Guys this story is for all my raglak readers who used to support me in my other stories, and this is also for my special friends who are raglak fans, so for there unconditional support, I am writing raglak story,for me its too much hard to manage but I will surely try to it.

This concept was in my mind from 6 months, I was thinking to take this story for swasan but now I changed my mind and I am taking for my raglak fans,
Swasan will also have role in this story may be 30% to 40%, don’t know it depends on you guys suggestion how much percent you want but raglak will be lead confirmed.

RAGINI- normal girl who loves her sister KAVYA unconditionally. SHE can do anything for her. Her full and real character will be revealed soon.

KAVYA- a famous model who is known for her beauty.
LUCKY- rich person who owns company of modeling, his company is best in supplying models and kavya is brand embassader of lucky company and his girlfriend also.

SANKY- he is competitor of lucky, he hates lucky and uses tricks to defame lucky company.

Swara- misterious girl, she is brand embassader of sanky company, kavya and swara are competitor. Her real character will be revealed soon.
NAMISH- this is twist, he is twin brother of lucky, both looks like, he is police man.
Guys you will surely enjoy this story, this is different story with romance,suspense, revenge,obession,hate, love, murder…………………
There is biggest part and suspense of this story, I didn’t showed you but to know you will have to wait for 5 to 6 episodes. This is mostly fully based on real life only and it is different story .


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  1. SRSL

    Awsm bhai…very good..give swasan 40%amd raglak 60%…continue my virgin girlfriend and this one soon…very interesting story ….upload ASAP..

    1. Pathan

      Yes i will surely think about your suggestion.

      Happy to see that you love my both stories

  2. Awesome

    1. Pathan

      Really thanks for reading story even if you are swasan fan

  3. Fresh concept nice

    1. Pathan

      Thanks !!

  4. Raglakholic

    It’s totally sounds interesting
    Loved character sketch
    So u choose thriller one
    I have no problem with swasan percentage as long as raglak are main lead
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

    1. Pathan

      I am glad to see your amazing comment and loving my writing skill

  5. Waiting for the first part, more raglak and very very less swasan scenes please

    1. Pathan

      Yes lead raglak is only lead in this story.
      So don’t worry

  6. Asw

    Back in raglak series keep going

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for it

  7. I swasan fan is reading this… Finds quiet interesting… Update soon ??????

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for reading story even if swasan fan

  8. Thankuuuu sooo much for starting a raglak story its really very interesting but please I request u and I believe many of us have same request to words u that plzzzzz don’t bring many swasan scenes as u said it will be a raglak story so only raglak fans would come to read and if they would find swasan they would skip their part…honestly this is what most of us do and it completely ruins the story and our interest in the story…do share what portion u decides for swasan….and thankuuuu so much once again for a raglak ff and sorry if any of my words hurt u in anyway… I hope u won’t mind that I shared my opinion with u ????

    1. Pathan

      Ok ok
      You know very well i told that in this ff that lead pair is raglak so it will be raglak only yar.
      And in last ff i clearly wrote
      That raglak will have 40% and that i gave

      Thanks for ur suggestion

  9. no plzz give 60prcent raglak plZzzzzzzz next part soon and namish is twist

    1. Pathan

      Ok cool raglak is in lead role

      Thanks for commenting

  10. Malika

    Same here I have no problem.. Raglak are less.. Then…… No problem with swasnnnnnn….. Yeeeppiiiii ~hide my face~it’s pretty awesome… Waahhhh chotuu I’m proud of myself…. Ooohooooooo ???????????? dancing ??????? …raglak okk okk okk okk okk okk okk. Update next one… Soooooooonnnnnnnnnnn….

    1. Pathan

      Aapi you are very and too much good love you.
      I am happy that i made you happy by writing this ff

      1. Malika

        Soorry chotuu innocent face I mean to say raglak are lead not less. Pout face…..

    2. Pathan

      why you are asking sorry…..
      its ok
      but thanks for commenting

  11. Hi,u know I don’t like raglak and ragsan I only love swasan but u write raglak si I definitely read it but give swasan romance to please. Because u all to give raglak romance to in swasan ff so like weight for the swasan romance also, but please u give equal importance to two couples please because I don’t like swasan is side roll please,any this is nice introduction.

    1. Pathan

      Yes you are correct

      I am too too much happy that you are reading raglak ff even if swasan fan..
      This is biggest credit for mr…
      Really you truly love my writing
      I will surely give swasa Romance

  12. What an intro!!! Really it’s an amazing intro…Namish is a twist…Wow!!! It will be an interesting story although your all ffs are interesting…Keep going…And give 60% to Raglak…Because this is a Raglak ff not Swasan…Though I am OK with Swasan but then also I am telling this because it’s Raglak ff…Keep smiling and stay blessed…

    1. Pathan

      Ok sure i will take your suggestion in consideration

      Really thanks for supporting me everytime

  13. Awsmmmmm…What can I say??? Jst nothing to say..Its totally amazinggggg..N about obsession!!! Then I m jst waiting for it..N I know tht it will gonna be a different concept..Bcz ur each n evry ff is different from other ryters n different from ur other ffs also…N thnx 4 ryting ff on Raglak..Keep rocking lyk this..Stay blessed n keep smiling always..

    1. Pathan

      Too much thanks for ur wonderful comment towards me and your trust

      I am glad to hear this

  14. different story

  15. Namra

    Great work ippu… You are giving a treat to raglak fans… you know it very well that I hadn’t read any raglak ff till now, but you are writing this ff that’s why I’ll definitely read this… n I must say the intro is just awesome… plz continue it because it’s really a different concept…

    1. Pathan

      Too much thanks for reading this ff even if swasan fan.

      This is biggest gift for me

      I am glad to hear your love and support towards my writing.
      Don’t worry i will give good swasan romance

  16. Ragz_teju

    eagerly waiting for this ff… keep going

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for ur support!!

  17. interesting ,waiting for the first part

  18. nyc concept…………….

    1. Pathan

      Thanks !!

  19. I m Swasan fan ….
    I love Swasan so much…
    Give some Swasan scene at least 40% ….

    1. Pathan

      Sure yar
      I will give good scene of swasan and also there romance

  20. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved the concept
    The twist is Namish
    Very much excited
    And thanks for making it a Raglak ff
    Thank you so so so so so so so much
    Waiting for the first one………………….

    1. Pathan

      i have seen your comment after long time.
      really thanks for reading this story
      yes there are many twist

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome

  21. Interesting

    1. Pathan

      thanks !!

  22. Thank you irfan bro for writing raglak ff.update soon

    1. Pathan

      i wrote for you all guys

  23. Omg u r writing on Raglak
    Can’t wait more to read
    Please give 70% to Raglak

    1. Pathan

      Sure they will be 70%
      Thanks for commenting

  24. Want 60% Raglak scenes

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for commenting and sure raglak will be lead

  25. Asra

    awesome dear…waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

    1. Pathan

      Thanks for reading story

      Take care

  26. Thank u for RagLak ff.. concept is different… keep writing…

  27. Jazzy

    noiice concept but since it is raglak ff and me being a raglak fan i expect to be 80 percent raglak and 20 percent swasan like ur swasan ff

    1. Pathan

      sure thaey will be in lead
      thanks for commenting

  28. It’s interesting and thanks a lot for Raglak ff. Please continue

    1. Pathan

      thanks for reading it

  29. Deesh

    The intro sounds pretty interesting Irfan. Waiting eagerly for it. The concept is different and it makes me curious to read your story. Post asap. Keep rocking yaar.

    1. Pathan

      I AM GLad you loved intro part.
      i will try to update soon

  30. Rafeee

    nice.. thank you fr wrtng raglak ff…

    1. Pathan

      thanks for readin this ff

  31. Thanks u so much bro fr raglak ff.superb intro

    1. Pathan

      thnx fr rdg story

  32. I want 75% raglak
    Thank u so much for this raglak ff
    In all other stories of swasan they gives 75% swasan
    So i want u too give 75% swsan because thid is raglak ff

    1. Pathan

      ok i will surely give

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  34. Sreevijayan

    Interesting start dear

    1. Pathan

      thanks for liking story

      i am glad you are supporting me from last story

  35. A.xx

    amazing,,,i always love your stories and i know i’ll love this one the most.xx

    1. Pathan

      i am very happy that you love my writing ..
      i will surely try to make this story better than last one so you enjoy more

  36. Super interesting

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