a word about Irfan again…Then I think you understood the consequence…I will not tolerate anything about this ff and Irfan OK…You know now I am feeling to give you a tight slap on your cheek…Idiot guy…

    3. Any one ff like this*

      1. Vry gud my siso..Y r u thinking??? Jst do it..

        N Ankit how intelligent u r..N wot a power u hv!!!! By reading the prologue u understand it tht it z a worst n useless story..Hats off 2 u n ur power..Shameless guy u r..

  5. Pavani

    Nice one bro

    1. Pathan

      Thanks di
      How are you

  6. Very interesting and about culprit I guess its sanky and lucky?…loved the end part of ragmish and lucky’s media talks were also interesting… Eagerly waiting for the next episode???

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for support
      And liking today’s part

  7. Interesting

  8. Pooja26


  9. suprrrrrrrbbb osmmmm egrily wtng fr nxt prt

    1. Pathan

      Thank for loving it

  10. Wow awesome

    1. Pathan

      Thanks !!

  11. OMG it’s very Interesting and eagerly waiting for next episode

  12. Priyashini

    Awesome yaar! I hope this will be more interesting bro….here every character has strong heart and mind . which means there bold enough to tackle situations.. Interesting .!!!! Update soon take care bro ..keep smiling

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for it.

      You are correct here all are strong not ablaa nari type
      So you will surely enjoy this
      Keep smiling always

      1. Priyashini

        Ablaa nari type ..MATLAB???

    2. Pathan

      It was joke type

      Abla nari means too much innocent girl mostly showed in serials

      1. Priyashini

        Thank you …for taking time to reply me☺take care

  13. Piyali

    Hello bhaiyaa…My self Piyali…….its really amazing story……..I am loving Ragini’s character though Swara’s character is a mystery………Laksh sound indifferent to his girlfriend’s death , I am sure he isn’t the culprit or else he would have been trying to cover up for his crime by crying in front of media and all…..My guess it Namish or someone else..well namish has more chances……..waiting eagerly for next part……..Love you…….be happy………

  14. At first sorry 4 d late comment..Actually I was bzy…Realllyyyy vry sorry 4 it…4give me 4 dis..

    Coming 2 d prologue..Its minf blowing as well as awsm..Again u rocked…Such a shocking type prologue..Kaise soch lete hai aap itnaaaaaaaaa shocking story…Oh my godddddd!!!! Now also I m jst thinking…N interesting toh obviously..I m jst waiting 4 ep 1..Stay happy n keep smiling always..☺?☺?

    1. Sorry 4 d typing mistake in 2nd para 1st line it vll b mind blowing..


  16. Osm………really osm

  17. amazing

  18. Sreevijayan

    Interesting update dr

  19. Jazzy

    Amazing dear and i think namish is the culprit hmmm waiting to see who actually is the culprit but i m swara is not the one

  20. Jazzy

    Amazing dear and i think namish is the culprit hmmm waiting to see who actually is the culprit but i m sure swara is not the one

    1. Malika

      Jaazxy dii zoorr gala kaarr haiiyaa.. Think think jazzy di …..!! You are very smart na thinkk..!! My brain is useless… So you think dii..

      1. Jazzy

        Malika really ur brain is useless u proved it hahhahahahha i already wrote whom i think is the culprit jiju ke khayalo se bahr niklo and mentos khaoo dimag ki batti jagao hhehehhehe

      2. Malika

        Correct meri dimagg ki battii nahii jaltiii.. Only think about food mentoos I hate mentoos.. Nahiii chanaaa haii mujhe eeeee chotuu jaldii sehhh next epp update karoo varna meri sabbb behens mujhe pagliii samjhe giiiii…. ??????? esssaaaa Matt karoooo.. Tumhe merii kasamm chtuuu hahahaha… ???????????? jazzy dekhhhh… !!

      3. Malika

        I mean khanaaaaa *opppss

      4. Jazzy

        Heheheheh kya dekho malu

    2. Malika

      Dekhnaa mera bhaii jaldi set next Ep update karegaaa….!! Were chotuu jaldii kr.. !! ~in tension ~ * cuting my nails*..

      1. Jazzy

        Hahahahhaha i will be more happy agar update aa gya i will get to read story sooo isme mera hi fayda hai

  21. nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing plzzzz give raglak romance and yaa plzzzz be regular bcoz now days raglak ff are very less plzz for raglak fan all raglak writers give more for temish plZzzzzzzz it’s a request

  22. Awesome epi.thanks for giving equal importance to every character in ur ff.oh….my brain is too small to guesss I think swara or….

  23. Rafeee

    intrstng…really superb

  24. See namish n ragini is not in the list.. Bt we say na the one whom we don’t consider they itself are the murderer ….cant say… Bt update soon… Seems interesting…. Bt feeling sad as its not swasan ff. ????Bt loved it…. ??????

  25. Niku

    Nice n interesting….

  26. It’s interesting… keep writing…

  27. Rasha

    Hi bro , how r u ?
    prologue was interesting & more over this is raglak ff so am reading this.. I know that ur swasan ff especially swara & good in romance scene,twist with most realities… which I love in ur ff is reality with most true story. About this ff swara is also mayb ragkav sibbling r police.. laksh was a good playboy but in kavya matter he wn’t b the culprit think so about nemish I won’t trust him & finally about sanky he is just womanizer & business compitator would b..

  28. Asra

    awesome prologue yar….so much mystery in ur ff…how much mystery in ur ff that much interest in ur ff…loved it alot….and coming to ur question abt real culprit….i don’t know yar…bcz am not that much genius like u…..waiting for nxt one….tkcr

  29. Malika

    Chotu chotu I know I know who is the real culprit!! * jumping on the bed.. I know I know.. When you will reveal then I will know because thinking too much is out of my mind..!! I will get mad. As reading others story I’m already confused. ….who is the hero who is the actress..?? Jaldii seh next ep update karoo….!! ~cries~ I’m pm I going to tell you one thing …well I had did commentary on your ff that one comments on your previous ff last Ep…. This time also is will do.. Chotuu*cries* ….update your ff soon !! ????????? ..and yes it’s really interesting this chapter and your work is brilliant..!! I’m sooryy I’m sooryy.. !! If possible please forgive me …!!?????? …!! Chotuu.. !!???

  30. Ragz_teju


  31. A.xx

    superb and deffo my fave of urs.xx

  32. nice plot plz continue

  33. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved the prologue
    It’s really a nice shock
    But I have a question in the update first U said Laksh is Ragini’s boyfriend and media saying that he is boyfriend of Kavya?
    Excited for the upcoming updates
    Waiting for the next one………………..

  34. Awesome bro

  35. interesting prologue

  36. Superb superb superb

  37. Very exciting

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